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Top Natural Health Care Practitioner, Chiropractor of the Year, Writer, Lecturer, Teacher, Author, Medical Missions Volunteer, Holistic Motivationalist, Speaker
Spiritual Emergency Authority, Spiritual Crisis Network Founder, Author, Speaker, Minfulness Facilitator, Spiritual Practitioner
Ordained Minister, Earth Keeper, Dance Healer, Spiritualist
Healer, Medicine Man, Musician, Tour Facilitator, Inca Lineage
Spiritual Teacher, Healing Conduit, Author, Consciousness Explorer, Humanitarian, Music Producer, Speaker
Organic Chemist, Professor, Author, Lecturer, Teacher, Industrial Researcher, Writer, Consciousness Explorer
Doctor, Social Scientist, Futurist, Author, Director of The Academy For Future Science, Scholar, Historian, Theologian
Doctor, Social Scientist, Comparative Religionist, Scholar, Author, Founder of The Academy for Future Science, Professor, Consultant, Speaker, Researcher, Orientalist, Anthropologist, Writer, Composer
Author, Cellular Memory Authority, Speaker, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Recording Artist, Doctor, Acupuncturist
Counsellor, Hynotherapist, Ufologist, Author, Metaphysician, Lecturer