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Guest Name
Peter Glidden
Guest Occupation
Lecturer, Author, Naturopathic Doctor, Physician, Wholistic Health Researcher
Guest Biography

Dr Peter Glidden is an outspoken advocate of Wholistic Health, Dr. Glidden has lectured to thousands of people over the last 2 decades. He delivers over 60 Free Lectures each year, and is a regular speaker at Health Freedom Expo & Youngevity Regional Meetings. He has appeared on TV, is a regular guest host of the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" Health Talk radio program, and gives free weekly seminars all over Chicagoland. His new book, The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, is an eye-opening, groundbreaking, jaw dropping exposition on the shortcomings of conventional MD directed medicine and the unrivaled excellence of Wholistic medical treatments.

For over 2 decades, Dr. Glidden has been treating people around the world with Naturopathic therapeutics including Homeopathy, Medical Nutrition, Heavy Metal Chelation, Detoxification, Herbal Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Supplementation. Dr. Glidden's current treatment protocols, perfected over 2 decades of clinical work, are unique in the field of Naturopathic medicine. He is the only physician in the world to combine Classical Homeopathy, Medical Nutrition, and Comprehensive Clinical Diet protocols.

All of Dr. Glidden's treatments are science-based and clinically verified. He does not use any "black box" unproven diagnostic techniques, nor any therapeutics that are experimental. He relies on time-tested, science based, clinically verified, safe and effective treatment protocols to help his patients/clients to recover their health.

Dr. Glidden's work is "results oriented," and his patients/clients are always given a time-frame inside of which they will work to secure noticeable and measurable results. None of Dr. Glidden's treatment protocols are "open-ended."

If you become a patient/client of Dr. Glidden, you will be given a homeopathic treatment, a nutritional supplement program, and be asked to alter your diet according to specific guidelines. Most programs for chronic illness initially take 4 months, and involve 7 office visits. Prices vary depending on too many variables to predict. In the Initial Office Visit Dr. Glidden will take a look at your health history and then determine the approximate cost (and time frame) of your health-recovery program. You can then decide if you want to engage his services and move forward.