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Teacher, Lecturer, U.S. Government Advisor, Solidarity Movement Activist, Co-Founder Free Palestine Movement, Co-Founder Free Gaza Movement, Doctor of Linguistics, Training Administrator, Humanitarian, Professor
Esoteric Researcher, Consciousness Explorer, Writer, Author, Keynote Speaker
Researcher, Scholar, Editor, Radio Show Host, Writer, Producer, Speaker, Occult Authority
Self-Educated Scholar, Directive Mythology Teacher, Experimental Mysticism Explorer, Writer, Comparative Mythologian, Author
Archeologist, Webmaster, Surgical Assistant, Starchild Skull Investigator, Researcher
Lawyer, Running for California Senate, 9-11 Truther, Political Activist
Writer, Co-Producer, Egypt Historian, Researcher, Author
Source Family Member, White House Aid, Family Archivist, Family Historian, Photographer
Playwright, Author, Holy Grail Researcher, Writer, Columnist, Secret Society Explorer
Art Collector, Author, Count, History Scholar