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Guest Name, Vanita Lott

Vanita Lott, Certified Nurse Midwife, RN, BSN
Vanita Lott
Certified Nurse Midwife, RN, BSN

My passion is sharing my 35 years of experience, knowledge and wisdom to empower you NOW to make your own fully informed choices for a safer, easier and more beautiful birth. Since 1983, I have been honored to care for normal and high-risk pregnant women and deliver babies in hospitals, a birth center, and my former state-of-the-art home birth practice. If you are dreaming of a joyful pregnancy and deeply satisfying birth, this site is my team’s labor of love FOR YOU. Some of the revelations may be distressing but this awareness will help you sidestep common snares that interfere over and over again each day with positive birth experiences.

Everyone agrees that modern medicine has saved lives. But there are many who never realize their friends and loved ones suffered needlessly from unwarranted interventions and surgeries. I want you to understand the downsides of modern obstetrics before your first birth. I dream of the day when I never again hear a new mother lament, “If I had only known what I know now”. For decades, activists and progressive professionals have been blazing trails to birth a more balanced and enlightened approach. Today, the time has come. The growing public outcry about this disgraceful crisis is awakening women and families to search for sane alternatives and insist the medical system respond.



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