Shelley Hofberg

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Shelley Hofberg
Shelley Hofberg
Long Beach
Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, Medium, Pet Psychic, Medical Intuitive

Psychic Medium Shelley Hofberg has been a Clairvoyant for 30 years. Shelley's decades of experience and keen insight have given her a high level of accuracy. Shelley is highly intuitive. She can read the Tarot to receive the answers you are seeking to know. As a Medium, Shelley considers herself to be a spiritualist and an instrument for spirit to speak through her. As a Pet psychic, Shelley will reveal what it is your pets want you to know about them. Shelley is also a Past life reader. Shelley has been featured on NBC and The Discovery channel, and had her articles appear in newspapers such as The Hollywood Independent and The Star. Shelley was a staff member of West Coast Well Being Publication, writing pet psychic columns. Shelley was in Lisa Barretta book, The Street Smart Psychic Guild to getting a good reading as a pet psychic.


Psychic Horizon

Psychic Horizon with Shelley Hofberg and cohost Shelly J Miller
Shelley Hofberg

The Psychic Horizon Radio Show brings together two visionary teachers and pioneers in the field of Metaphysics and Spirituality, Host Psychic, Medium Shelley Hofberg and Host Psychic, Medium Shelly J. Miller. Both of these professionals share enlightening insights to inform you, bring you clarity, peace and healing, and open the pathway to your Higher Consciousness. This amazing team offers Mini Psychic, Mediumship, Akashic Records-Past Life Readings, Tarot Readings and Pet Psychic Readings to their callers.

Weekly Show
BBS Station 1
7:00 pm PT
7:55 pm PT