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Physician, Healer, Health Educator, Author, Clinical Professor, Instructor, Director, Researcher, Sinus Expert
Tantra Master, Healer, Author, Consultant, Teacher, Speaker
Healing Arts, Spiritual Teacher, Editor, Speaker
Teacher of Tantric Sex, Founder of Sexy Spirits, Ballroom Dancer, Taoist Teacher, Lecturer, Speaker
Author, Storyteller, Vibrational Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Doctor of Metaphysics
Author, Writer, Medical Director, Researcher, Teacher, Advisor, Alternative Medicine Expert
Transformational Leader, Coach, Intuitive, Author, Teacher, Consultant, Speaker, Motivational Expert, Counselor, Lawyer, Lecturer, Teacher, Criminologist, Linguist
Lawyer, Natural Health Products Activist
Healer, Spiritual Master, Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Doctor, Spiritualist, Author, Naturopath