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Unlimited Life, March 11, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Lauri Burns

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Lauri Burns

Lauri Burns, Punished For Purpose

Description: Compelling true life story of abuse, hardship and inspiration. The tale of a woman who turned her tragic existence and painful past into a pathway and window for others to find the light

Tags: rape, abuse, homeless, runaway, teens, battered, abused, punished, hope, mentor, kindness, care, community reach, shelter, women's rights, metoo, self esteem, courage, bodyimage, bullied, outreach, help, DreamLife, Unlimited Life, Nicole Brandon 

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited life we had such a special show for you today as we talked about how to lead an unlimited life how to cross through those boundaries was borders those blossoms barriers and be able to turn everything into a gate so doesn't matter how insurmountable the issues are there in front of you how simple you can just pause for a moment even if the hinges are rest and get to the other side and over the past two years I thought you the very top experts from around the world with a cop techniques and tools and keys and secrets of really had to leave and unlimited Life unlimited finances romance business successful relationships whatever that means to launch you into really living the life of your dreams and so many of you have called in through the years and have found yourselves on deep dark path or just absolutely stuck on quicksand and not knowing how to get to the other side
many of you have just been treading water and others have been leading you incredible lives and looking for them or will today's guest has taken the roller coaster of Life today we are talking with the incredible heroic Brave and very special gifted Larry Burns and Laura really has led a life going from dark to light and now she has launched these amazing programs to help others find their way as well so we are excited we are thrilled we are honored we are privileged to be speaking with today's guest on how to lead an unlimited life Lori Burns Lori welcome to the show
thank you so much for having me I'm so excited it's such a thing with you and for audience we have the most incredible listeners to the show because this show really is about how do you lead this unlimited life and I remember reading a book one and I think I was sharing this with you and there is a little boy and the book and he starts laughing from the airplane and he says don't you think it's funny they put lines between two dates between states and I always loved that that the separation of how we get to the other side what is the other side and for those that are new to you and to your work I would love to talk to you about both sides of and coined the the life that you led thank has brought you to today's work and in this incredible work that you're helping people today cross over to the other side as well
that sounds great so you just tell me where to start to go back to your childhood because I think a lot of times we talked to people are bad to channel Texan Airlines and we had on the Los Angeles Fire Chief on the shelf and I asked you did you know did you know you wanted to be sure the fire department could not at all I wanted to be an astronaut, but I wanted to ride the traffic and I love the answer and so that it didn't even know when you were little girl that you would be the one who would be helping others on this back oh my God you know anyone who's read my book knows that my childhood hero I mean you think most people would be you know what I mean Carrie the movie
yeah and my aspiration was to be a hippy so I'm doing something any thoughts of being I think I did as a child
power it was the only way I could think I'm going to get any power of the bite out of vehicles or something
that's incredible for those of you that are in other countries that are listening from Walter except Africa France wherever you are very popular movie teenage girl could wreak havoc in Terror in the most malicious vicious wave and at the same time that you your heart broke for her
right I mean Cherry. Back at everyone that hurt her she was an innocent child that was bullied which is big now you know the whole bullying thing and she just got back at them and they did Kimberly Peirce Just a Dream Carrie so there's actually a new one out there and to tell me a little bit about your childhood because I know it was not Lollipops and Roses and sunshine and I think that a lot of the show are very much in the same boat that you are there has is not deveined a boy to Shorewood lost his lead and very happy adult life right next to the co-pilot in the cockpit but he was on travel every couple of days a week you know we have nice things I mean lived in a nice neighborhood called the Estates I grew up to it
Hebrew school and physically abusive on me and I'm to level that no kid should have to endure and I was suicidal from the get-go I truly thought as a child God must hate me for something I did in the past life like maybe I was awake through something because I could not reconcile why if there was a God he would have cut me here so I must have done something really bad to him. He did me and my dad hated me and that's where we were starting
you know what is a question for you that I've never had any guess I guess because you've offered this incredible book punished her purpose of teaching right out your Ranger anger or fear is journaling right cousins towards my cuss words with my daughter and God because I thought maybe if I could see myself down places tears I mean
I'm sure it look like I was the crazy kid because nobody could nobody on the outside of our family could figure out what the heck is going on with this kid and that's about it if you want to call that Journey when did you tell anybody any teachers or no in the house and not everyone else was playing it off like nothing was going on and of course there was maybe some possible sexual abuse going on with the one of my sisters and nobody's acting like to see psychiatrist psychologist therapy I'm not a lot I was on medication for schizophrenia for a couple of years once a year that would put wires in my brain I can just called to see what was happening in our house was the Lord he's acting crazy we don't know why I'm going to do this you know because better for people outside of the house to think it's Lori and her family
what I thought as a kid's not messages if you tell anybody what's going on your house looking crazy so I didn't trust the people inside of the house so why was it outside so what happened was when I was 13 right up my buttons but my mom has left us alone with my dad started to escalate I look a lot like my mom so he's only got worse and one day I had a friend at the house and he didn't realize I had someone there and a beating erupted and that would be the first time anyone would ever see what occurs in our house and the little girl can you call their parents and said you have to come over here and get us Lori's being hurt and the parents took me over to the house and they talk to us they talk to me about what was going on I did not say anything I'll let you know I was very conflicted and as matter fact if you ask me like how did you feel that someone finally found out I felt embarrassed and dirty I felt crazy I feel like something's wrong with her family
so I was embarrassed and I didn't talk much and I think when they got on the phone with my dad and realized I was suicidal identity psychiatrist I'm feeling I'm hitchhiking I mean I was crazy or anything for power and control in my life so I was getting into a lot of bad behavior I think these parents just too much for us to get into thinking of how the heck am I going to deal with this now that people know and he hit his handgun called the police and told them that I had it and I was going to kill him so the police show up unexpectedly I don't know why the police are there and they take me to award for the criminally insane and I was tied to a bed and it straight jacket and drugged
and I got to tell you on the heels of my Thomas food way too much to reconcile for anyone that's not true about Mrs supposed to be a time as like uniting with God and right now it was for me it was like if there is a God it is clear that you hate me like if I was there was any questioning about mental Asylum straight jacket it's clear I've got the message and the next 10 years were Colossus colossal down fall into my own private hell
well I want your mother during all of this will my mom had left New York and she came California so yes she was calling back to the house and they would say I was high plains four months I really truly did not know how long I was in that a sane insane asylum until I recently got my records from right but I was in People magazine they had me pull all my records and must have been you know months that she's been calling before she started interrogating people in the area and found out from a doctor that a kid went to the same thing this island and she got me out but I didn't she didn't have enough money to get me to where she was she was just a young woman trying to get her life together didn't have any money so I went to a group home in Stony Brook New York and that's where I met other people like me for the first time in my life other little children that have been abandoned and abused and for the first time in my life I would bond to another human being I mean a real bonding like
these are my family needs little kids that are just so strong that I've been singing tells you what they've been through that's. Young it's just so heartbreaking and at the same time
now it's so incredible crew comes juvenile hall running the streets and by the age of 16 I started shooting up someone offered me a needle and some drivers at school and I thought this is good because I wanted to Sidell and I thought it might kill me and then by the time I was 18 I was addicted to drive had a daughter and exited out of homelessness and started working the streets of the prostitute and my mom came and took away my daughter which was a good thing because she wasn't safe with me out there and it was 50 kidding at the end for me which were the years of working the streets with a prostitute
play I forgot a child that has gone through such a journey that everybody thinks everything's okay that even when they're people that learn that you're being abused to get involved
a friend I hope all the time women scripted why do they call them back off at home and it's a builder's 90,000 kids in foster care in California long and how many foster parents do you know and most people say one if we usually they saying that and you know why because they think the kids are bad do I live in a house with foster kids I have you know for God only knows how long and they are the best looking kids
I don't know where that comes from you know they are so grateful and so inspired to do the right thing you know when someone gives them a chance
so you know I was I was on the streets by The Prostitute I was 23 years old and I was broken I remember a few days before my life was saved a man pulled a knife on me and he wanted to obviously too bad things to me and I just there and said he want to hurt me and that man was just like a Matic my soul and that means I didn't want to touch me because I was not protecting myself at all I was like you want it take it and he left he was so scared of who lied to come he left and it was a couple days later I was standing on 5th and harbor where I work the streets here in Orange county is Marion County prostitutes and I got in the back of a white car and there were two men in the front and they got on the freeway and I knew at this point of my life as bad as I thought
lyrics to looks crazy like he's trying to get somewhere and I looked around me like I was very disconnected from life for years but I could tell by the amount of cards that was traffic hour and I thought oh my God will not go through you forget I did so many horrific situation so I jumped out of the back seat and into the van to try and grab the steering wheel to make the guy on the right side of the passenger side saw me coming in knocked me in the head with fist really quick and I blacked out for the rest of the drive and I ended up in a clearing in the woods and it was nighttime and they got out in the front seat in the back of the driver had a gun and I guess a girl in the streets have killed one of their friends and Our Gang neighborhood and she was a prostitute for their plan was take across the street from the street killer in the woods and make peace with your friends desk and I was that girl and they got in the backseat and after hours of being raped and beaten and have enough freaking gun to my head
this is it this is the moment you've been waiting for your whole life just get them till you just make it all go away so I like as long as I could so that I could scare them and we could just end it and I scared them now that I think back I think they got scared to Mom's going to hear my scream cuz I was the top of my lungs and they left me for dead on the side of the Canyon Road and the next thing I know big shoes like there's someone tugging at me and there's a van with liking. Spring on the back and I wake up this big huge like man trying to pick me up and I looked down and I had a Justice shirt a ripped shirt and a lot of blood and I looked at his van and it was white tea covers on the inside and immediately a triggered my brain just coming to get the again so I started I started panicking and I started pushing
Dark Canyon Road in the middle of the night but I don't want to go with this guy and he kicked me out to his eyes and he helped you just let me help you like a flashback of my entire life all the people that had tried to help me I realized I just never trusted anyone like there was a lady that used to visit me in juvenile hall in there was a man that used to visit me to play Checkers and there was a man that used to take me to the but I always had no I don't need your help I'm okay if you help me I owe you and I don't know where I got that but I did I figured I don't want to go anymore so I'm not going to do it but this week is our day I was beat down enough to let this man helped me
don't worry
sorry for just a second of you share the story when you talk about this man has tears in his eyes and please let me help you imagine from his prospective seeing you oh my God I can't imagine I only hope that one day he sees me know how impactful that moment was in my life because that was the changing point for everything
one person having enough hope to bridge me over from the hell that I was living into the rest of my life
and then you know he he looked at The Whispers that don't know he delivered me the hospital and I went back to the street and the next day I called him an another angel of mine he was a kid that was abused when he was fourteen he left home here used to make him his family mom dad and sister would eat at the table and he would eat on the floor with a dog and he left at 14 never returned join the Marines and he was leaving his Battalion and he got shot with chocolate and he was paraplegic and this man used to come and look for me on the streets and somehow she's saving me I think he was going to talk about someone with our past and I called him and they said I need help and he said I will take you wherever you want to go so you pick me up and he took me to a sober living and the rest was history I mean and that man just enough just a peanut of host maybe not for himself but maybe enough for me and that little speck of hope that you could have for another person
do you think has nothing maybe the very spect they need that if they don't have their own hope they can rely on your help to bring them over you know
don't understand you know when you're saying that there are angels that came out of the way and that you didn't trust enough to trust and I think that in all of our lives at such a great lesson one counseling it is to try whether people respond to offer help to offer care to offer your heart.
good night because you know what even the people that thought I wasn't listening to their lesson people that told me things you'll find out later that I listen to all of it since you're working with someone that in whatever field you work in trying to help people and sometimes you get a little down to see planets for me
they all grow over time when you say that I always think of that you know newborn babies learn how to speak and you say mama dada Eyes Ears Nose mouth Mama. But as long as you're feeding that love that information that people kept trying to offer you you're like you're saying this man a peanut of light that I've never heard it so eloquent and it's so simple and it's so powerful
yeah so powerful so I get delivered to the living place and I start to talk about my secret they say You're only as sick as your secrets and truthfully these secrets like I knew my dad has a gun because my aunt rebuild it to me I never told on my dad because I wanted him to love me but I started talking about it started releasing myself from that and you know the man that saved my life be a man with a paraplegic is very into computers and when I got told her he bought me a computer but I lived upstairs apartment and I got my charger back and we were doing well and he bought me this computer but I I couldn't I had things breaking on it like the video card let bad and he couldn't get up the stairs so he walked me over the phone how to take apart my computer and this place was the springboard for a career in computers I took that I got a grant for a small school
I went to this little computer school and then I started reading and testing on all kinds of things
and it feels a career in I eventually was a program manager at one of the biggest aerospace companies in the world and no one knew about my past into a magazine and all I needed to get started and before that when I was working the street that he can have anything nobody offered me anything and then when I got sober parallel to everything going on in my career abuse kids started showing up in my life and I tried you don't seriously I was babysitting a young girl who is 12 and her mom never came back
your mom is it up dying and I apply to be a foster mom attend because I had this little girl my daughter was 9 she was 12 and they looked at my record and they said absolutely not your prostitute of stolen goods at me all kinds of crazy stuff this is not what we do with this is not a person to buy the time seven years to Marana is taking in so many kids there were like foster mom and that's when my life exploded so my amazing life is just crazy I actually have had 31 children I have three kids that live in my house today I have a new young boy coming on Monday I have 10 grandson's one granddaughter and an amazing amazing life you know end
people say to me all the time nor you do such great things you're an angel and seriously that doesn't beautiful young children that have been abused and I bonded with them and now I'm bonded with anybody who's been abused right so when they call me with the kids and that's what the social workers do they'll call me and let me tell you about a kid that's all I have to hear the most people would say okay if they're saying this kid shot out this kid's been a prostitute is kids Qatar most people with back away unfortunately when I hear that I'm like oh oh my god when can I get this kid because I know but I have blocked
out and I know the pawscout and because of that you know when I was a kid and I used to think God hated me for something I didn't pass life I know now that he loves me so much how could I not see it he gave me the exact path that I needed to walk to everything they've been through and walk out of the darkness and I can walk with them out it's every day of my life that has been so beautiful now that I see what it's giving me now that I see that I have the ability
to take others inhale them because of what about you by always listening and you're going through something obviously probably not something that I went through this horrific story I just told you but anything you have cancer if someone in the family has someone in the family if we go through things and I constantly scared herself and say why is this happening to me we've lost the time I think we go through things so we can be there to help so many others that will travel that path because of power in that the tower and having made it through that you are registered scannable you know anybody that's been through anything now sort of charity for this thing they've been through when they gets the other side and if you don't sit there and think about yourself and you'll never you never even miss the point of everything that you could have created for the people that have dogs in the same thing solutely absolutely night
and that they didn't think that you know you should put your background that you would be able to foster children and so I would like to look at as kid show up and for anyone who's interested in fostering and I think that you know people not listening to this how can you not be interested in fostering and what's the first thing you sired to how do you make someone feel safe
you know it's funny because it's always different especially in a little boy that's moving in on Monday it's different with a boy I have you know 30 my girls and my son was my only son and he was took my key and I my baby when he was 11 and he died when he was 22 a different conversation so some kids get here and we start talking and immediately they're open and you know I just and I tell them you know what my house you're going to be living like a normal kid which is really a big relief because so many foster kids have so many rules you know you can only eat during this time you can only do this you can only do that the normal house
I try and get new sheets for the bed before they come in so there's not you know when you're in a hotel or are you staying at a friend's house and it's not and I'm not saying a batch now I'm just saying there's everyone has their own kind of Aroma even if it's just you know like a perfume smell everything you see no it's all you it's all yours that's so important and just to let them know they can be themselves I have one little girl that stayed in her room for the longest like isolated and it was okay and she wore all black would like a black hoodie on and we had to be all did not bring attention to the fact that you're spending a lot of time in her room or that she always wears black and we just loved her up and one day she walked out her hair was freshly why
her head was down and she was wearing a pink sweatshirt and we were all but we did not let it show but we knew for her that was the Breakthrough you know so just to let the kid beware the kiddos and to love them up where they are is is everything to not try to do it the way you think it's best done
so the kids don't get along you know it went when you bring him here. Let me tell you I love each other and are also diverse I'm in every way diverse and religion diversity of beliefs diverse in their Lifestyles that they all they love each other just like kind of like I did when I was a young kid and I think it's because we talked so much about what happened but like I don't know about 7 years ago
I will let me tell you when people call me an angel especially my sponsor who is like a mentor to me and my life is like Laurie's got like thirty you know what I mean in the morning every night I thought it was my sprinklers like that sprinkle my lawn but I looked and I started talking about you know stay sober I have like a sober group and one of the men and one of them is an American Indian he said the spirits. The loudest at 3 a.m. and he American Indians could tell you that that's part of our core beliefs
God box I call it was a prayer box when things are driving me nuts I would write it down so it in the Box one of my kids made me this box in Woodshop my daughter and
yeah I started writing notes you know funny thing when I first got sober I had this problem with God but I thought he was punishing me and the lady told me so I had seen a movie about God when I was a little girl so I actually crazy George Burns so I've been praying to George Burns for several years wow okay so I can write notes to George like what the heck is going on and all of a sudden I started getting invited to all these strange things and things to try and find out why my life was dead and I got I got a dime recommended by the County supervisor for The Advisory Board which only has a handful of people there that must be completely lost my file at this point they gave me a waiver for my past but being on the board I think it was because I was taking the worst kids you know
any kid they couldn't place they call me with that kids and what I found out his kids are leaving foster care all over the country on her 18th birthday and 65% were going homeless that wasn't 65% of 25000 of youth kids that we're taking a time when you think of those numbers are you kidding me Piper's son of them are going home with me if you think of it as a little kid that was abused out of their house by County officials and they said it's going to be okay or text you from the abuser you're going to a new family and then you're in the new family and love their kids are planning on going to college and doing problems and things like that and the other kids at school you're planning to B-Dubs
I'm not going to leave you on the street with no money no car no cell phone and sometimes but if you're lucky look like you straight from court to your homeless shelter
this was devastating to me oh my God I could not believe this is happening in America and still today I believe it's like one of the biggest secrets that has the word Keisha Nicole if you Google emancipation in 1989 this has been happening 50% of kids from Foster Care today this is seven years later we'll still go how much more than 18 months and I couldn't believe it. I had met some people in this is what I'm talking about planting the seed but said things to me one man said he talked in such a way that he could transmit his vision to the hearts and the minds of the people in such a way that they could see his vision in their mind and they could feel it penetrated even though it didn't exist and if you could talk in that kind of a way people listened to you and they will follow you
if you take a bunch of fleas like fun can you put these fleas in a jar and you screw the cap on if it's yours like for in a 3in for fear of hitting your head even if you let the fleas out of the job because what happened to you with so many years ago and I see you holding yourself back when everything's available to you and let you know I was still happy to be alive and have my daughter back and I'll be beautiful kids that people believed in me at sometimes more than I can't believe in myself and Nike saw something in me that I didn't clearly see and then the last one wasn't elderly woman that was like
and she was with me I should look down like she was thinking and then she looked up at me and she said Lori one day you're going to be a little girl swinging on a swing and the next day you going to be an old lady make sure you do in this lifetime what you would care to do before it ends because your life is going to go by like that and then she snaps real loud and it now standing here Nicollet 51 I got to tell you she was so bright and I feel the pressure right so out there after I learned about what was happening to the kids and started talking about it I'm within a month I had like a hundred $400 and he's got to do something here $10 your twin. $20 and I started at sharetea on LegalZoom
Somerton 10 months I had $180,000 in the little bank account and I was like oh my God what are we going to do and following me and my best friend Linda was helping me and then it was like a real estate agent she said let's buy a little house and let's take them home with girls who put them in the house and let's get them to college whatever we have to do so we bought this 3-bedroom house and I wasn't happy with it I believe weary live reflects on how you feel about yourself and it was kind of like a broken-down old house but we bought it anyway cuz we knew we had to get them in shelter and a bunch of them that was following us a tour and construction set this is not good enough looking to knock it down keep a couple wall. Going to knock it down and we're going to build a brand new house and each kid will get there on real wood floors a beautiful beautiful house and we took five girls off the street designers came in and they decorated each room like there's that Marilyn Monroe room there's a green room
decorated differently we could find homeless girls off the street and I was like 14 years old and we got healthy into Cinema I remember the day was hit by a car when she was 6 crossing the street alone and no one came to the hospital to sign consent and she got placed in foster care just got accepted to Loma Linda University Dr. We were like oh my God
probably on the weekends. Describe all the shelters around the United States until the database so we could do like a and kids all over the country concerts online will push the states of the time we did that and then I like to know what Matthew homeless kids and cell phone homeless kids kids today you know you should check with devices everywhere cell phones like she bite a cell phone and it will respond to respond with a text saying where the shelter is closest to them within 40 seconds
unbelievable and you know what he did that and it probably take at least three weeks to build it I didn't have $15,000 is very next day I got an envelope in the mail and it said I forgot to support you last year and I wanted to call you next year so here's the last year and here's ten thousand for this year I hope you do something good with it and that was the hell they had no idea when she said they launch what has been a solution for kids all over America. They Amazing Grace zip code attitude that's how it runs the algorithm right so you do shelter 90210 99,000
and 99000 is a number that the phone number is called short code I live in 40 seconds do get something in Beverly Hills that's close to you so what a gift you think it would have stopped there but God really had big plans from Haiti every time I think he's okay. It said to be more nice. To bring this blanket Los Angeles we've got homework is all over the place and you know I live in Orange County and I drive to Los Angeles to go to work and it's God wants it it'll be so I I went to Venice Beach and I was standing in this place it was a charity that feeds homeless kids twice a week and give them clothing
and I'm standing here when I open the door and hundreds of kids walk in with like if you can have an 18 19 20 years old would like wounds on their because of shoes are one crew from walking so much with her hair and dreads and some of them with babies I'm like oh my God I sat down with them kids and I had dinner with them and I said was you guys I could not believe in the car screaming and I thought oh my God as much as these people are trying to help feed her dinner rate at 19 so I was like on fire in LA and all of a sudden I started getting donations when the Venice area and people in the greater LA area and they gave me money
someone that meant a lot to me and I need to do something good with it so he can build it and they will come and now we have come into work Shopping Center in Venice Beach and tell us their stories and we wait for them to the 18,000 shelters so that was expired and then last year I was contacted by a man who's come from a very gifted family and if you find this is movie filmed the most friends cuz he heard my story and made a movie star that I was friends with another guy that heard my story and together they would clear this place called Spray rehab free rehab and his idea was this man has struggled with addiction his idea was I want to give people the same that I had explained to me Lori I can look for one of the richest families in the country Oman Island prediction I can make a phone call and I would Rescue Me
I was on the street with people that can have a phone call to make I want to be that song call for them and I want to open for you cuz they hire me to find the movie star warehouse and the other man wanted a old Treatment Center so he did not put the money bunch of money at the conversion
without God and the angels still up in my life I truly believe somehow I've been connected to a bunch of angels and I sign the lease on this place is about 1.8 million and the very beautiful man that had the idea in the beginning, I'm so close with had a medical tragedy right and could not engage give me enough money so that I could get going for a little while and never give us anything and I think it was just for him it was like 10 or something right hundred bad I find the lease for a 1.8 million of which I have about three hundred thousand so I don't know what I'm going to do Christmas last year and I'm going to the Target list again this year just so you know
story of Hanukkah left or a blanket or towel for $2 just anything I started getting hundreds of death in boxes UPS boxes and then I put a note to all my friends on Facebook can you please decorate a room I'll put your name on the door permanently my only requirement is that you decorate it with love and within two weekends we decorated the whole hundred bed facility except for one little area and Maroon 5 showed up in the final hour and said we need to do something good and they decorate the back spinal area and the whole place is absolutely beautiful so beautifully decorated plates and no money
some man called me after reading my book my book punished for purpose which is on Amazon read my book never met me and said Lori I just finished the book and I need to help you and I said how do you want to help me and he said I wish I knew and I said no I think you know I think everyone knows what the immediate thought is that comes to their head that they push away and he said you're right I'm supposed to donate $500,000 to for some reason I don't you have Scott's open the doors to a facility that will take homeless young girls that are being sold into trafficking all over LA and give them a safe place to live somehow I'm going to put them preschool so he makes his donation I got tired I'm still like a million store it and it keeps me up every night all the time
it's totally up Nicole because I have helped 152 young girls
to get up the street in the past 6 months get free drug rehab you know I have tried to be a drug rehab people told me it's going to take 6 months to a year but landed on the desk of a man that helps with him cuz he called me and said lawyer have you done in a month I just one Angel after another Nicole I can't explain it text her right now they're listening now how can I help you know you so you're a million short and you still need your answer you still need scholarships and so where did he go and how can they help and jealous because everybody I know this is just how can your heart not be open and Drawn to this this all my God
we need money so desperately right now and you know I know there are some people that can you donate a little bit and a lot of little bit little bit sad up and there are other people that can donate a lot and it didn't even feel it you know what I mean but we can save so many likes what happened was we have that empty warehouse and we decided to create a school so right now if you called 18884 right not right now but after this home 18814 home I will pick up the phone and you can help us if that doesn't work and you want to go online go to the and there's a donate for you can go to freehab. Net and that's the new place it all goes to the same place so what I'm doing right now Nicole it is I'm building a technical school on site
graduated high school at My Homeboy Industries for anyone who knows them gang members and then we're going to take the web design we're going to start doing the most brilliant professional websites for the community they're all going to be trained up in several areas areas of Technology can I tell you one more miracle I don't know how much time we have yes absolutely we always have time for miracles going to cost about $900,000 to fill that which is a brilliant price for saving hundreds of thousands of lives that will come through there because at the rate we're taking them will take three hundred a year so I wanted to call it the bite stops PYT because you get there's a sandwich area and a copy bar in my mind and the rest of this is very red so a lot of Max and learning
re-time different different areas software Hardware web development and one of my guys on my team has or you can't get the bike shop the bicep was the original top 50 apples for Steve Steve Jobs I mean that's a pretty big name and that I had thought of it in my brain and he said I looked at it that remark was a bandit some like really so I look at the original guy that started the kite shop call Tyrell work with you have to sleep for the bike shop and he said oh yeah oh yeah I thought the first computers and I'm like I am this idea and I told him he could be three little guys that had a dream which was the to Steve and Paul
and he said this is Brilliance go ahead and use the name so he sent me all kinds of beautiful documents from way back when and Time magazine or they had a dream and we're going to create the bike shop all I need a rabbi Rabbi says will you got all the money in the world is just not in your hand yet so that you can donate if we all put something in me we can do this thing and Nicole this will be a life transformation and I expected to do so well that I want a prototype it throughout the US this is my dream well
absolutely and when people you know what I know that everybody's writing so diligently now and you're sitting down here saying okay you don't want a date for Madden freehub and you can you can send a text message on your phone to 5 5 6 7 8 but text is just by 5 6 7 8 and the message is simply Nicole and you can download a copy of today shows you can hear it over and over again exactly right down this information and everything with Lori she needs to tistics on emancipation this incredible Story how to get her book Punisher purpose so just by texting by 5 6 7 8 the message is Nicole you can get a copy on your iPad your phone on any mobile device for free and listen to the show over and over again because Lori this is just incredible and I know we only have a couple minutes left but I would love to touch also on the event
you have coming up I believe in Los Angeles for those that are able to attend I certainly want to open the door for that two people so that you click on Red Carpet Events you be able to buy a ticket right there so you next week on Saturday night we're going to have a spectacular list of people perform green and I will be telling my entire life story at that event and you'll get to meet the kids and you'll get to stand in what is the future fight shop you'll get to walk through the facility and see all of the rooms with the names on the doors of the people that cared I got to tell you Nicole when you go into this place and you feel the vibe and you need the kids that are just so happy to be there for anyone that saw us on Fox news last night we had a 30-minute special and some of the girls talked on that side meant it is just like changing I cannot fireman that walkthrough
it's like fat facts by what was happening there I would love for anyone that wants to get involved to please please please I always say he's foster kids have been forgotten about since 1989 tomorrow although we may feel inspired today tomorrow or regular life hits and we start driving kids to school and we do our regular and it falls into the background I'm just praying and hoping that we don't forget the foster kids today but if you think tomorrow your life going to hit so hard that you forget what happened today please write it down don't forget
and then can people contribute grants and scholarships and are there be on the financial that they can actually also contribute to be able to help these kids launched into the future in their life. Area you can offer those kind of scholarship you have a school like we just had a dental school offer scholarships culinary school offer scholarships I am the grant writer if there's any grant that you know of course seed money to build out the school please please please connect me with whoever that is literally not sleeping I wake up every night going how are you going to do this one brilliant man said he would donate fifty bucks for everybody who like our page on the teen project
or you go to the team at the teen project on Twitter and you follow us this man will pay $50 so if you don't have any money the very least you could do is follow us on Twitter at the teen project follow us on Facebook and not as the teen project as well and this man will pay you $50 if you can help me pay up to a hundred thousand to call so it's all of those people start doing that will pay us $100,000 a month to go towards the $900,000 for the school with the other 800,000
oh my God we need your help
and if we're coming to the close of the show the teen project the names you know how did you come up with the teen project because there's so many things you do with in that house and within the life
right and you know what I came up with the Keen project cuz I don't know what to call it and I had all these people following me like the Martin Luther King died from NBC on this wonderful man that was working this project and bigger and bigger and they start telling stories of my kids and it's been in the news not People magazine my father heard about what I was doing and tried to take his own life a couple of years ago and I got the phone call from the place that had him in touch today because the police had to take him down and when I got on the phone with my father and I had been writing you notes to my father to therapy for many years because I realized maybe nobody ever loved me like that are you so beautiful and I loved my father up I figured I would be the one t Gondii said be the change you want to see in your world and I was the change in my family and my father called me
call me the doctor called me and he had a man in custody try to kill himself and my father got on the phone with me he said how dare you how dare you forgive me after everything I've done for you can sue you I should say and I said dad do you realize it's because of every day of my life that I have the beautiful amazing life I love you so much every day of my life was perfect you need to forgive yourself and I found out my dad was a foster kid and on that day he was my oldest thought your kid and he is now one of my biggest followers and he is so everything we're doing my life is so remarkable and I agree you are an angel and for all that you have been through I am punished for purpose your book The teen project freehab all of these kids that you are opening the door and the future to your amazing remarkable
journey I just you really teach us what it's like to lead an unlimited visions and determination and unlimited giving and care and hope
thank you and hopefully we teach a lot of young girls the same thing and they are our future that's so the teen project and we look forward to having you back and even maybe having some of the girls back I would love to talk to share their story is it would be wonderful to be able to follow up because I really believe that this is something that we all should be part of this really getting these kids on to the other side of living the life of their dreams so thank you for being amazing event and for All of You Go-Go if he is lying if it's possible I mean see the space see the place need to turn it to ya anything everything anyting would help
well thank you for being with us and now we wish you all the best and thank you for what you are doing is so very very very special and you are like thank you Lord what a beautiful guest so go to the event November 15th Los Angeles the teen project free have donate give share help these kids foster a child give the grant gift to scholarship gift your love and like Lori gift hope
Nicole Brandon and Lori Burns wishing you on a limited
that was such an amazing show I am always inspired by you your bravery your courage Your Vision your sense of hope and your commitment to helping others into making the world a better place I think if we all do that if we all just stepped out of our cells and actually decided what can we do to help someone else or whatever knowledge whatever we have learned along the way be able to share it with others and help others past be smoother and lighter and brighter what a different world it would be so you were just such a shining example of light and love and I feel so grateful to know you and so grateful that our paths have crossed and so I thank you for an extraordinary shower and for incredible information I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world
and for all of you I wish you happiness joy strand carriage and light at the end of every tunnel you look forward to seeing you here on a limited life center other podcast dreamlife follow us on social media on Instagram on Facebook on YouTube we look forward to hearing your thoughts about these programs and they showing particular it is so moving and so powerful and such a gift so I wish you all incredible and an unlimited

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