Guest, John Payne

Guest Occupation: 
John Payne was the lead vocalist of ASIA from 1992-2006. He founded modern progressive rock band GPS. He is also a guitarist, composer, recording engineer and record producer

Guest, Billy Sherwood

Guest Occupation: 
Progressive Rock multi-instrumentalist/singer/ songwriter/ producer/ engineer/ pioneer

The War Report on Public Education, October 4, 2015

For Part 4, Dr. Miller discussing 'The Neo-liberal Driven War on Public Education'.

Life Changes Show, September 28, 2015

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure

Directing Redemption with Guests, Actor, Writer, Director Ramon Fernandez and Former Club Kid Impresario, The Real “Party Monster,” Michael Alig and Musical Guests Kaylee and the J’s on The LIFE CHANGES Show

Guest, Kaylee and the Js

Guest Occupation: 
Singer, Songwriter, Model, Artist, Actress

Guest, Ramon Fernandez

Guest Occupation: 
Actor, Director and Writer

Universal Soul Love, September 29, 2015

Dr Lana and Det David Love speak with Lebanese singer and global rights activist Peter Jam about his new album “Universality” and the Universal Peace Tour.

Guest, Peter Jam

Guest Occupation: 
Lebanese-Armenian Singer, Music Composer, and Global Right Activist

Guest, Jimmy Walter

Guest Occupation: 
Founder Walden Three Project


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