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Dietitian, Nutritionalist, Speaker, Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Consultant, Academic Instructor, Researcher, Vegetarian Hall of Fame, Author
Medical Doctor, Surgeon, Diplomate, Lecturer, Natural Health Specialist, Author
Linguist, Former U.S. Marine, Naturopathic Doctor, Consultant
Singer, Actress, Author, Investigative Reporter, Raw Food Advocate
Natural Products Developer, Community Supporter, Founder
Herbalist, Author, Raw Food Chef, Teacher, Radio Show Host
Attorney, Nutrition Specialist, Scholar, Consultant, Lecturer, Columnist, Writer
Physician, Author, Nutrition Expert, Lecturer, Clinical Researcher, Writer, Medical Expert, Radio Show Host, Editor, Columnist, Consultant, Philanthropist
Otolaryngologist, Surgeon, Author, Assistant Professor, Integrative Medicine Reseacher
Expert Speaker on Natural Medicines, Broker, U.S. Marine, Humanitarian, Nutritional Supllements Developer