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Unlimited Life, June 2, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Anatasia Chopelas

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Anatasia Chopelas

Title: Anastasia Chopelas - Diamond Healing

Description: Science and energy collide for brilliant everlasting life change and positive results. 

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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

unlimited life welcome to the show this is so excited to be able to really stretch Beyond unlimited knowledge
around her arm is like a Euphoria Google inside the spirit until Justine and her energy field and then when this is somebody who has a very sophisticated healing technique that includes molecular herbal medicine after completing a master's degree graduate
learn how to take the science effortlessly I feel physical research institutions including UCLA was also contributed in numerous books with extreme conditions on the property into cellular physical level
and her conversation is soon after that realization she really began to dive into Target healing energy vibrating
Auntie able to do that that really significantly shifted to help health Anastasia see how it's healing energy from the smallest country
a practical guide for long-term today
thank you Nicole so much for having me in your body because your vibration is open between energy and healing and light and Core Essence
and it is so looks like you and I had the privilege of this morning to actually be able to really go through your website and what was interesting for me
it just depends who you are just the phraseology of what is it and how does information is being it wasn't like it was in that moment you actually understood that you could do this
someone asked me what's required to learn how to heal oneself or hard to learn this healing technique and I said well I love that you heal all so cute
when there's somebody will absorb that illness and so I'll work actually with both and I've had really good results
beginning with you okay so where is that the first and this isn't even an amazing resource and science background and how that became a gift of energy and movement and field of the great beyond
that story is also remarkable because I didn't know my dad brought us a map of the universe home and I looked at it and I go wow there other planets and I was so stunned by this whole concept that my my whole being targeted focus and targeted on learning science so even when I was really little people that ask me what what do you want to be when you grow up and I said of scientists and I had no Role Models no role models in all the movies and everybody were these men in white coats there were no women the women were the ones that serve the coffee and you know cater to the man so I was just like I knew that's what I wanted and I just took a beeline to it you know I took all the science I could to school when I got the college I was like a glutton I took all these Court
nothing was too hard I just kept taking as much as I could and I even jumped around I went from physics to geology to chemistry so I even have a background in many of the Sciences not just one and so that I always knew that super sensitive and all my friends and even my family would always call me too sensitive because I would focus in on people and I would feel what they were feeling and then I would start crying if it was something that you know what to get they were angry or anxious or something that would always call me like it's like super sensitive sensitive sensitive until I learn how to protect myself from people and you know realize what were my feelings and what were their feelings and then I also realized that I
so that's pretty much my story and I became you know I became a research scientist and a professor so I actually have about 50 Publications worldwide I'm in the work that I did which was studying vibrations of minerals that's at extreme conditions high pressure high temperature and sometimes and I developed a whole brand of network that was kind of Blazing trails in a new areas and I would I came up with several Concepts that have become now kind of basic concepts and I'm actually a well-known name there and if you Google my name you'll find you know dozens and dozens of pages on on these topics so that's where I decided two years ago to give that that path up to pursue this because I found how effective for me it was extremely rewarding to continue
and to actually make a bigger impact in people's lives and I could with the science
Fidelity in physical world
you know that I would jump off a cliff and go to the top of a black diamond
you know and so so I love I've never talked to anybody who had that same experience but you have that experience
I think maybe you have the same skill I do but you just don't even realize that yet maybe you haven't tried I absolutely you know think it's just remarkable that you're able to read people's energy was in a very bad car accident where a truck t-bones and while he was on a bicycle and the worst part of it he broke an arm and a leg and his brain was so scrambled that the doctor said he wouldn't he wouldn't live that he had no brain activity and so my my my parents and his parents are good friends so my mom called me up and said is there anything you can do
I went to the hospital with my parents and he was laying there hooked up to a lot of machines and they had them in an induced coma to to help because maybe there was some pants and so he was under this ice blanket just laying there still a as nothing and I all these bells were ringing on these monitors so I tapped into him found him floating above his body like he was going to escape and he he had his life down that road what happened on that something that I measure and so I cooked them back down into his body and he said well it's going to hurt us if you lived here or you have these issues to solve in this lifetime and if you don't tell them you'll have to do it again
so if I start working on his brain and on that day I did seven hours of rain healing but it's even in the first 20 minutes as I started working on him all the all the monitors dropped their values into the state Stone and all the Bell stopped ringing so I was really fascinated by that because I've never seen before and they have the evidence that his life was like to watch I like to have the number to Needles and things like that to watch the movie and and the doctors told his parents that he wasn't going to make it and I kept popping into am everyday I didn't have to be in the hospital once I connect once I connect with either by choice or by physical presence I don't need to be in the same
connecting to him everyday I kept boosting him a little bit because he kept falling back down in his life and I told my parents three weeks and one day later and he's back home now and he's functioning better than he ever has and is now has a really great relationship with his parents which never existed so very exciting feeling
and for people to know that it's possible and I was looking at some of your ass burgers and fibromyalgia how does someone work with you and all of that
where to find me a calm and that will take you you can either write me an email or call the number that's there which is 310-692-4036 and that will take me that will send me a text and I'll call you back immediately if I if I'm not on a phone call with another client and so the way I begin with somebody is that I first need to connect with them so I have to hear their voice if I've never met them or be in their physical presence and I can and I immediately start picking reading to see if we're in their body is the is the energetic relax we have we have a series of of energetic openings in our body that's usually corresponds to a collection of receptors and these receptors actually not only are like hormone receptor
from the outside and has a blockage a lot of times people experience knee pain and then I start going through the system's I start looking at whether your spirit is aligned in your body I realign it if it isn't I look to see where in the mental body brain injury when you were two years old will it it will stay with you your whole life unless you have somebody a reactivate those areas in a brain scans are really notoriously
where he shows you old injuries like swiss cheese instead of being full like it supposed to be quickly and then I move on to the physical body after the spiritual and the emotional because they will affect your kidneys and your liver and your anger in your heart your lungs so there are different
different styles of emotion and so I'll look for those days may have come from a past life if you believe in that I can't really say whether we have have them or not but what I will tell you is that that model work because whenever I clear a past life timeline on people are released from this thing and I checked for DNA and I checked her family DNA because I can also help rewrite the code on your DNA your DNA doesn't have just the information I color and hair-color you have but it also carries a lot of the the family information the tribal information the emotional information that your particular tribe or spiritual group and sometimes you outgrow it and it doesn't circular anymore so that's when I work to remove it and then and then I work on each specific part of the body that is
feeling and I bring it back up to it's cool people might not know that that's short and ask you a link and then tell the rest of the organ systems to rejuvenate
the times when people come to Pacific people on the grill right before your eyes are watching something open do you know
it's way better than anything I've ever experienced watching this happen the most the most striking an awesome thing that happened if I'd love to work with children singing autistic boy go from having absolutely no emotion on his face to watching his eyes flash with emotion in 20 20 minutes and I just love that and he never went back it just special needs people for at least a month because it's you can't reconnect all of the things that aren't connected to quickly it's too much of a shock so I do it in and I'm watching him go from from one word answers to speaking to me in paragraphs and him in his body
I miss Mom that is doctor was shocked at how much is internal health and improved a lot of times so that has also improved dramatically and so that was that was my incredible feeling
oh my goodness so beautiful and I know that when I am working with people all the time that when I'm looking at somebody's body energy I always think of it like a circuit breaker and you know when I'm trying to switch it back on physical body but I love that you started with your pickup for one Pathway to the others still Richmond so full and I can imagine the vibrancy
that were born there is actually a much higher incidence than there used to be of children that are just simply not connected when they're born it's like an accident and they were always meant to be that's what's so fantastic 35 but generally they were
Optometry and pre-engineering and just to watch them blossom
I absolutely love the big question of the day
so let's start with with your traditional energy healing but a lot of people are familiar with Reiki it's a very popular techniques there are a billion years ago and I thought it was is that I was attending a self-help group I was living in Germany at the time and in that group or these marvelous women one was learning shiatsu another one and I became the first the final exam for these two particular women and so I had to do a series of tests and treatments with each of them and started learning about these alternative healing and a Germany is really big in Homeopathy and alternative
so one of the women tells me I loved her as a as a really good friend I said Okay okay so we go to this evening and there is likely I could steal the aura or energy field and I could feel everything they were doing and I was the only one that could feel everything accurately and I'm see they're going
touching them that they were actually feeling it like I feel this intense so what you're doing is your channeling energy through your body into somebody else so it's from the outside you're not using your own personal energy with some Killers don't realize that they're doing and that's why they get depleted so you're supposed to how do you know where to put it so it knows where to go
really so I practice it but it was it was like using a wet noodle you know it would it would just do a little bit it took a little bit it feel good for a little while some people actually got really good at it and can do really all the marvelous things with it but I didn't find it that I did a lot of reading my bio did a lot of reading I did a lot of studying I read dozens of books on different healing modalities
remember all the authors that particular kind of in a couple of years ago I came up on a Healer who mentioned to me that she might ears perked up and I said oh I got to know about this so I learned it and that technique was simply also directing and she still wasn't powerful enough I couldn't I couldn't make sure that it would do what I wanted to do something with have trouble sleeping their pineal gland was not producing enough milk so I would heal that and then it be sleepy all day long so that I started thinking well if I applied a function to that and it's cycled in and out all day so I applied a regular
call the sine wave and then the other people so they would get the right vibrations in their body and block out the negative one and then I started applying that you know really well so I would start imagining I was putting together the molecules one by one because I'm totally natural and that another healer actually doesn't know how to do and that's the thing that I I am
in the process of putting together combined with directing energy where it needs to go so I can actually tell it what to do and it does it
that is fascinating and how do you come up with a triangle Diamond healing method
Diamond so so I have I actually have still one of the instruments when you put material between and the other thing is that while I was that grew to like 2 weeks or 3 weeks out of a 10 week course and then the other thing is that the study of diamond is also totally fascinating a mineral that we have is graphite which is pure carbon and we use it as lubricant lubricant and the hardest material in the Earth
is all these fascinating aspects the diamond that that to me just seemed like the Natural Choice to choose that particular term because diamonds has always been a part of my work so I decided I love it I love it when were the idea of the time I have a personal question I was talking about at the top of the show that I was in a car accident
a romance writer car that I was in and I actually thought I watch my dad
should I call the police and you know my
diagnosis pick up with the answer to the universe and within a year of my body being brought up and destroyed and so I was able to put my body back together again and now I can travel the world
is there still trauma is there still twisties them in the brain or in the energetic field that I may not even be aware of together again and do all of the things that I did before and even more
and I don't read people unless they give me express permission and there could be but I haven't I haven't looked I don't look into people until they tell me go ahead and look so we could explore that either now or later but that's just an example of how we are unlimited that our thoughts can can can transform you know our belief system can transform things credibly so I think I think that that's the reason why my work is successful to is that I completely believe understand and and think that what I'm doing is actually working and it does
and the people that don't eat or some people that block it because they're afraid of It kind of thing and I think that's that is the dark side that makes them think that but when I explained where I think it comes from a lot of people get about my being a scientist also helps because you know I see, clever what's happening and everything
because it's the studies I've done so when I see a rainbow it's still beautiful to me but I know exactly how it works and how it creates a dark strike between a secret
people think it's black magic it's just it's just beautiful down to its down to it whenever I read something it just gets incorporated into that holds up the picture bigger and bigger so I think that's my science my love of Science and study constantly and learn constantly science and 60 my parents were the health nuts down the block you know we ain't yogurt
Wonder Bread and I absolutely give you you no permission to look into me but I will love to do it's an overnight on the air because we actually have you know somebody that's waiting that would love you to look into something going on with them right now I'm very interested
you know so I would love you to be able to actually look at that butt
you're welcome to the show if she wants to ask and I would be interested in it I do have a question about a neighbor that had he had surgery I don't know about 8 years ago and they severed the spinal column and he is in tremendous I do write to you as well and I was sending them Reiki energy but he is very I wondered if I could pass this whether you know this would be something that would be a really positive
venue for him because he's had Reiki before it's not, because he's got all the scar tissue how I feel
really in Dire Straits
it's 7th and spinal column or Wednesday went into the spinal back and worked on the work around his cord and they developed it to develop Scar Tissue which is creating them at what's going on well they severed the spinal column when they did the surgery he had tingling in the fingers and they severed it he was paralyzed for a time I don't even know how long but he know he is in constant pain now
sounds like he's terribly painful to watch him let me just tell you my experience I might my mother had a very similar surgery she had a customer at the base of her brain and it got removed and they had to shave off the dimmer off of the spinal cord and he lost Sun sensitivity and her in her fingers and lost all sensation on the underside of her arm and what you had and what I've done with her is to call where you actually take the information we all come with an energetic blueprints
it's a lot of evidence that we have
is one of those evidence and it's all this promise and our belief that this move away from this is so what I do is make the body and in my mother's case for spinal nerves years old floor and we expect her to stand up is not able to stand up
operation on the other hand relief
I can relieve pain generally almost instantly with most people sometimes it doesn't work and I'll take a few days that somebody that I recently and it has been suffering from lower disc pain for years and it's all for it and within a day it was just so you know there are it is something that I don't know of any other techniques and the other thing that I can do is have a lot of cars and then recently I had somebody had a fistula in her spine which is a bundle of
James arteries in nerve in the normal procedure is to open this final fact that it out together and usually there's a long a very long recovery she was at my house today before his scheduled surgery and I did I just untangled it killed it and I told her later to please make sure that they read and your back is where they do the surgery and they find it so you know there are
so there so there are a lot of things that can be done I just have to work with him
okay well I'm going to pass the information along because I just feel this is something really awesome that will work
I don't really have any
major issues going on with me can you do a Afghan for me to the brain and then General General reading and writing
since I'm such a good friend in you thank you so much for calling on his behalf and I love the fact that you did that well
I just want to do whatever I can to help
truly good person you are so I'm learning and I'm just I'm still searching you know whether this is something that well
that can be taught or is that I could learn
what would I do
Gary's Pizza
I'm getting really good reading on you while I'm work on doing that and that's assessments you being a Healer yourself so
a couple of places and if you want me to talk about them I will on the on the
nothing dramatic going on
well I get my head
okay and how long how long would it take for a like is it would it be one session 2
and so it'll happen in 1 hour sessions and I still have power because it usually takes a month for the body to some people I work with for an hour I had an asthma at night as a client and within that hour I did it healing on her lungs and stopped using her inhaler again
it works like that but in general in general I find that it takes a full month to do that and and the ones that I didn't do that for it with the short version is what you've always done you'll get what you've always thought
misalignment of your spirit in your body
I'll just pull it down right away
are you still there.
so I just I just pulled it down it's now it's not realize back in your body and that'll that'll help I don't help it rebalance is people when I do that they feel lighter immediately because you know I know my heart is
I've been told I need to cry a lot and it's not always that simple yeah there was It was kind of low
inspection around your heart up for the sadness and all that would require it's raining it's raining the sadness out of those areas and that's what I do is I I drain it stays away a lot of people I had a woman the first time she came and I had to have a box and it laughing the pain has left the body now she's like looking forward for Life instead of feeling like it wants to end so you know it's just
your body and what happens when your body is that whenever anything comes both like somebody will make a comment and it just order even resembles it even though they didn't mean it that way
that's true that is very true I am being empathic topic we want to be actually observational you have court that you would think it'll be on November 23rd here in the Los Angeles area and it's at work cell I will take it on the road and do it in the major cities tonight A Lot in the three months and 3 months that I am going to start keeping it in January
of course some of it will have to be in prison and other parts will be either online or or a over call video calls work
material is expensive
where to learn that I have to learn
the actual mechanics of doing it it's
what's under there you go so now you have help for your friend which you know is just remarkable and and I'm so glad that you're safe and that you were able to Center and I myself am going to be able to do we have to be in person for the healing then and no I I work with people all over the country I worked with I have a client from New York and we just got on the phone and she's a regular client is what happened
the teaching part of it you're talking about what have to be in person
you have activated in there is an activation process
activation process between between the Divine energy that help you and out and really helped accelerate the process of raising your own a level of vibration be above a certain level and and directed its November 23rd introduction that's the place where it's I'm calling it and it is going to help clear blocked so well-loved help
actually the blocks are similar for all states
so when you see people that you think are lucky because they have everything that's because they have they have asked during their blocks or they didn't have any
the wealthy and they have 11 people to be there in a glad that you called in and I am really excited also front of signal work with your friend because I know our work is just so remarkable, and then we have some really remarkable story everybody is really looking forward to
I agree welcome to the show
I was wondering my first question is if you could possibly
such a beautiful voice.
Tonight's and smiling
working her magic
remarkable gifts
where you calling from
beautiful and I actually hear it in your voice to I read I read Voices so I can hear I can hear a lot of what's going on emotionally and you and you have stored sadness in parts of your body especially around your heart and lung area and and the Bears also in your emotional emotional part of your brain in your your primitive brain are are low functioning that usually isn't, that's usually something that you inherited a family issue or inherited in a lifetime or a from a relative direct relative it's it's come through somewhere and when those are functioning actually low
sadness you probably has nothing to do with and that's something that can be drained out of your body and that's probably what's causing causing your other health issues and you also your spirit is very misaligned with your body so I'm going to realign it
and that usually help for you for you most definitely for Sondra she is doing quite well but in your case your readings were fairly low in some places and the the place that I see is that their system ocean stored in where you don't really need to have them anymore and a lot of people have something I had it too I was born with that and I had a big fat wall around my heart and I couldn't see me and I took it completely down so the way Nicole describe me with was actually at the light because I'm glad that people can actually see me now
realigned it and and so little piece of a feeling that I do at the end is I tell yourself that everything that I'm doing now are programming an old program and it was like a mistake and they don't need that mistake anymore so what I just did was realign you back in your body and it really help your mental and physical body
some people feel lighter people don't feel anything but after a few days they'll notice the difference
now you can breed dealing with these issues for many years right
how is dinosaur
20 just got carried in your body and and sometimes we come with these are born we have these paths that we decide to to take on and then when you call somebody likes me that usually means that you're done with it and you're ready to move on to your next days
a lot of times that we do and it's hardly seems fair and then clearing those emotions will actually bring your body because
working with you could I possibly have a chance for my Inner Essence and my paralysis to start clearing away some really amazing things
and it surprises me every day it's like every day I get to watch a miracle happened and
completely I'm completely devoted to helping people get get out of their situations like yours
I believe that I can help you
I need it
can help me if you can help me about
that you called today and just like Anastasia was saying the fact that you call means you're ready and you're ready for that story to be over and for the new story of the hell and you know your Divine Life to begin honor yourself and admit that they want out
we will make sure that you have all the information is absolutely lovely.
You can do this for people and it's just until I saw on the website that you had your records that you have ulcerative
we are taking classes with you or somebody to take for the body to blueprint or to reprint it sold patterning and it's old behaviors and it's quite possible you can help center live so they have that new picture how to do this, do that as well
just listening to I have a a free meditation on my website at Diamond it's 11 minutes I made it a lot of people like to get their head wrapped around whatever a meditation when they're following they want to imagine anybody doing that the thing that people don't realize is that when you listen to a commands like if I tell somebody pull yourself into 18 inch around your body that as soon as I say that a lot of the energy field in our normal energy field is out about our arm span and pulling yourself into 18 inches just going through and Tighter it's a good habit to do that when you're in a crowd
are the following I said well don't Don't Force It just listen and I'm within three days of after a healing session within 3 days of listening to it a woman who was extremely distressed and had lined up a therapist had a day before she went to bed and that's one of the things that people can do is that what it does is it helps us that the adrenals are still over worked a lot of people are suffering in the medical community says there's nothing that can be down there if it's gone
actually that's a little 11 minute meditation well and and a healing will bring them back to full function and so grab it for themselves and listen and so that's one of the things that can be done another thing is what messages are you telling your body if your smoke drinking too much taking recreational drugs not exercising eating eating fast food all the time or junk food all the time you're telling everybody I don't want to live so one of the things that we can do energetically for a body is to take care of it and it doesn't have to be drastic your habits can change slowly over time but every positive step you take no matter how small even if it is to just take an extra drink of water or to walk one time around the block for 5 minutes
I value you I want you to be healthy so energetically it's what you tell your body is how you behave it's not what you say it's what you do so that's another thing they're all these techniques that are simple and one of the event is well I'm actually clearing the blocks if everybody I can work with large groups of people I can handle so much energy I can when somebody needs it I'll get it especially if they're open to it and I was my daughter called one time and my mom my dad and my sister were in the car with me and my daughter calls on my back really
so I started I started feeling or back and all three of my passengers and I am feeling so great they like it and then they just sit there and they absorb my healing energy and make a home for a month and they're happy they just I don't know what you do we don't have a lot of time but I know that you've been on hold for a while
do you have a Christian trying to station year I've been trying to do more exercise because I was
unable to do anything but the more I do
Send The Pain the pain stays with you or you know it's been very difficult to even sleep
I'm reading that there is also a chemical imbalance that's causing the problem it's not just something physical and and it's almost like it reads to me almost like an information that's going on in there and so the more and that seemed to have shifted from the car accident and I think that your body is still in some sort of talk and it's chemically imbalanced and it without doing any further reading so I can't really say but I don't see that is I think you're physically healed well enough it's just that there's something else going on whether it's emotional that it's causing irritation or its chemical
it would make sense
well I'm not sure that she's gone
what's happened what's happened is that that the energy
shut down and they just need to be reactivated I love that you can interpret some of that Margarita wants to be reactivated or you know Sandra who wants to learn her certainly for Brianna wants to be able to have her health back in her body and Wellness
Diamond there is a link you can go to contact and write me a message or you can call the number that's on the pace which is 310-692-4036 and that text directly to my phone and if I'm not on another call I'll call you right away and if I am I'll call you at the end of my car cuz I usually work with people for an hour or two at a time on the phone and so you know I have Lowe's in my day sometimes and I'll get back to you always it will always be a response
that's wonderful and true for Marguerite she would be able to recalibrate everything right
what happens what happens a lot of times than in a trauma like that is that important energy portals will be shut down in the body is not good anymore so when you try to exercise then Send The Pain starts to happen because it's not being fed properly and I my son my son had fibromyalgia and so all I did was open up all of his energy portals and cleared out his liver are in our society livers are very toxic and so one of those other things that I do is clear the liver and re-energize it and after I get that it's a fibromyalgia went completely away and he's been off a medication for 15 months
he was in really bad shape I got tested for everything from head to toe and now he's completely out of it now he has the daughter he owns the house and look most along every week and doesn't have any problems whatsoever so I'm I'm so grateful I was able to do that for him
yes it does very much thank you so much I love you
thank you so much for joining us today
thank you
your work is so beautiful really is I feel so grateful and there's certain times and you just know that not only are they a remarkable but they are Crossroads you know very much like what was that in The Wizard of Oz to the correct path
you are one of those people to think you're at the crossroads for people's world and by pointing in the right direction can be in alignment and being flow and the backstory to I the reason why I started going through these different healers is that I was in a lot of pain I Had a Hammer I had very high blood pressure do my joints were inflamed I was quite ill you would not recognize me how I looked a few years ago I look much older much plumper much you know and not and not I was not a half
and this was despite doing all the right things for taking care of my house and so I want I had to walk my own path and the thing that I discovered and I get to experience this every day is that as soon as the remove all of those low low energy emotions and issues and you know we have these also belief systems that is tribal beliefs but we have them because if we remove all those what's left is actually almost euphoric every morning and I do my morning clearing a while I'm outside I walk and I clear my whole body tingle every day and then when I'm in this state is when I actually started feeling so I start
some days off in a row and seek with a low don't you get tired because I'm in this constant state of of the story I think that all of us we are the we are these joyful being we had this tremendous potential and the more we get into that joyful State the higher our energy is and the more we'll be able to accomplish and people think it's not boring know it's not boring at all every day I get to experience Miracles but I know the other side I know the darkness and I think that I think that a lot of us to take those Darkness lessons and wait around and every day that's what's going on and we do it all have the Divine Light inside of us and that's why it all it requires that the body to be able to do this because that's all we need
we are all Divine creatures he said that we heal every human being I still love that this show is to have an unlimited life and certainly I surprise you every second of every minute of every day or being able to break through walls and this really is the door with window to the energy
go to make love has taken all of you and all of your knowledge they love when you talk about that you're just a little kid in it right away or you still love to learn each and every piece of the puzzle that you put together the but not only is it an epiphany and a half for yourself but that you take that information and let you share it with others with the world
so grateful for you I mean really really really grateful for people to find you and there's no reason to be in pain and there's no reason to be locked up or to be imprisoned by your own bodies are online that actually imprisons people even more than their physical pain as their emotional pain that's that's also a necessary evil sometimes when I hear what it is that drags him down and how how they also let all the other people around scratching down
no need to gain perspective on that and because I've also lived through I've had a very challenging really understand what why that needs to be done for the relationship abuse when I got into the situation I had to learn how to learn how to take my own power back so I help people with that to the sadness out of the Oregon you are against about the walls around the heart
did the tissue box that you know that you can take that emotional
emotional you know that somebody feels an upheaval in their own Consciousness and you can get away and alleviate that therapy is done and all I found it is it just kept ripping up the old stuff over and over and I couldn't move on and it didn't really solve anything for me anyways some people it does solve it
marvelous counselors out there but sometimes and the beautiful person you are you really are and I'm so grateful and so honored and so blessed and we love you yes you have to come back and tell people that you were able to take a nap thank you so much for being with us
we look forward to having you back again
so awesome I would love to thank you so much for has been a real pleasure and what a gift of light and energy and healing and and I wish you all a wonderful wonderful week next week don't forget we are talking about relationships wishing you all

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