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Griset Professor, Director, Author, Writer, Theologian, Gnosticism Authority, Researcher
Author, Writer, Pioneer Researcher of Psycho-Accoustic Therapy, Pagan, Political Activist, World Traveler, Scholar, Speaker, Historian
Media Broadcaster, Pirate Radio Hall of Fame, Ufo Researcher, Moderator
Author, Editor in Chief, Explorer, Archeologist, Historian
Author, Researcher, Businessman, Archaeologist, Teacher, Anthropologist, Sociologist, Ancient Civilization Expert, Professor, TV Editor, Producer, Lecturer
Author, Public Lecturer, Uncoventialal Thinker, Historian, Sociologist, Journalist, Writer, Editor, TV Series Host, Supernatural Researcher
Ancient Aliens Series Star, Consulting Producer, Publisher, Ancient Anstronaut Expert, Mystery Places Explorer
Grand Elder, Shaman, Daykeeper, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Yoga Educator, Mayan Tradition Expert, Tata
Scottish Pilgrim, Author, Speaker, Interpreter, Profound Spiritual Thinker, Film Director
U.S. Air Force, Parmedic, ICU Technician, Social Psychologist, U.S. Historian, Writer, Insurance Agent, Author