Guest, Wendi Finn

Guest Occupation: 
computer security professional, author

MAKING MONEY AT HOME, March 29, 2013

The Beauty Files with Juanita Dillard - Show Topic: Making Money At Home

Guest, Mack Strong

Guest Occupation: 
Former Seattle Seahawk; TV & Radio Analyst; Corporate Team Building

Guest, Hal Elrod

Guest Occupation: 
author, inspirational speaker, business person

Guest, Maria Sanchez

Guest Occupation: 
Radio Talk Show Host, Producer

Guest, Karen Hudes

Guest Occupation: 
Lawyer, World Bank Whistleblower

Elder Law and Yoga, July 2, 2013

People cringe at the thought that they might become incapacitated, unable to make their own decisions about their medical care or their finances. But these things do happen, and people can protect themselves by establishing contingency plans as soon as possible.  They can ensure that their wishes will be respected even if they can no longer vocalize their thoughts.

Elderly Patients, ERs and Self Help Books, June 4, 2013

Let’s face it. Nobody enjoys the time they spend as a patient in an emergency room. But being vulnerable to the hurried atmosphere that surrounds them, older people often find their stays in these facilities to be particularly difficult. They can become agitated within these settings and that emotional state might linger long after they have left.

MedCottage and Life Issues, May 21, 2013

Rev. Ken Dupin was instrumental in developing the MedCottage.

These structures are tiny enough to be installed virtually anywhere. But despite their small size they can serve as an alternative to nursing home care because they are specially equipped to ensure the safety and medical well-being of an elderly resident, even those who are medically fragile.


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