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Unlimited Life, May 5, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Chellie Campbell

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Chellie Campbell

Title: Chellie Campbell - The Wealthy Spirit

Description: A conversation between Nicole Brandon and Chellie Campbell. Chellie Campbell, world's top wealth creator humously shares the keys and secrets from zero to zillionaire in no time at all.

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Acclaimed writer Chellie Campbell shares her wisdom and information for Wealthy Living on this week’s top show. Chellie’s International Bestsellers “Zero to Zillionaire, Wealthy Spirit and From Worry to Wealthy” have helped people soar to financial freedom and outrageous success. Whether it’s Stress Free Living or the Happiness and the Wealth of your dreams join us on “Passionate Living” for a show, that you’ll never forget.

About Guest Chellie Campbell

Chellie Campbell is the creator of the popular Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops now taught as an 8-week telecourse attended by people from all over the world. The author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire, her new book From Worry to Wealthy was the #1 Hot New Release in Women in Business on Amazon in February. She is one of Marci Shimoff’s “Happy 100” in her NYT bestseller Happy for No Reason and contributed stories to Jack Canfield’s books You’ve Got to Read This Book! and Life Lessons from Chicken Soup for the Soul. She was president of the LA Chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners, winner of the WRS Member of the Year, Spirit and Hall of Fame Awards, voted “Most Inspirational Speaker” by Women in Management, “Speaker of the Year” by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and “Rotarian of the Year” by the Pacific Palisades Rotary Club. She is prominently quoted as a financial expert in The Los Angeles Times, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Lifetime, Essence, Woman’s World and more than 50 popular books. For more information on her workshops, speaking engagements, books, and free ezine, contact at 310-476-1622 or

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

text Nicole Brandon from unlimited life welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome it's so great to have you with us today today I'm speaking with another redhead yes another fiery Spirit someone full of Julie exuberance passion Romance the surge surge of scintillating energy on the planet and her book The Wealthy Spirit can change your life she has a way of teaching finance and abundance her book a 02 zillion is spreadable everything that she writes all of her programs everything that she teaches to take away every barrier in every hurdle to have you be debt-free with the financial life of your dreams and to be wealthy beyond measure and she does it with such Clarity and humor and joy that I am in
excessive heating just absolutely with Glee dancing inside my soul for today's guest I will welcome Shelly channel to call what a lovely introduction to take you with me everywhere I was at an event I had to somebody in gratitude that she has somebody that made a difference in her life somebody that because of that influence
the success that they are today and this was overly successful people and people would get us in front of the room and you'd expect them to say like Mother Teresa people one after the other they did not know each other from different careers different station got up and the name that they said in gratitude was yours
thank you so much I mean I just set out to whatever I can get my own little world you know is I've reached people one by one and I really care about helping and I'm very grateful to have learned a lot of things and studied a lot of classes and then horses by working with my own energy of my own life and then looked around me and said you thought about this here's a referral for you and it just spread like that until I was teaching classes and helping people on a more sustained level of more direct and programmatic level so it was it's been my joy and my pleasure and this is why I say
I'm tired of this it's just incredible and I want to talk about the title is such a fabulous I carried a book with me everywhere and people come over to me in Starbucks
I know a lot of couples who do the book every day together to start their day off right there and for those that are new to your work that what happened was I do the bookkeeping service I had 13 employees working with all my clients and a lot of them I see making Financial mistakes cuz I'm reading their financial statements every month and I'm giving it the last year or six months ago and it kind of looks like a deer in the headlights and he didn't really understand
full system largely ignores training people about money and about financial investments and how to handle your money are out of budget I remember the eighth grade they taught us how to write a check but that was sort of about it apart Shelly that I skipped Nathan 10th grade ever had this conversation and so I'm I miss the House of Representatives change schools like two during 4th grade and the school I had been in had not done fractions yet in the school I went to it already done them so I missed all of that
the workshop the financial stress reduction workshops and I are on front of a thousand people at hotels all over the place I really like small disciplines with little groups where you have like a maximum of 10 people and everybody gets his share and everybody gets personal attention from the teacher so I set up my classes like that and they are just going to stay in LA and do my little brutes and be a happy girl
well it started going really really really well I still kept my small groups but I had a lot to say thank you so much you changed my life and I said my honor and I'm so happy and I am I going to do without my girlfriend in New York at my mother-in-law can come every week to take your work. I said well I was thinking maybe I should write a book please do that and I said okay and I thought a lot about it because for years I had said I read books but I can imagine right now
but then I saw the results that people were hanging from my classes and they were mastering money and they were really getting better at a showing and doing whatever they wanted to do start businesses well then whatever I should really get the word it out some more people can have this information
I'm thinking about writing a book I'm going to make this unique how am I going to know for people with Finance because that's my opinion so I read the daily word every day since the seventies and it's a motivational quote from the Bible and it just was good thinking positive thinking and I said
I don't do it as a play today and I'll tell us a story like I tell in my classes and I can be uplifting and fun and then short sound bites and nobody has to work real hard this money stuff they can just do what two minutes a day a paid today and I was thrilled with this idea and I started until I had written a hundred of them and realized I had 267 stories and I just was the story
call Dan what happened if I just went to networking groups with my butt well I did do the whole nine yards I got an agent in New York and got a publisher sourcebooks in Illinois has more people and not have to do all the work myself thank you let me hire a pro when the book came out I just went and some of the people that I knew from Spotify
surprising to me for this information and I know we're jumping to break in just in there but we come back even page and Taylor Pierce I need enchanting stories and in any xanado since these things that you share that make people smile but they connect to in such a way that they're able to not only receive it but then implemented and be able to change and evolve and launched into Financial Freedom and success in what you call stress-free success which I absolutely love like never before so more when we return here on passionate living with Shelly Campbell the wealthy Spirit from married to wealthy
0 to the billionaire and all of those tools to really be able to launch into the financial room books that have changed the lives of people across the globe and just before the break we were talking about how people are compelled to share them as gifts and I think that is the greatest compliment in the world that when somebody receives something and it's so wonderful they want to share it with others special to me and that means a lot and Stanley the investment firm and I connected with him and I said so and he said well
since 2005
are you kidding me 10 years he's been reading my book it's just amazing to me this have happened it's really remarkable and so you went from the wealthy Spirit my favorite book cover of people into an idea
well you know this is the surprise of publishing cuz you never know what you're going to get one person's going to read your book so what I thought was the in order to be successful you have to sell two million bullets like Suze Orman you know and so that didn't happen and I thought I was a failure, but my friends liked it so I'm good with that I said I'm a servant here I am a servant to give something that's meaningful to people and that will help them in their lives and I don't know who it's meant for this gas but who's there to receive it will receive it
so I'm just going out and speaking is groups and you know doing some online networking and stuff like that and people are starting to buy the book and go then it's in a bookstore in Minneapolis and then and then it was a matter of about a year later my publisher called me up and said okay we're ready for your next book
and I went you are. I just was totally out of the blue for me it's a no yes we did it she said Shelly know what is amazing the average book in America sells 500 copies
what is the market will number I know it would have thought it cuz it's just like 25 million but you don't hear about the working actors make in 200 Grand a year so come to find out the magic number in publishing is 10000 coffee
if you sell 10,000 copies as an unknown on Celebrity lick think you're a genius and they had made money so I had sold about twelve thousand copies of the wealthy spirit so they said they wanted another bus so I said okay well let me get back to you and Billy Ballard and thought about what do I want to do and it was so hard I've got to tell you writing a book agent going through rounds of PR all of this is a huge huge huge undertaking and I wasn't sure if I want
but I thought okay the wealthy spirit is really good as an inspirational tools and two minutes a day but what if they really need to know about budgeting what if they need to be really need to know about marketing and selling is their business and so I had top it's like that I thought I could do another book that's like my workshop and have a whole chapter with a theme to it and a plot and ended up with what's the purpose of life and so I thought about that and I said to them and they said yes that's what we want that we brim form titles for days and then I just came up with you I did not come up with the wealthy Spirit mind you that was people at sourcebook my publisher they were brainstorming and somebody said the wealthy spirit
they cited a chill ran down my whole body and I said that is so yes that is it it was delicious because
is there a wealthy people that have no spirit and a whole lot of spiritual people and I said why is this little beings having a material existence and that means we're supposed to master both of them
so he wrote his snare is a step one step two step three eight chapters like my 8-week Works off on how to get where you are which may be less than you want to really having it all and zillionaire to me doesn't mean that you know you're with owning a lot of stuff but they do have a lot of time off for fun and enjoyment and family and friends and loved ones and so that's what I consider a zillionaire
such a great word it really is and some of the people that are listening right now and how did they get 002 billionaire or the wealthy Spirit or participate in workshops because I know people I need this information now and there are all of those books for all those online if you just search the title, so you can go to my website my name is Shelly and it's spelled c h e l l i e a my website is Shelly. I kept it simple answers are coming up and I always have new classes posted there so you can see and my email is simple to Shelly and Shelly.
email me any questions or anything you want to know and I'll give you some advice for calling is the show where in you know countries across the globe and I know this information really pertains to everybody today and yes my class is now a toast last because of the books are popular in so many places and they were wanted to cuz you can get information in the weekend that you can't yet
a cat results and I want people to actually work with the material and Sue's of them and that's what makes me happy today and part of our audience I can tell you first-hand this is a workshop that is evolutionary change your life and I learned more about myself not just my finances finances I learned it differently and I learned techniques and tools and things that I will share you know to my very last breath with people that you taught me about how to achieve success and financial success and wealth and these things that you were just a mess Trek but I still learned about he want who I am as a D & as in spirit and how to be connected to my heart and I even learned my own
sense of humor and a different way and just being able to stay and so I think it it's a class as well as well. The bottom line is I want people to be happy and in order to be happy you have to have good friends and you have to have a great family and if you don't have one you can create one if you want born into it you can go collect one and being happy means you're not worried about you feel somewhat secure but I don't think curity is about having millions of dollars in the bank because there aren't enough people who can do that
there has to be a sense of security in yourself that whatever comes down the pike you're going to have an answer you're going to have something you can do to weather the storm maximize the sunshine on a beautiful day so I want people to be happy and that's what I think it's about it's about joy and enthusiasm for a living and passionate living like you talked about to have a purpose in your life as to love doing it and then you don't have to do it don't have to do it cruel and bad things in order to live in Toledo passionate life going to break but I can't wait to talk about you
really a business book for women like this information in to be able to open our minds and our hearts and our availability to receive money and to be able to generate money in entirely different for him and for Annette and I just you are such a master of this financial living when we return acclaimed author well coach leader and one of them Esther's truly honest to your financial success Kelly Campbell
I love talking to you you are such a darling such a light open the window for your newest book from weary to wealthy which is really a woman's business guy which I wasn't sure cuz it's something that is evolutionary in groundbreaking the way that we think about women in business
you know I I I wrote this book because again my agent was talking to the new head of self-help books at source or since it is a business they are accused are now and it's the largest publisher and its woman-owned okay love that was awesome was talking with the new head of self-help and they mentioned my name came up and she said yeah maybe another book Stephanie said
I've been getting itchy about writing I was starting to run a lot more teaching towards women they really understood that when it had in business and I had radical of several years ago called women don't ask and it was Illuminating with the information that there was a professor of Economics at Carnegie Mellon University
put together with Statistics data I knew it experience to leave from the people that I was teaching and the problems that I saw they were having coalesce that I'll tell you one story from the beginning of the book she said she wrote the book cuz she had this experience that all these women graduate students came to her and said they were really angry and upset because all the teaching assignments got given to the men and they were relegated to being a assistant and this woman Lynda Babcock who did the who is the head of Economics department so she's fine and she explained the problem and he looked at her and sometimes and said well I get the teaching assignments to everyone who asks for them. Just don't ask
and so she wrote this book women don't ask how it was putting an exact picture of what it was I was seeing that women are afraid for themselves forward because culturally it is not okay when a woman is aggressive they are put down for it it's nasty aggressive unladylike since the women's lib movement in the seventies and it's all been training us like men that's been successful to a point but there's a few women who can be like
but if you listen to the statistics with men are just a mere fraction of the Fortune 500 and read this. I really started seeing through that filter of where the problems were happening to the people in my classes when I had this conversation with a my agent Levi I said the problem but it doesn't really truly knew what to do about that so I said I want to see because I didn't want to do but I don't really put it under that umbrella this is how a woman can be in business be user-friendly be nice and sweet and get along
canson ask her what she wants
so that's how this book came to be and I spent all of last year riding it in aspas and his friends got I just lived off the money I had saved and Rose and research and research and some of the resources explore there and from there I started seeing what we we need now globally universally for everyone is a sanitization of the workplace
by that I mean is used to be more user-friendly for men and women that there doesn't have to be yelling and all doggies dog to the bottom line and you got to be number one and everybody else is a loser we need to be saying you have a place I have a place we can all get together and there's some stuff I have to have a hundred billion dollars in the bank what is it do but sit there it's at a hundred billion was the app and search late in the well and that's where I think she has a spot
and it isn't all about the 1% anymore can you tell that I'm a little excited that you were so I really am you know for those that are listening to you can tell that you have this wealth of information and it's incredible and Sue's yes ever best spirit and it's a ways a volcano this information pours from you it's precious and it's so hot and it's so explosive because it can literally just Skyrocket someone for their success in their dreams or visions and their goals and everything that they always is possible they just didn't get there
yes that's exactly it and it is you know Corporate America is very much criticized and probably corporations in your country where else in your listing in corporations tend to act this way everywhere and every area is all about your price and making money for the shareholders and it's all about the bottom line and I just was saying some things I was talking with a friend of mine that was yeah but you know he has to be responsible to the bottom line is I have to care about this year for us and I said that you're doing short-term financing short-term solution short-term orientation and that's not the way of the business or the people in it
what I did was I told her that there have to be other things that matter to shareholders and everybody needs to get on this program that there needs to be a happiness balance sheet like how much money do and how much it take Aleve and some companies are getting that and she said she got them and she said she sent you a link to an online report Kim cook at Apple love this guy he was standing firm to the shareholders and some conservative shareholders were telling him not to do sustainable stuff and not to do certain kinds of investing because it wasn't going to get the pic to share price and he said
we do a lot of things for reasons besides profit motive we want to leave the world better than we found it he said that anyone who didn't agree to sell their shares and get out of the stock of that that's what we need more of that people being considerate of others and dedicated to the war but not just not good right now today and tomorrow
that's remarkable I love that bind with this it said so perfect it's absolutely wonderful
what living a passionate life means to made it as bad as I do the things that serve me and serve the people that I know which means that I'm having fun and played and the one I work I work to help people have a better life so that they can be happy and so I can travel to Paris you so much and some more when we returned about the wealthy spirit and zero to billionaire and
sing like never before which is from weary to wealthy and truly a different way to launch into your dreams and I love actually asking those things that you want and knowing that everything is living with one of my very favorite people on the planet somebody I somebody that has step she takes is just invaluable to anybody that wants to live a successful life and abundant opulent my life is you were talking about is joy and happiness and really shared passion and dreams
couples have those financial conversations
couple of had to have Financial conversations and they should have them before they get married you know you don't want to find a woman who married an attorney was making $300,000 a year and she thought she was made in the shade and it was $100,000 in debt
that is not something you should find out after the ceremony people need to be build a family units what do you see in your future what are the things you must have financial aid to be happy and what are the things called dedicated are you two having a vacation every year how dedicated to having children and then sending those children and you got to be on the same team with the same Cole program so you can work and then when you save money is now
that seems that let me make a point that I really want to make yours on audience tonight everyone is being hypnotized by the things the media is saying convince us that things are reports that are not important for example there was I saw online today to Casper walk off the set when the topic of conversation became a cardassian again set up to see what Their audience is in the United States approximately 308 million people the Kardashians viewership is 2.081 million
2 million out of 308 million why are we spending so much time talking about that you know they just don't deserve this big piece of the pie in my other thing we talked about in from where he's a wealthy is that all the financial advisor here on caladan is the Talking Heads they all tell you you got to stay for retirement cuz you're going to live to save money for
well I listen to tickets are really shaky the problem is that in order to live for 30 years on your savings you need to have 1.250 billion dollars saved and the percentage of the population that is 8%
all right percent of the people win this game that's a broken game in my estimation of your money with them that's how they make a little bit but that's all the advice we are out there it is all about her retirement here is some really shaky since this is it'll make you rethink of stuff to 29% your own country and see if you can find it find these kinds that statistics cuz I'm sure that is very similar if not exactly the same Americans die before they reach the age of 65 that's almost the Third
after retiring at age 65 third of those people are dead within two years
the number of people the percentage of people who live from age 65 and 80 who make it to 80 32%
that's not very many who did 15 years Beyond age 65 so all this information to save yes you should but what I say is also then be looking out what you want to do for your life's work and how can you get income streams from that I have my books that have income streams and that's why I'm not going to retire I'm going to write books I'm going to speak I'm going to be showing us a lecture I'm going to do what that I am because this is the most passionate and pappy I ever get my life talking about this those are incredible statistics to I know they all I mean
riveting absolutely riveting and it's the kind of thing that you for a minute that second time you get to be the Betrayal the puppy guy they tell you all of this stuff and it's not true if I read a book called counselors was an inside the dark side of the financial services industry and it was really illuminated you want to read about stuff like that when you're me and this is what it supposed teaching people how to make money but what to do with their money but what to do with their lives we are lights energy people are so frightened that going to run out of money when they're old don't have a wife.
Plato said the unexamined life isn't worth living but I say the unlived life isn't worth examining
that's fantastic that is what is smart woman you are you should write a book and you know it's going to be over for you six years old
and here I'm always tired but never succeeded in finally somebody at a publishing house somewhere with manuscript loved and publish them and he wrote and published three more books before he died at age of hundred and one for the most productive years of my life
I want that to be me you know I read dangerous Anderson biography and furthermore and she said they're you know people ask me if I'm going to retire no people retire to do what they love to Park Road old lady somewhere
that's so true and he's so great things to I was absolutely stunning and I know we only have a couple minutes left in the show to be successful people men and women at the top of their fields that would never have to worry about money again that we're still taking your class to learn the more and then you have people that were absolutely underground they didn't have the tools are the hammer and chisel to get back on top and just by being in your class
totally flipped her life around and all of a sudden they became financial success so I love that you work is for everyone for every heart every spear for every so for anyone that has a desire for abundance wealth and like you're saying a happy and a glorified life yes if you want it you can have it you have to ask and you have to do the footwork the information is all around you if you can't afford this Workshop weed the book get a couple of things together go through the book practice it it does work is always an honor and a pleasure and a privilege and a cow and I so appreciate you and you work and once more please tell her I ain't out there how they can find your workshops and you
speaker motivational Speakers Going to change your life or even change your day or your hour or your second or your weed or a vision and print me a gold and Shelly is the person for you because I can tell you I'm taking her class is not only did I learn but I'll try laughing and sometimes I still think about something and I just laughed to myself a l l i e and Kelly. Cam is my website you can find all my books are in my class has everything you can email me to cheli ask Kelly to Tom and Nicole my darling it is so much fun talking to you any time you call I go yes when do you want me to cuz I always love you
I love the things you said you were so energetic and caring and Spirits the wonderful and back deficit and thank you for having a show and for allowing me to be on it so it took pleasure to have you with us thank you so much this is been such a friend show this is one of my favorite shows and I love talking about money I love talking about abundance I love the joy and the passion of the wealth and the unlimited riches on the planet your books are phenomenal your programs are phenomenal I one of your client has learned and loved by so many of your messages and thoughts your broadcast everything that you share with the world each and everyone is a gym a diamond and a jewel and you are just sparkling effervescence of
Glory of Happiness of wealth and a possibility and I thank you for being there for all of you out there I hope you enjoy this episode of a limited life and wishing you all a limited life find Us and other broadcast dream life Secrets dream life and know that each and every treatment can come true and I am wishing you now and always and unlimited life and happiness to be yours

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