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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 18 May 2021

Psychic Horizon Shelley Hofberg and cohost Shelly J Miller

Psychic Horizon with Shelley Hofberg and cohost Shelly J Miller
Talk Show:
Shelley Hofberg and cohost Shelly J Miller

The Psychic Horizon Radio Show brings together two visionary teachers and pioneers in the field of Metaphysics and Spirituality, Host Psychic, Medium Shelley Hofberg and Host Psychic, Medium Shelly J. Miller. Both of these professionals share enlightening insights to inform you, bring you clarity, peace and healing, and open the pathway to your Higher Consciousness. This amazing team offers Mini Psychic, Mediumship, Akashic Records-Past Life Readings, Tarot Readings and Pet Psychic Readings to their callers.

Shelly Hofberg
Long Beach
Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, Medium, Pet Psychic, Aura Palm reader, Medical Intuitive, and Crystal healer

Psychic Medium Shelley Hofberg has been a Clairvoyant for 30 years. Her decades of experience and keen insight give her a high level of accuracy. Shelley is highly intuitive and reads the psychic energy around you to hone in on your relationship and career issues.

As a Tarot Reader Shelley; will not ask for the details about your life but primarily rely on her gift of a clairvoyant to receive the answers you need to know.

As a Medium Shelley considers herself to be a spiritualist and an instrument for spirit to speak through her.

Shelley is also a gifted Pet Psychic who will tell what it is your pets want you to know.

Shelly J Miller
Laguna Niguel
Intuitive Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Past Life Readings, Business Consulting, Transformational Life Coach

Shelly J. Miller is a Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records, (Past Life), Reader and Spiritual Teacher of A Course in Miracles. Shelly has had her Spiritual Abilities since birth, and has been Reading and Coaching professionally for 30 years. Shelly reads at the Mastery Level, and has become known for delivering deeply accurate and detailed Guidance on any issue or subject. She is an expert at reading energy, and can help you identify and release your blocks and lead you to a positive outcome in all areas of your life. As a Medium, Shelly not only brings you evidential and validating messages from your Loved Ones and Spirit Guides on the Other Side, but her unusual gift makes it possible for you to have interactive conversations with them. Shelly reads your Past Life Information from the Akashic Records to help you understand why you draw certain people and circumstances to yourself. This gives you the insight you need to understand lessons, end karma, and release limiting thoughts so you heal and turn all situations into opportunities for your spiritual growth. Shelly is a Spiritual Teacher and Counsels from the Non Dual teaching of A Course in Miracles. Through the teachings of A Course in Miracles, you will learn to release ego and thoughts of fear and replace those thoughts with radical forgiveness, love and peace so you can be free to live a life of happiness and abundance that will lead you to your own enlightenment and experience of lasting inner peace. This assures you that you can end the illusory cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Dubbed the “Wide Receiver” by the Spiritual Hierarchy, Shelly is in communication with the Galactic Brotherhood of Light, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters and has been a Full Body Channel for a Light Being, and a Channel for a member of the Devic Kingdom. After experiencing Divine Revelation of God, Shelly now uses her abilities and wisdom to help you release fear and ego and embrace love and peace, helping you to remember your Divine Self as Eternal Spirit so you may lead the life of happiness and abundance that is your Divine inheritance. Shelly’s goal is to teach you how to come into alignment with God so your life becomes one of effortless flow with the Universe. Her mission is to help her worldwide audience to awaken spiritually and find inner peace and enlightenment. Shelly is a published Author of the popular “Ask Shelly” Psychic Advice Column for Radiance Magazine. She has her own radio show on BBS Radio 1 every other Sunday at 2:00 PM Pacific Time, called “Finding Your Peace with Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records Reader Shelly J. Miller”. Tune in Sunday’s at 2:00 to ask questions, join the conversation, and receive Guidance through content and Mini Readings. “Finding Your Peace” is a show dedicated to helping listeners navigate everyday situations into Spiritual Awakening LOVE PEACE AND JOY. LISTEN TO “FINDING YOUR PEACE” ON PODCASTS ON I TUNES & ALL THE MAJOR STATIONS. TO CONTACT SHELLY OR BOOK A READING: WWW.SHELLYJMILLER.COM/HMTL YOU TUBE CHANNEL: SHELLY J. MILLER, PSYCHIC, MEDIUM, AKASHIC RECORDS, A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  Website: - Phone Number: 949-237-2960