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Guest Name
Salini Teri Apodaca
Guest Occupation
Reikimaster, Author, Counselor, Shaman, Visionary, Global Activist
Guest Biography

Salini Teri Apodaca is a survivor of MK-Ultra trauma-based mind control & sex slavery in childhood. Her father was a Mason/Illuminati member and took her into the MK-Ultra program. She was used as a sex slave for the Masons from age 0 to 9 years old and taken through mind control programs up until age 18.

She was also trained & initiated into healing and spiritual awakening by her mother and Reiki Grandmaster who chose Salini to be her successor in Reiki Grandmastership, as well as other spiritual teachers. Salini used her healing knowledge to heal and deprogram herself & deprogrammed the man who killed JFK, the shooter on the grassy knoll.

She then realized she could de-program others from the mind-control and spells of the Matrix we live in, healing people from chronic illness, releasing trauma & addictions, healing that energy, sacred alchemy, spiritual awakening, soul retrieval, past life regression, entity removal, divine mother heart activation, aura cleansing, parasite removal, and much more.


She was targeted & persecuted by the Masons/Illuminati for healing myself & speaking the truth and writing a book exposing the Masons/Illuminati with multiple attempts on my life which she foiled and defeated them in so many ways.

Salini found the Holy Mother Ammachi in 1996 and had a deeper spiritual awakening. She initiated and renamed her Salini and set her on the path of the Divine Mother teachings she now teaches.

Salini is opening a Divine Mother Ascension Mystery School delivering all the knowledge, teachings & initiations she learned to assist people to awaken at this critical moment in global history where everyone is waking up. Her path is now the path of the Divine Mother and offers healing, truth, darshan, awakening, initiation, transformation, and sacred alchemy to all who come to her. She is also a Matrix systems buster and has been called to speak openly the truth about what she has seen and experienced as well as Divine Messages that come through her from the Ascended Masters, especially the Divine Mothers.

This is the time of the Divine Feminine and many of us women are here to bring in powerful Sacred Feminine energy to heal Earth.

Salini is a Reikimaster, author, counselor, shaman, visionary, global activist and truthspeaker.  She walks the path of the Divine Mother to love and heal humanity.