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Writer, documentary film producer, visionary and humanitarian

This episode centered around the idea of how Extra-terrestrial information enhances the Yoga teachings with a focus on our ET heritage.

Guest ANDREW BARTZIS filmed a series of 20 videos at Mt. Shasta, reading our Galactic History directly from the Akashic records.  I was there to interview him during this time on the day of the Summer Solstice and "Super Full Moon" which followed. There are 20 half-hour videos.

I personally transcribed all 20 videos, adding hyperlinks, pictures and commentary. The 21st transcript is 11 pages of my own personal bio and commentary on the series and of the times we're in now. If you haven't seen the videos,or read the transcripts, you're in for a treat.

This is a repeat show - with a tribute to the 10th Anniversary of 911 at the beginning.

Repeated - Gayle Farmer - writing your book and getting it published - with Omega Publications.

SUNDAY - July 24th— John Davis is a Speaker, Author, and Teacher who shows us that the message Teachers, Prophets and Avatars of old have brought to us is simple - BE LOVE. To date nineteen different psychics have told John of his past life as John the Beloved Apostle, including Certified A.R.E. psychic Atira Hatton and renowned intuitive Judy Goodman


Elizabeth Joyce talks with Sharon Wyeth, author of Know The Name, Know The Person.  How do the letters in our name show our characteristics and personality? Sharon’s new book gives the answers. How do the letters, and where they are placed in the name, influence our lives? Tune in Sunday night, January 31st at 9:00 PM Eastern, and Let’s Find Out.


Love and the New Year—Bonnie and Elizabeth say good-bye to 2010 and welcome in the New Year of 2011 – as well as the new, higher energies coming onto the planet. They make a list of what to leave behind in 2010 and what they wish to bring in to 2011. Love, peace, and harmony is the theme. Towards the end of this show they salute our Troops overseas with a tribute in song, “Let Peace Begin,” by Elizabeth Hepburn and the West Point Cadet Choir, in Cornwall, NY.