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Show Title:  The Six Spiritual Essentials!

Description:  There comes a time when we recognize that true peace and happiness can not be found in the material world. The heart calls and we move forward and sometimes backwards!   

As we move more fully into a conscious spiritual life there are several pitfalls along the way that many don’t want to share!  It is important to become aware of the ESSENTIALS that will help you succeed in your spiritual journey.

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace

Join Sheldon Jo and Scott Krajca in the powerful 26th Episode of Of Course Radio - Miracle-Minded Radio with A Course in Miracles. In this episode Sheldon and Scott read quotes from A Course in Miracles, take you on a guided meditation and then discuss the following:

  • Relationship and special relationships
  • Current affairs of American politics
  • Homelessness and Poverty
  • How to apply A course in Miracles and forgiveness to everything

SBFM Radio with Dr Cheryl Dockery

SBFM Radio with Dr Cheryl Dockery

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb interviewing Rashmi Khilnani

Topic: Movie IGOD

Creation Lightship Healings with Ron Amitron - FRIDAY

Why Am I So Happy with Paula Vail

Interviewing James Duignam