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Zone In Nutrition and Exercise, September 6, 2013

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Zone In! Nutrition and Exercise - show 6
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with Steve Lewis


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Zone In Nutrition and Exercise

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Steve Lewis

I am a former Chicago Area gym owner. Prior to owning a gym, I participated in high school and college sports, primarily football. I have acted as a Professional Fitness Consultant for the fitness industry and individuals for the past 30 years giving exercise and nutritional advice.

Weight Management

      - Basic knowledge for nutrition and exercise
      - Calories, what they are and how much do you need
      - Your Metabolic Rate
      - The Glycemic Index of foods
      - Easy Methods for determining your body-fat percentage
      - Losing fat and keeping it off
      - The Growth Hormone Response
      - A basic look at the endocrine system
      - Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises
      - Basic training principles
           - Strength Training
           - Bodybuilding Training (muscle tone)
      - Weight training and your hormones

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