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Natural Foods Chef, Author, Television Host, Alternative Health Activist, Top Chef Actress, Cooking Facilitator, Holistic Health Coach, Food Researcher
Beekeeper, Educator, Beekeeping Facilitator, Honey Farm Co-Owner, Apiarist, Mead Producer, Honey Producer
Teacher, Beekeeper, Honey Wine Hobbiest, Bee Researcher, Mead Producer, Apiarist, Honey Farm Co-Owner
Egyptologist, Lecturer, Teacher, Author, Air Force Vet, Archaeologist, Research Scientist, UFO Experiencer
Crop Circles Researcher, Commentator, Speaker, Writer, Organiser, Crop Circle Interpreter
Molecular Biologist, Bioregenesis Researcher, Scientist
Transcendental Meditator, Mystical Experience Doctor, Professor, Teacher, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Researcher, Doctor in Comparative Religions, Humanitarian, Editor, Lecturer, Trainer, Author
Author, Traveler, Dancer, Flower Essences Researcher and Developer
Author, Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contactee, Orion Channel, Hypnotic Regression Channel