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In this week's episode of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" we'll be focusing on the issue of making mistakes and being wrong.  It's called "The Upside of Being Wrong"  We'd love to include your story (anonymously, of course)--how being wrong or making a mistake was illuminating, surprising, life changing, funny, dramatic, profound, etc.  Send your story to me asap as we'll be recording the show tonight at 9 PM (PDT).

Insight Out...the Naked Truth

Title: Delusion

writer, world traveler, artist, and martial arts expert

A Fireside Chat with Lance White

Ayn Cates Sullivan shared numerous intimate details of her experience being "Three Days in the Light", of the resurgence of the Divine Feminine, and of her award-winning children's books, The Sparkle series.  Very powerful and empoweing show!  Be sure to check out her website, here, where you can sign up for her free newsletter:

International Award Winning Author, Speaker and Seminar Leader

Hollow-Gram Radio Show with Cheryl Catherine Smith and Ash Riot

Lena Live with Julian Lampert featuring Sonatas (Classical Music) by Beethoven and Sergei Prokofiev