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Guest Name
Jonathan Quintin
Guest Occupation
Cosmologist & Multimedia Artist
Guest Biography


Cosmologist & Multimedia Artist –

My interest in sacred geometry stems from my childhood fascination and adoration at the intrinsic order and exquisite beauty of natural forms, particularly things like pine cones, seashells, flower patterns etc.

I was born and raised in New Zealand and was fortunate to enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty in such abundance. A misfit at school, I would take every opportunity to escape the classroom and wander the wilderness (the school was next to a mountain range). The great outdoors was my classroom and the wisdom of nature my teacher.

At an early age I began traveling extensively and lived in different countries around the world. I was especially fascinated by ancient civilizations and their incredible structures such as pyramids, temples, monuments and such that were designed to mirror aspects of universal order.

I figured that if the architects of these amazing structures placed so much importance in geometric cosmology it was worth investigating. The rest is history. I have spent over 30 years in the full-time study and artistic expression of sacred geometry, or specifically geometric cosmology.

The purpose of my work is to provide modalities to experience the profound order that exists throughout creation. The shapes, forms and patterns that emerge from the circle and sphere are tools that can help attune our consciousness to the harmony of universal order.

Sacred geometry has been used extensively through the ages as a means for connecting with the greater whole. By including the harmonic geometries in our lives helps open us to the intrinsic order of creation because we are encoded with the same geometries.