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Guest, Mike Niklos

Guest Occupation: 
Head Strength & Performance Coach

Guest Name, James and Steph Purpura

James and Steph Purpura
James and Steph Purpura
Author Coach Speaker

James and Steph’s journey of transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Before they met 15 years ago, both of their lives had hit rock bottom. They were both financially, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt. Life had beaten them down and shattered their self-esteem. At the lowest point in their lives, they met and were united by a shared vision of creating and becoming more. They started the only place they could by working on themselves and helping each other grow. They challenged each other every step of the way, and never settled. Shortly after meeting, Steph wrote James’ first resume and taught him how to send an email. This began James’ unlikely career in technology. Around this time, they also started a family.

Fast forward fifteen years, after many ups and downs and a lot of hard work, Steph and James recently sold their tech company, one of the world’s largest construction software companies. They now have five beautiful children and live an extraordinary life. Through this journey of selfcreation, they developed a personal philosophy centered around perception. They believe perception, more than any other factor, will determine how someone’s life will turn out. James and Steph started Powerful U as their way to give back to the world.

Their mission is to provide a roadmap for people to master their perceptions and their emotions to become the conscious creators of their lives. According to James and Steph, “Everything you see and experience is determined by your perception, and your emotions give your life the only meaning it has.”

James and Steph Purpura are seekers who find the state of humanity inadequate. They believe the unrealized potential of the individual is both the source and solution to this problem. Their goal is to inspire fellow seekers to tap into their unlimited potential, through a personalized combination of philosophy, science, technology, and community.

Guest Name, George Araman

George Araman
George Araman
Author Coach Speaker

By dancing between his heart and his mind, George Araman has created a 50-year vision of spreading some much-needed love around the world …so get ready for the Relationship Entrepreneur. 

George was blessed to have been “friend-zoned” by his ex-best friend, as this allowed him to discover his life’s purpose. Since then, he has dedicated himself to researching, experimenting, and writing. He wrote The Grey Dance of Love to show singles, “friend-zoned” individuals, and couples how to create sparks-- and how to be and grow in a magical relationship. 

George believes that all the world’s problems can be solved if we never give up. His message to you: “Your greatest treasure lies in your greatest struggle. If you never give up, even life itself will want to help you and make everything possible for you.” 

He plans on traveling around the world with his life partner. He has already seen more than 30 cities in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and he has been exposed to 26 different nationalities. 

George is a proud member of Loudspeakers Toastmasters Club. He is also an avid reader of personal development books. 

Meet George and discover your Relationship Character Type


Guest Occupation: 
30 year professional astrologer

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