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Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Mother
President and Founder of Fresh and Alive!, Certified Natural Health Educator, Inventor, Computer Operations Manager, Workshop Leader

How would you like to eat better for less?  Lara will be sharing all kinds of 'Foodie Tips' to make your life easier in the kitchen and how to be nutritionally savvy on a tight budget. You'll learn how to create wonderful, inexpensive meals that you could serve to anyone and be proud of your results.

Developed Brain-Nutrient Supplement "EMPowerplus-Q96"
Naturopathic Physician, Founder of the Grace Gawler Cancer Foundation-Germany and Australials
Alternative Health Practitioner, Founder of Jurak World Wide Inc.
An Accomplished Physician in Allopathic Medicine, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, Owns His Own Dedicated Practice of Integrative and Functional Medicine