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Author, Visionary, Intuitive counselor, Reader, Ordained Priestess, Shamanic Practitioner, Photojournalist
Sovereign Prince, Sovereign Head of The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court, Author
Professor, Educator, Researcher, Writer, Author
Independent Researcher, Humanitarian, Author, Editor, Writer, Scholar, Teacher, Speaker, Myan Calendar Authority
Author, Whole Earth Festival Founder, Historian, Professor, Writer, Poet, Artist, Peace Activist, Scholar, Mayan Calendar Mathematician, Visionary, Speaker
Great Master of the Illuminati Order, Sovereign, Holy Imperator, Sovereign Great Prior, Sovereign Great Commander
Author, Editor, Writer, Occult Researcher, Obscure Subject Historian
Grand Master, Baphomet Preceptory, Knight Templar
Miss USA 2010, Community Volunteer, Actress
Reporter, News Correspondent, Researcher, Author, Diplomate, Fierce Thinker