Working With Your Thoughts and Music, July 30, 2012

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Working With Your Thoughts and Music
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with Annabella Wood

Annabella Wood — Singer, Song Writer, Minister

To my great fortune, I came across Byron Katie in 1990, and have been spellbound by her ideas and The Work ever since. She brought into my life a no nonsense way to work with my thoughts and thinking so as to help me determine my experience of my life. I was certified as a facilitator in 2002. Now, I am offering to share this process with you. If everything in your life is just as you want it, and no one ever upsets you, and you live in ecstatic joy all the time, then you might not benefit from The Work. But if you are like me, sometimes you would like people to do things a little differently, to think differently, to feel differently, particularly about you…. or to behave differently. Maybe you become upset when you think about a situation in the world these days. If this is sometimes your experience, then perhaps The Work can help open your life to greater and greater possibilities of joy, or at the very least, a reduction of dis-ease.

Guest, Annabella Wood

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Annabella Wood
Annabella Wood sings to nature
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Singer, Music Composer
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Annabella Wood has sung at hundreds of New Thought churches and meetings throughout the country from 1985-present. She has sung at Mile High in Denver, Agape Center in Los Angeles as well as St. Louis, Minneapolis/St.Paul and Dallas among others. She is currently music director at Circle of Miracles in New Britain, PA.

She writes music straight from her own Spiritual-But Not Religious heart strings. Her New Thought CD "Always With You" presents ideas in fun and fascinating ways while her sublime vocal work will leave you wanting more, even after 16 songs. Her "Always With You" CD has taken her straight to the top of the Reverb Nation charts for the Philadelphia area.

Her country CD, "Truck Driving Mama" got her:
Chosen for We R Indie Int'l Conference Battle of the Bands - 2010
Chosen for We R Indie Int'l Conference main stage featured artist - 2010
Consistent Reverb Nation chart top 5 rated Philadelphia area country artist for over 8 months.

Was National Champion Women's Motocross champion 1974.

She served in the Air Force 1979-1980 at which time she was honorably discharged for her sexual orientation. Annabella received her Commercial Truck Driver's License in 1977 and drove semi's until 2004. During this time she studied "A Course in Miracles" and ""The Work"of Byron Katie.

In 2004 she enrolled in college at Bryn Mawr, in PA. She graduated from Union Institute & University in 2010 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Holistics, Spirituality and Metaphysics. in 2011 she became an ordained interfaith minister from Circle of Miracles where she is now the Director of Music.

Currently she owns her own handywoman company in Blue Bell, PA.

Lets Find Out

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce
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Elizabeth Joyce

Let’s Find Out is not only a spirituality talk radio show, but it describes a golden new dimension coming into being.

You will be fascinated with the wisdom and knowledge from the renowned, world wide psychic and spiritual healer, Elizabeth Joyce.

Learn about the NEW Spiritual Chakras and how to access the golden fifth dimension energy.

This show’s intention is to bring you the best information, personal growth, wellness and spiritual awareness by offering the best tools:  astrology with Mark Dodich, the angels answers and astrology from CHIRON, meditation techniques, inspiring and healing music, and the helpful psychic accuracy of Frank St. James, the Psychic’s detective.

Let’s Find Out will also bring authors, new books, and the latest information of what’s going on in the Universe.

There will often be a time set aside for call in questions as well. This is quality internet radio at its best, offering a wide variety of topics and information. Remember, we ALWAYS find out.