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Talk Radio Show Program

Sasha Talks

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Show Host: 
Sasha Laghonh - Sasha Talks

Sasha is a spiritualist with over 15 years of experience of Spiritual Cleansing, Energy Reading, Anxiety Counseling, Dream Interpretation, Onomastology (studying names), Natural Energy Healing, Meditation and Picture Readings. She is Empathic, Clair-sentient (intuitive impressions), Energy Reader, Healer, and much more.

Serving clients globally seven days a week through private practice and social platforms. Discover what you ‘need’ to know to acquire spiritual growth. 


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Featured Guests

Guest, Donald Newsom August 11, 2018

Talk Show Program Host

Sasha Laghonh
Sasha Laghonh
Talk Show Host, Empath, Spiritualist, Life & Wellness Coach

Sasha Laghonh brings over fifteen years of experience to the spiritual realm by working with private and commercial clients globally of all faiths, backgrounds and lifestyle preferences. She provides spiritual counseling, life coaching and self-development services. She holds a BSBA and MBA from private institutions within the US; as well she specializes in Organizational & Human Behavior which grants her a broad base from which to approach many topics. These tools drive her corporate career by executing diverse business strategies in complex and evolving environments. As an accredited coaching professional, Sasha works with clients seeking alternative forms of Holistic and Life Coaching to enhance their lifestyles.

To complement her practical endeavors, she is a naturally born clairsentient and clairvoyant who began experiencing her gifts by the age of five. With time's progression, her innate gifts grew stronger leading her to encounter premonitions that later to be proven true along her journey. As she caters to a global audience, she has experience working in private practice and on public platforms delivering intuitive insights while also offering private life coaching sessions. She delivers intuitive insights derived from questions possessing various degrees of complexity. By applying intuitive insights as a self development tool, one can empower themselves by making wiser decisions with clarity and confidence. She specializes within the following specialties: Love & Relationships, Life Transitions, Spiritual Development and Professional Development. Her coaching is tailored carefully to reflect the goals of her clients. Bring an open mind and heart to experience the difference.

Prospective clients are welcome to tune into her radio shows "Sasha Talks Spirituality" on Blogtalk (c. 2012), "Awaken with Sasha" (c. 2013-2014), "Moving Mountains with Sasha Laghonh" (c. 2016) and "Sasha Talks" (c. 2012- present) on BBS. Sasha's work is presented through her media appearances and private speaking engagements. For pleasure Sasha enjoys world music, traveling and raising awareness of various humanitarian efforts.

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"Wow, she blew my mind, she types so fast and she's so quick and now I think I'll be coming to her for more insights and updates"


"SASHA WOWED ME! She is a fantastic fantastic reader and lady!!! I recommend and is definitely one of the best out there!  THANK YOU!!!


“The caliber of the reading was beyond excellent. Sasha has such a great energy I felt so at ease in our session, I didn't want to leave. Awesome psychic abilities, damned good common sense, and a touch of wit... what better mix can you ask for. I hope your rate NEVER goes back up.”


“The information just kept flowing and I appreciate all she provided as she tuned in very well into my situation. She needs no dates of birth and she just runs with it.”

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