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George Arau
George Arau
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Born in Mar 1 1962, in June of 1988 at age of 26 years old I decide to leave the country of Romania for good! I hide on a 65000 tons vessel named BACESTI, who’s destination was Venezuela after a few days at sea (Black Sea) I jumped off in water of Sea of Marmara in Istanbul, Turkey.

After 23 months in Istanbul I was able to get my approval from INS and travel legally to USA, arriving in New York.

Hours pass by and I was informed that my luggage did not make it, so I have to continue my next stop to LAX, Los Angeles the “City of Angels” witch later they were conform that my luggage was stolen in the airport transit Athens, Greece, so I realize that God has somehow put me to the test, you want freedom, then you should start from zero, after 2 months when I got my first check from Marriot company where I start my first job I decide to washed all my clothes that I came with in USA put the in a plastic bag and I placed them on the bench at the bus station, Sunset Blvd and Fairfax Avenue next to Thrifty store ( now Rite Aid ) including my watch and gold ring on top of it, so somehow to confirm my destiny that I came to USA with nothing and I left everything behind!

In August 26 2005 my older brother at 46 years old after God knows how many years of pain of a bad marriage (after over 20 years of marriage his wife put the divorce and kick him out of the house) he decide to end his own life and leave me (not knowing) with to many questions unanswered!

I was struggling to understand for years what just happened and finally after 14 years I made my book/novel dedicated in memory of my brother and the reason my wishes are centered on writing this book is that I have been in silence for so many years about losing him.

I never thought that I could, or would want to, write a book capturing a terrible event interrupting my life. But, I did feel so obligated to break my silence and place my truth into such words, because I believe that maybe someone, somewhere, is wondering why this is all happening to him or her; perhaps someone is in need of a brother or sister, and I hope that person will find solace!