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Why Am I So Happy with Paula Vail

Interviewing Datta Rokade

Passionate Living with Dame Nicole Brandon and guest Aviana LeDance, an entrepreneur, artist, author and speaker and creator of Live Enlightened

Are you being affected by Planetary Interference? 

Beyond EMF and electronic interference, there is a zone of energy that encircles planet earth. It is a zone of free-floating ungrounded energy that is attached to the earth.  We describe this as the Planetary Thought Body.  The thought body is a repository for fears, pain, pride and anger and all the limiting beliefs that go along with these energies.  This depository of energy can interfere with your inner peace as it can latch onto and magnify your own emotional experiences.

Personal Empowerment coach, Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach

Quyns Empowerment Hour with Quyn Le Erichsen

Title: Dining in the Dark (Blind Dining)

SBFM Radio with Dr Cheryl Dockery and her brother, David, a news reporter and minister.

IGNITE THE FLOW of your Mystical Presence and LIVE Fearlessly!

You may have spoken about it, NOW is the moment to turn the key and start your ignition!  Prepare to move into the energy and get ready to unfold your destiny!  Harnessing your Mystical presence and releasing the fear of illusion, moves you into energetic POSITIVE flow to MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS! Imagine feeling totally alive, alert and ‘present’ always!

The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon

Interview with author Annie Stillwater Gray, Education of a Guardian Angel

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb

Interview with Dr Eric Love