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The Power of Synergy with Gabrielle Cardona

Guest, Harsha Dandamudi

Harsha Dandamudi is martial arts and fitness expert, mentor and coach based out of San Diego, California. Harsha is currently the chief instructor of the White Dragon Martial Arts school in Chula Vista running one of the most successful martial arts schools in Southern California since 2010, training as many as 400 hundred active students.

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Lauri Burns

Lauri Burns, Punished For Purpose

Description: Compelling true life story of abuse, hardship and inspiration. The tale of a woman who turned her tragic existence and painful past into a pathway and window for others to find the light

Tags: rape, abuse, homeless, runaway, teens, battered, abused, punished, hope, mentor, kindness, care, community reach, shelter, women's rights, metoo, self esteem, courage, bodyimage, bullied, outreach, help, DreamLife, Unlimited Life, Nicole Brandon 

Sudden I Impact with Lee

Guest, Jaron Banks, mentor, coach and consultant, and owner of Spiritual Athletics

Today we discuss how to reprogram our thinking, adjust our point of view, and generate a compelling future that’s bigger and brighter than we’ve ever dreamed possible.


When it comes to expanding what’s possible in our lives, the first and most important step in the right direction is changing our point of view. But, how do we actually do that?

Angel Answers with Amy Toy and guest Darleen "Mama" Miller, Author, Visionary, and Mentor

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters & Julie Peters

Interview with Robert McDowell


As a mentor to Non-Fictional, and self-Improvement book  authors Denise has developed a winning formula for bringing out the best in  people no matter your aspirations!