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Researcher of truth on the true working of the Universe.

Universal Soul Love with David and Dr. Lana Love and guest Lauren Weiss!

Universal Soul Love with Dr. Lana Love and David Love, with special guest Elizabeth England

Simon Parkes opens our minds to new possibilities.  We touched upon A.I., (artificial intelligence), the Hadron Collider, Alex Collier, Putin, Hitler, the Fourth Reich, reptilians, mantids, "experiencers vs. abductees", military and black ops, super soldiers, cloning stations, archons and more.  I enjoy all of Simon's broadcasts, and this new show adds depth and dimension to the empowerment of individuals and humanity.  It's time to open to the vast picture which already exists, "for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear".

Guest on the show next week will be Becki Hawlins (left) and Debbie Campanelli.

Becki Hawkins is a natural storyteller and a great listener. She brought those gifts with her as she sat by the bedside of seriously ill or terminally ill patients for more than 30 years as an oncology and hospice nurse. And it is her compassion and warmth that encouraged so many of her charges to share their heartfelt thoughts and experiences with her.

Barbara Lamb and Alexandra Meadors review the fascinating subject of crop circles and how they are created. Barbara is a master researcher of these gifts to the world, sharing everything from their energies, shapes, and messages to the world. Having visited some 1300 crop circles around the world, Barbara provides an enlightening assessment of what these crop circles involve and how even the "human" hoaxers who make crop circles provide a service to us all!

Spiritual event planner, marketer, entrepreneur, and personal development coach

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst and guest, Wes Annac talking about Information from the pleiadians

Nancy L. Hopkins shared about the shift from Pisces to the Aquarian Age, which we are in process of doing now; in addition to traversing a new part of the galaxy.  We dipped down the rabbit hole long enough to discern that those who have chosen the "way of technology", without regard to the Spirit of all things, have lost the game.  The old paradigms have nothing to prop them up, but propaganda, lies and technological mind control.