"The Divine Lover", October 28, 2014

This show focues on a poem written by Errol called, "The Dinve Lover" where spiritual and sensual images interface to help reveal the depth and deliciousness of connecting with our Source and ultimate "lover."

Get ready to go on a very  sweet ride into the mystery of our connection with our Universe Host.



PETER O'LALOR Ph.D speaks about his latest book Shrouded in Mist: Physics and the Archaic Symbology of Metaphysics as well as the path and experiences that lead him to writing it.



Life Changes with Filippo, October 27, 2014

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio and special guests Dr. Jennice Vilhauer and Rising Appalachia

Guest, Dr Jennice Vilhauer

Guest Occupation: 
Psychologist, Future Directed Therapy Developer, Director, Professor, Author

NATIONAL NURSES UNITED Addresses EBOLA, October 27, 2014

DEBORAH BURGER RN - Co-Founder of National Nurses United speaks about the recent Ebola crisis at the Dallas Hospital in Texas and her organization's concern over the safety of healthcareworkers there and across the USA as this disease spreads.  Deborah takes questions from around the world addressing concerns of listeners.

Gratitude - Pay It Forward, October 27, 2014

Sasha Talks with Sasha Episode #30

11th Episode in this new series

The War Report on Public Education, October 26, 2014

The War Report on Public Education with Dr. James Avington Miller, Jr. with special guests Lucianna Sanson, Jonathan Pelto, and Robert D. skeels

Adventures Into Sovereignty, October 24, 2014

Adventures Into Sovereignty with Andrew Bartzis and Rebecca Cope

Interview with Jennifer Pawlowski As You Wish Talk Radio, October 25, 2014

James interviews Jennifer Pawlowski who is currently serving  as the Chief Justice for the Kingdom of Hawai’i at the behest of the Ali’ i Nui Mo’ i, Edmund K. Silva, Jr.,


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