Guest, Divya Parekh

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Divya Parekh
Divya Parekh
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Business Strategist, Author, Coach
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Adversity is an Adventure!

Divya Parekh is a Business Strategist, Author and Coach who survived an accident which triggered medical debts which piled up to over $35,000 for two years. After almost losing her sanity and her business, she discovered how to shift her mindset and move towards healing. She now shares how to manifest your dreams in life and business and helps many others do the same.

Divya has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and leaders from a wide array of industries, who are ready to play full out, experience the joy of impacting others and expand their reach, business, and revenue. Together, they work to achieve success through coaching, authorship, consulting, authority positioning, media exposure, course building, speaking, and strategic marketing. Also, she loves holding “Get Work Done” masterminds and speaking at leadership, entrepreneurial, and women’s conferences. She is an avid proponent for oceanic sustainability, nature communing, and mentoring young students and women to help them create opportunities for themselves and their communities.

As an author, Divya has been invited as a media influencer to publicity conferences and summits, including sharing the virtual platform with industry leaders like Jack Canfield and JJ Virgin. Divya’s books and strategies have been endorsed by the likes of Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Kevin Harrington (Original Shark from Shark Tank), Joe Theismann (Super Bowl World Champion and Entrepreneur), Rhonda Vetere (Global CIO/CTO and 2019 top 50 most powerful Tech Women), Sherry Winn (Two-time Olympian) and many more….

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