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Systems Analyst, Sacred Geometry Expert, Inventor, Lecturer, Consciousness Explorer, Consultant
Teacher, Consultant, Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, Kinesiologist, Alternative Media Investigator, Founder of Project Camelot, Producer, Director
Independent Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Writer, Producer, Director, Spiritual Evolver
Medical Consultant, Geriatrician, Internal Medicine Doctor, Spiritual Advocate, Scholarship Creator, Author, Reseacher
Director of Research, Environmental Scientist, Pharmacologist, Toxicologist, Mediumship Researcher, Advisor, Parapsychology Researcher, Trainer, Scientific Explorer
Author, Lecturer, Writer, Engineering Consultant, Conspiracy Theorist, Mystery Researcher
Author, Neuroscience Researcher, Spiritualist
Novelist, Science Writer, Physicist, Speaker, Teacher, Expert Communicator, Author, Engineer, Professor of Physics, Editor, Event Producer, Moderator, Inventor, Matter Discoverer
Scottish Pilgrim, Author, Speaker, Interpreter, Profound Spiritual Thinker, Film Director
Mystic, Author, Speaker, Paranormal Investigator, Spiritualist