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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 12 May 2021

The Urban Farm Project with Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

The urban farm project show is about openly communicating with others offering points of view for the multiple issues we are all facing currently on planet earth. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual transitions we need to make within our ideas about food, nutrition and the consciousness of supplying it; health care systems that actually contribute to our wellness and economical sustainability that puts the vast structures of natural ecologies first. The show hopes to contribute ideas from people, businesses that have solutions in creating new markets with safe protection of our inner and outer ecologies for a better life on and for Mother Earth. As a human race we can develop new “ECO-nomical Co-operations” that support geographical individualized communities with a global intention of well being for all living beings and the sustainable market places that link us all together.

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Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff
Talk Show Host, Land Steward, Biodynamic Farmer, Holistic Land Manager, Plant and Animal Communicator, Intuitive

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff is currently studying Phenomology, Athrophosophy (medical) and Biodynamic farming at Steiner College, and she is currently a Member of BDA and BDANC. The long term goal of the Ministry Of Consciousness (non-Profit) is to acquire donations for the purchase of land create a sustainable, off the grid biodynamic teaching farm. This farm will consist of a bee sanctuary in the middle of the parcel surrounded by fruit and nut orchards plus a wheel encircling it for the production of crops. MOC feels that this is the perfect model for stewardship of land and our mother earth.

For more information about CONSCIOUSNESS OF ECONOMICS LLC and the Urban Farm Project please visit

For more information about Ministry Of Consciousness or to donate to help MOC purchase land for stewardship, please go to

Bridgette Dolgoff is the Managing and Ministerial presence for MOC, COE LLC AND COE.


You will come to know who you are, I hold this vision for you in the light and when you are ready it will already be!

I was born into a family from two ancient blood lines. My lineages both equal to a Shamanism and Native American medicine people level in today's terms. I think this is why my own spiritual practice is Shamanism based as well as the work I do. It is in alignment with the philosophies of Native peoples. My great grandmother on my mothers side was a direct descendant of the goddess linage from before the times of Jesus, it has been stated that this linage was directly responsible for teaching Jesus how to heal and manipulate the elemental forces such as walking on water. My father's lineage comes from the Vedic lineage in Russia , well known for their healing abilities and connection to the earth.

When I was 4 years old I became pledged by a series of illnesses that lead to high fevers. Over the course of that year these fevers brought me to complete unconsciousness and through the energy I received burn stigmata's on my feet. Each foot would bare a burned symbol onto the heel. This happened 3 times over that year of my life. After recovering I began to raise bugs from the dead, it became a hobby of mine. Since that time I have been gifted in not only healing but also the talent of connecting to all things around me seeing the information. I have all three abilities that have strengthened over time; I have the gift of inner hearing, inner feeling and inner (seeing) knowing.

My great grandmother was my first teacher. She taught me to use and harness elemental forces, to use magic, ritual and that I am the power over all things. She taught me to call to birds, how to train them. I learned early on how much animals, plants the earth wants to serve us, it loves our friendship. I lost her early on about age 8, but her teaching and no nonsense approach to life and work has always been with me.

In my teens I moved my gifts towards helping, healing and communicating with animals. As an adult I became a facilitator of information for humans and then moved into a healing practice that I have devoted my life too. My relation with bugs and animals has never stopped they often will come to my aid in the form of protection. Bees are especially concerned with my welfare and continue to let me know if something is not right or I am in danger. Trying to date can be a challenge when my bee keepers do not like the person I am with!

In my early 20's I was blessed to come in contact with a Lakota medicine woman / Shaman. Her teachings have been the base of my foundation. Through the year long apprentice I expanded to other levels of energy, space, time in and out of the body. I also became aware of other talents in me ones that expanded to plants, the earth, rocks and water. The same abilities I have with bugs, animals and people were also available to everything thus expanding my awareness to my connection to everything. I have been graced to have more than my share of teachers mostly Native People, I feel honored to have them helping me to return.

I spent most of my life “acting normal” I learned early on that not everyone was comfortable with who I am. The conditioning on the planet was the opposite of my life, my heritage, my origins and who I truly am. I notice that babies, animals, bugs and plants did not have this patterning and would see me truly for the divinity in me. At the grocery store babies stare not taking their eyes off of me, smiling at me with passion in their faces, not yet trained, pure. When I would return to them an energy wave of love they would giggle. I have a special place for babies, love working with them, healing them from the trauma at birth they receive.

In my 30's I noticed that I had a skills in business. I became extremely good at predicting trends and took advantage using my money to invest. I moved towards business that allowed me to use my new talents emerging. I consulted for wellness center projects, building and developing business in wholeistic markets from top to bottom, I was very good at this. Over the years I have grown into a natural business woman without having to hide who I am. During my 30's I was hit with a brain tumor, a whopper! I healed myself completely alternatively, though I will admit it took me 8 solid years to get it right, 4 years just to define the type of diet my vessel required. I have been blessed to have many a master from all over the world come to me for guidance about body health. What they learn is that they had forgotten that their bodies have needs, bodies are living biochemical vehicles and without their bodies being in a healthy state it makes living in the body a very difficult idea. Though we may be beings of light our bodies are 3d and we have to respect, honor, take care and love them. I am happy to report that I am fully recovered and looking forward to rock climbing again!

My 40's rolled around and I decide to open a practice again here in Nevada . After 4 months the State of Nevada and the Massage board viciously came after alternative practitioners in the state. One of my unspoken goals in life has always been to stay away from law enforcement, the government and basically stay in the under the radar. I was forced out of my office in 24 hours by my landlady, she was being threatened with being shut down, large fines if she did not comply with them. All in all I found out everything they had done was against my constitutional rights state and federally. I took a crash course in law and there are 4 types of law going on at anytime. I found out that the state was behind a very sinister bill that was starting through the legislature early 2009 that would destroy a law we have for alternative therapies that was created in 1919 based in frontier medicine. They would eliminate anything alternative down to controlling hot springs, sun light and just about everything. We would be threatened with felonies for conversing about vitamins to your neighbor. If you ever feel like you might like to look at it the bill was SB 69. I became a citizen lobbyist, I was taken under the wing of several 30 year veteran citizen lobbyist and I kicked the poop out of that bill and several others that did not get passed. I had to clear all of those lifetimes that I had been murdered by the powers that be, it was no easy task at how deep those fears run. I did it and I continue to reclaim the power I am and have through taking responsibility of my involvement and creation of the 3d world past, present and the future. I have to admit I love politics, the law and the civil duty we all have.

Currently I have been feeling a larger pull, bigger than I have ever known. This pull is from the “one mind” as the elder of the Taos pueblo calls it. It is this being that I connect with and the years have progressed anything I connect with by looking at, smelling, touching becomes an instant download of information contained in it. The one mind has been coming to me in a new way pulling me into alerted states, gently rocking me; the states are getting harder to return from. I have no idea what is in store but one day I may choose to stay there with spirit leaving my body behind. As I see it there is no difference between any states that exist, just choice in the moment. What keeps me here is the project I have yet to bring to this reality! Seeing my effort fulfilled, assisting, teaching in the hopes one day we will all be together, in a great unity.

In the future I would like to finish the EMT course and do more wilderness training. I would love to do more volunteering in the area of natural disasters, using my search and rescue tool, my intuitive nature and wilderness medicine training. I have spent over 10 years on a national wellness center business plan which would be nice to actually implement sometime in the future. I am hoping to finish a personal biography book as well as 10 children's books that I am writing based in stories of my experiences growing up in an esoteric reality. My big love right now and my time is spent on an eco community and urban farm project. The desire to grow what I eat is like a unquenched thirst. People are coming to me from all over who have the same vision and are visionaries themselves. They have heard the same call as I. We are coming together with pieces of a eco community fully developed and existing in sustainable living. We desire to offer people a place to come to heal, learn to heal by paying for a retreat, a work program or apprenticeship with one of the people living on site. It will be a Native people path based teachings and ceremonies. Keep checking on me so you know when we will be up and running. Would love for you to share in a new vision as the rainbow medicine people come together!