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Unlimited Life, January 26, 2022

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Jesse Elder

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Jesse Elder

Topic: Jesse Elder - The Knowledge Architect

Description: Jesse Elder Dubbed "The Knowledge Architect" for the abundance amplifying results that his 6 figure / month clients experience, Jesse Elder is the guy that established entrepreneurs call when they want more.

As a premier destination for abundance minded entrepreneurs, Sovereign Planet provides a series of unique processes that show leading edge entrepreneurs and their teams how to gain maximum freedom and capability to command their markets. Starting with a breakthrough concept called The Four Step Freedom Creator, entrepreneurs gain clarity, confidence and capability about their best value creation opportunities in a business landscape that is becoming exponentially complex. The result is increased energy, consistently communicated vision, and a heightened awareness of their ability to create and grow value for their networks indefinitely.

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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

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Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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text Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited life it is such a wonderful time to be here I am at the Ashland Expo today down in downtown Los Angeles at the convention center it's the very first of its kind of consciousness of Entrepreneurship of business growth and really a new model and a new way of living and existing and thriving and surviving launching your business to the very next level on it's just extraordinary this year on stage today Jesse Elder will be with us next week we're pushing him one in two weeks with all week. Looking shell and the information has blown audiences away and I know that the very first time I watched him
I was on the edge of my seat and my life was forever changed his concerts his ideas way of doing business is so fresh and so unique it's so new and he is transformed businesses throughout the world so today for your pleasure and enjoyment you're going to hear an encore performance of one of our favorite guest of all times dr. Paul scheele talking about your Bloody Mary photoreading if you've ever done this and be able to read a book in an instant and how your mind is actually conscious of catching a football field formation what are you actually looking at today and how much more can you be in putting and how much more can you be living in this extraordinary magical unlimited life she leaves photoreading genius mind extraordinaire as we look forward to seeing you back here next week on unlimited life with Jesse other
hi it's Nicole Brandon with unlimited life and Welcome to our show I am so excited about Today Show and today's guest only created the show and we talked about what would it be like to live in unlimited life what are the tools what are the techniques what would be needed to be necessary if we really could every minute of every second of every day live the kind of like you've always dreamt of living and breakthrough paradigms cross borders cause blind and really have not only the life that we've always dreamt of a living but a life that I was just unbelievably what we understand being able to be here in human form have the kind of life that we have the freedom that we have the choice to be at the happiness we have the preem palver that we have the physical endurance and strength and all of these tools and techniques and so each week for months now we've been bringing you gas and each one
extraordinary than the next each one more versed with their wisdom with their knowledge and specialized in each field in which you refer. You this incredible medicine and Science in health care and today's guest really is the epitome of a limited life what he teaches and the way he teaches and if so multifaceted it is so freeing it is so extraordinary that really if I were to have we talked about having an encyclopedia the way that we used to have you look something up and it would be the picture and the description if you really had to have a description and a picture of what it would be like to lead in a limited life you would find pulse yearly in his work a truly is that the technical I've been trying to bring to you for so very long so I'm so thrilled and so excited that he is with us today so dr. Paul shealey is the
CEO of Sheely learning systems and we will talk about what does learning systems are his influence A diversity of organizations to his work and problem-solving creativity Communications accelerated learning and we'll find out exactly what accelerated learning is and of course leadership development as a CEO of two organizations and as a consultant many other organizations he actively applies his expertise to advance progress and to overcome challenges Paul speaks he facilitated team enters and he consults with for-profit and nonprofit organizations and I love this because it says he believes that there are uncapped brilliant resources within every organization and every individual I love that I want to repeat that he believes that their untappd brilliant resources within every organization and every
I think his work has led to the Cheeseman of just extraordinary results around the world his passion and sharing how to activate the rich resources within the mind and connect with the physical the emotional, spiritual influences he has transformed the programs and we will talk about so many of those programs today and how they apply to you and to your individual life he's been able to obtain an import Rupal bottom-line results with high Returns on investments and it's amazing I've had the ships and the opportunity to sleep also many times speak and I can honestly say I only started on I've been to a dance around the world he's my very favorite speaker and he is my very favorite people ask me why because people ask me all the time who is your favorite and I always say about Shelly and it's not just the knowledge and wisdom because his knowledge
it's just a scouting you sit there and your chin hits the floor because it's it's so incredibly wise and it's so incredibly straightforward and so incredibly true and possible but his sense of humor and the way that he shared the information just makes it so accessible and I love I've taken the photo reading course myself I know it's changed my own life how I read how I retain information and so we can spend I can go on the entire show and just talk about his biography and his background is history but I really want to bring him home but I will tell you that he earned a PhD on the leadership and change widget
I absolutely love that he works for leadership and change because he really does know how to break this Paradigm and he is a master's degree in learning and human development Technologies he has a master's of Science degree in biology and his really rich background includes study Xander and Lucas to programming accelerated learning and preconscious processing and he's really known worldwide for his discoveries in this transformative learning expertise and he is a partner in learning strategies Corporation and he's a publisher of many human development programs so I can't wait to bring him on so please it is my joy it is my honor is my privilege to bring onto a chili Paul welcome to do you know I want a recording of that I want to wake up to that every single day
every line I would say one thing is more amazing than the next and truly as I was in a sharing in the beginning of the show people ask me all the time when I figured speaker is and it was out of breath or second thought I always say to you I mean truly you are the most enchanting the most entertaining and wisest person I know so it's just to have all of that wrapped up together so tell us a little bit about what is accelerated learning why don't we start there
I think I need to go just a little bit further back because when I was growing up as a child I discovered something about public education that that the sink I was privileged to see early on to see my father became a consultant for the American International Development consultancy to the Israeli government 1960s 1962 soul and a ID consultancy that the government sent over and so I had the opportunity to live in Israel for 9 months and I went to an American school there
and is very connected with the outdoors nature and classes were held in little rooms but a lot of the time we spent Outdoors it was outdoor and it was experiential and I was in second grade and it was spectacular loved it and about two months before the end of the school year we moved back to New York where we where I had and we had our home and I finished out the last couple of months in the New York City schools at their Public Schools
and oh my gosh what a difference you know sit down and be quiet you don't know noise that I was out in the hallway bringing something to the office for my teacher and I was giggling and laughing and running down the hall I got pulled in the principal's office I got the riot act read to me you know it was amazing and I thought what a different Universe there's got to be people have to understand that there's a better way to learn so I struggled in public schools and eventually I came to realize that a lot of the challenges I was having in school or because of
hallucinations I was having about then I wasn't good enough you know I was imagining every time somebody didn't know what was going on
there's something wrong with them and if I didn't if I was confused ever that was not a good thing I never made the connection that not knowing is the precursor to learning that you know you need curiosity you need to not know you need to be motivated to try to figure out things in order to have your brain really wake up so by the time I got through with college I started looking into how do we change the system had we learn more effectively and I had the opportunity to study the work they came to America from giorgi lozanoff was a Bulgarian researcher and psychiatrist who develop something called super learning was written about in a book called Super learning and he had the suggest a pedia Institute in Sofia Bulgaria and these are a set of principles that would let people learn languages at thousands of time
faster than most people would with traditional language learning I mean in a single session you could learn a thousand words compared to in a 15 or 20 in the traditional language class makes a Melody so when his worker came to the US in the early 70s there was a man named Peter Klein that became a colleague of mine he was the first one of the first suggest the pedia instructors and became one of the key voices in this burgeoning field that came through Ames Iowa dr. Donald Schusterman and Peter Klein Donald and others were bringing this concept of accelerated
suggestive accelerated learning and teaching into the United States so I was I would say in the second generation of people trained in these methods and I began applying this in business for human resource training & development and public seminars and public schools were starting to hire us to bring in these principles and so and so's it was a remarkable thing so think of it this way
when you were a child how did you learn your language
mean you didn't sit in rows looking at a black Court nobody tells you be quiet sit still I mean you were engaged fully your it's as if you watching baby learning about their worlds are things going in their mouth I neither totaling days are curious I love it and if you mapped the acquisition of Knowledge and Skills prior to going into school I mean it's just accelerating upward it's amazing you get to school and plateaus and starts dropping off catastrophically because we're strapped for board shut down were told to obey and to comply and you know we're just everything about our brains just goes numb at that point and most of this figure out by the 1st or 2nd grade oh my gosh it's not going to get any better than this
so what are the accelerated learning what accelerated learning did is that said okay hang on
when you learned anything That'll Walk how to talk anything you were fully engaged first thing that happened is you got some kind of clue about what it was that you were going for that's called the decoding stage where you're trying to get a handle on what it is it's coming at you the second is full immersion it's what your gielas on-off referred to as the concert it's where your non-conscious resources what he called the para conscious just gets it all and you had me so there's no rational sequential anything it's just you're fully immersed you're absolutely in it and then the third stage is what was called activate that's where you start 2-0 win on what it is that you're trying to get in so you become active with it active questioning purposeful Focus
finally at the end you go to this kind of focused attention to imagine
and the top side of the funnel is facing the world when we come into it you know a heart we're just taking it all in so it's all going in and then eventually eventually we focus down into maybe a specific like what's the difference between a b and a D in I'm not really seeing it it's a stick with a ball but the bog faces this way with a B in a now it was a d okay so that's a very narrow focus of attention right
what happens when you go to school the final gets turned Wrong Side Up and soon as a teacher's got your attention so I'm going to put something on this board and you better learn it we don't even know what that means you're right you better learn it it's cuz you're going to be tested on this and if you don't do well on the test all we know is that terribly bad things are going to happen that are unnamed at this point if we just we just going to stress response at that point so so you get out what we're doing is turning that funnel right side up again that's what accelerated learning is it allows us to use This Magnificent information processor that we were born with but that got shut down by traditional methods of Education
that's incredible so how do you when you turn that funnel upside down so now all of a sudden you're able to learn the way that you learned when you were a baby of Leyden it to your life you're my everything around you and it and it what is it ever too late to turn the phone all around liver too late and suck them you know Jenny Lynn the Spring Forest Qigong Master he just did his Retreat here in Minneapolis and there is a man in there 92 years old
and the fully engaged spot-on and his kind of hunched over but I'm telling you he was excited as energy was moving he was doing all the exercises in when he left Hawaii to come here to Minnesota in October right to have this experience is family said in a plane will you can't even flight what are you doing going all the way over there 92 years old you should be slowing down no way
so I think the oldest photo reader was a medical doctor from Buena Sade's who who took the program at 93 hit no song no it's never too late to learn to use the greater resources of your mind
so you have his background with your father and then it's one thing to step into it but you have developed the whole system in a world of teaching this all over the world and your programs and books and tapes and so talk about that ever had the experience of anybody being able to teach the way that you teach and share information you make it so much fun and you make it so much joyful and so exhilarating to learn that it is I mean it's it's the best it's like going to a birthday party in a celebration of your life just to learn what's inside of you
yeah but you notice to get that that question like how did this all kind of emergent want to go to the sort of a fundamental principle which is there is an absolute complete magnificent within every human being and if you believe anything less than that about yourself it's an error it was a mistake and it's in a mistaken assumption that was conditioned into you by a culture that's a tempting to get you to comply and Obey does the traditional educational classroom what happens every 50 minutes the Bell Rings while I think about why is that would happen and if you're in the middle of a dialogue like we are right now Nicole and we would say we're busy we were into something really cool
we get punished I mean they would take Jesse to get to your next class right now right to support this come from this came from the Russian military model of Education back in the mid-1800s so you know the Prussian military Napoleon after having been defeated by Napoleon eight years earlier they came back and they want them that happened Russian military became the biggest thing on the planet well the the way it happened they turned an agrarian culture into the world's most powerful fighting machine and the industrialist of the US said you know we kind of grind culture and we need people to work in our factories
let's adopt that and so we literally adopted a system which was designed to marginalize to exclude to categorize to determine who's going to be the Infantry and who's going to be the mean of the commanding officer or who's going to be the managers and supervisors and who's going to be the workers on the factory line right so it's all about in a Sit straight pay attention. Obedian does comply whenever we barbecue and order whatever it might be so and mansions that is Buckminster Fuller said that everyone is born a genius everyone is born a genius
but by the time we reach your 5th grade out of ten thousand kids born in the world 9999 of them will have been systematically di genius by well-intentioned and well-meaning adults who prevent us from exploring our natural world in favor of the sit-down be quiet and pay attention
and if you
yeah it's it's stunning when you realize how much neural potential we have any you know photoreading right this is a process of blasting through written materials out of pages back and I mean it still standing but the reason this works is because we have the neural capacity to do this for example the human eye in the brain
will process 10 million bits of information per second but at a conscious level we only receive 40 bits of that will think about this 40 bits out of 10 million get to to us at a conscious level that means our conscious mind isn't the part of us that really does this work okay so with all that as a backdrop Nicole let me tell you how I fell into this line of work and where the development of all the courses have come from that we've published and sell around the world and 185 countries so this this while I was at the University of Minnesota and as a student in biological sciences through the series of invitations I got an invite to take a course on how to hypnotize
there's a local hypnotist to my mother knew quite well and she had to train a couple of psychologists from Michigan and needed to fill out her class or my mom called me up on a Thursday and said hey hun what are you doing this weekend do you want to be good looking to save the environment through biological sciences in ecology and behavioral biology and here I am getting an invitation to happiness as well it was really a profound experience and the woman who trained me and took me under her wing and said Paul you'd be great at this work at my clinic help me out she was dying of an inoperable liver cancer she was told she had just three months to live and I met 5 years after that diagnosis
in the two and a half years that she's stayed around on the planet I took over the oldest established businesses practice in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and here it was that you just said the junior in college and my teacher says Paul we've got an invitation they want a demonstration of hypnosis for a youth group at a synagogue here and I said no way I didn't notice public speaker I can't do it because I can't tell you what to do they're going to pay $150 for a 45-minute presentation I said tell me what I need to do I was used to making a dollar 65 an hour you know the sounded really cool so I had 10 kids out of the 40 on stage I was demonstrating hypnosis hypnosis to them and I had one kid he was really tall is like 6-3
towered over me I said your foots glued to the floor you can try to move it but you can't screw the floor he could not move his foot when he literally unlace issue pulled his foot out of the shoe because his foot was glued to the floor right and then I said you could try to tell me your name but you can't try he could not under his name in the cold the weirdest thing was I didn't think wow this really works and man are like powerful what I thought that it's immediate thought that came to me is
oh man this is what we're doing to ourselves every single day we take perfectly reasonable resources and we throw them away with the suggestion I can't
it's when you listen to people talk it I can't do our time I can't sing I can't do math I'm terrible. I'm a horrible ride or I can't spell I can never remember people's names I will guarantee you 100% of the time this is an ongoing hypnotic trance that they are maintaining through self hypnosis
to imagine here I am to call 19 years old and I'm realizing I'm not supposed to hypnotize people and put them in the trance I'm supposed to awaken them to who they really are winking them from the trance that they've accepted about themselves uncritically
and as a result have systematically di genius themselves to fit in
so that became the basis of My Lens imagine that's 19 years old I got this lens and looking at the world unseen Geniuses walking around convincing themselves that they're idiots
and I thought this is my life's work there's just no question and eventually I started learning strategies Corporation not because I felt I was the most brilliant learn or in the world I believed I was the most wounded Learner in the world
because I had this inside I was able to take myself out of those transfers and really reclaim a lot of the Brilliance that had been waiting to come out into the world for me
it's out you know what I listen to you say that it's so extraordinary the entire Journey the entire process and the epiphany of the genius with and and I'm so moved in touch that what you said when you you know how this man stuck to the floor that you didn't think I'm so powerful that that you thought this is what we're doing to others and education and such a testament to your heart into the way you keeps and your desire to help people all over the world and I just think you truly adore he was picking on the chat line and they wanted to know if there is a program for autistic
people that would help and there's somebody else last as far as if you artistic or if you had any brain damage is there a way to rekindle those cells or be able to have the brain tracking a different way so that's great thank you for the questions are both beautiful and while I will say that I'm not that kind of a doctor I do I have no does some amazing things happening so I want to share something to me is very exciting and it's really a matter of researchers taking this on and doing something with it so it it's it's going to be a story to explain why I believe that our approaches to learning really can help autistic population and we are seeing a huge rise
in autism worldwide in another some debate about why this is happening but rather than getting into that even though there is some amazing inside around out in hypotheses around that I'll just say this amazing story I was working with dr. Jerry well I could Saint Cloud State University is a professor of special education so a lot of his students learn to work with kids with special needs including the autistic population and there was a summer session and Jerry asked me to come in and teach one of his sessions and share photo reading with him now Nicola you know that when you take a book and read it one of the ways in which we play with it we turn the book upside down so that your conscious mind doesn't get involved it just says oh well you know this isn't going to do anything
and then you flip the pages while you're staring through the center of the book and what this does is it allows your brain with 10 million bits of information per second processing each of the written Pages literally in a Flash
right so I was showing this to this group to spend a half day with them and and a bad a year later I got a call from one of those psychologists that was in doctor wellex class he said she said to me Paul Gerry told me I had to call you and tell you about this cuz he knew you would appreciate this as a psychologist she work with one child who has a high-functioning autistic child all through his path through school and eat at this time was in the fifth grade
and his mother was the distress of is her child one day and he said Mom I don't understand fractions in math I don't understand it and so she said well don't worry hun I'll go to school and I'll pick up some books on fractions and you can look at then we can work on them together
so she brings three books back and sets it in front of them and listen to what this child did
it's the first book upside down and flip the pages from the back cover to the front cover Flip Flip Flip Flip Flip set it aside took the next when did the same thing third book exact same thing all three books he literally photo read them upside down and backwards took the three books handed it to his mother handed the pile and said thanks Mom now and now I understand
is that kid went to the top of his class in math now let's take a look at this when she told me this I can oh my gosh it's like I got to run to my file cabinet a quick open my file hit my run through I found the piece of paper I was looking for years before dr. Norman dicks and wrote a book on preconscious processing it pulled it out cuz I use this in the development of the photo reading class there was
there was two columns on the left column is this very rational type of thinking on the other column it's the sort of very diffuse type of thinking that's associated with the preconscious mind doing the processing Force instead of a rational reflective lines there's a preconscious process or the does most of the heavy lifting and then it's the part of us that delivers the 40 bits and never talked about the 40% of 10 million so it's this part of us that then puts into her conscious mind what it is we think we need to be knowing about what we're looking at so out of all this feeling's a day to coming in and we can focus in on the pattern that's most important cuz our inner mind essentially is doing the heavy lifting
is there it was on this chart there it was he he called it artistic thinking literally what I was teaching people to do in photoreading is enter in artistic kind of thinking with respect to blasting through written materials at these enormous right now as you know the photo readings start up as part of this whole mine system it's the third step out of five and then after that we activate right we bring it into our conscious awareness but while we're flipping through it and just blasting through I was training people to do with this child did naturally so why this is a question
why did that's an autistic child know to do that
why did he know if I need to learn something that I don't understand that I should allow my inner mind to process it
you see my belief is that that's the normal way of learning and what we've done with our school systems as we screwed it up
we start people on on this highly focused narrow bandwidth conscious mind can only process seven bits of information at a time it gets only 40 bits out of 10 million that are being processed every second you know why why is it that we've gotten this thing so screwed up and why was he showing us that this is more natural and more normal to me this is very exciting to call nobody's ever really done the research on it aren't familiar with photoreading you're talking about the five steps and foot were using the word photo reading can you just share briefly what photo reading is and how it works
it originated when a client company IDs American Express call this app and their information systems data processing group for so inundated with written material they could not keep up there they wanted a course to slay the paper dragon as they call it and
and they were familiar they were already using accelerated learning because they've been working with my teacher Peter Klein and so when they call they said can you do speed reading course based on accelerated learning why was in my Master's Degree at st. Thomas University here in st. Paul Minnesota
and curriculum design human development technology in adult learning wrong
part of my degree so I thought perfect that's a project I'm too bad that I designed the course and gave it to these managers and it was so successful that we decided to launch it for the general public and that's what I meant Pete Bissonnet the business partner that runs learning strategies now and it's it's gone all over the world it published eighteen languages and we've sold a million copies of the book and you know it's it's a remarkable thing we've trained Trainor's all of the world that idea behind it is very simple
if you can think about this accelerated learning model as decode concert activate decoding is getting yourself ready and and seeing the book in front of you in deciding yes I want to do this since photoreading is this concert where it's you just as full immersion you're getting the whole printed landscape all at once literally a 400-page novel you can do in a matter of 4 to 6 minutes okay textbooks you know just in minutes that I booked it would take you 10 hours to read it so to read it in 3 to 4 minutes and then
the final step is you activate it so activation now is engaging with the book and engaging with your brain to get your reading done in the time you have available at the level of comprehension you need
so that's the purpose of it get your reading done in the time you have available at the level of comprehension you need so what we do is we start you at a page of s we don't speed you up to that we literally start you food reading a page of s in a book and what this does is it turns on the preconscious processor
which you have always had and it also engages this vast non-conscious resource I want explain an unconscious if I could you know yeah what is a hypnotist you think ol subconscious control right and I'll forget about all your Illusions about that I don't do hypnosis anymore it's to me that's old technology that's if you could look at your feet on the floor and see how much space your feet are covering right now. And maybe 12 in across right
so imagine that the entire database of your conscious mind everything you have consciously worked to learn
is under your feet right there imagine that the entire database of your conscious mind now and Madge and that that little circle
is in the center of a circle 11 miles across
it's 10 billion to one or your conscious mind contains that's a database of yourn unconscious mind or what doctor lives on off and Bulgaria called the Paris conscious so forget about whatever you know about the subconscious or unconscious and think about it this is the more than conscious this is the genius resource that you have within you and nobody ever showed it to you in the school nobody taught to it nobody spoke to nobody showed you how to speak to it and as a result of that we live in far less of the resource than is actually available to escena Einstein is repeatedly repeatedly said we only use about 10% of our brains capacity
and so I spent my entire professional life showing people how to use the other 90%
and food reading is one example I mean if you could photo read I mean literally so you food read a book in 3 minutes he activated in 20 and you can go take a college-level test on it I mean it's a sounding Nicole but this is what's possible entire language
that abused unbelievable who goes into states of yoga meditation and he's learned 12 languages fluently
with his eyes closed in meditation so the question you got is it you got to beg the question okay why are we making it so tough in school why don't we use more of the resources that are really here for us and we can that's the neat thing
I love them so we're back to the child while I haven't solved the problem of autism what I do believe is that if a child would learn the photo reading technique and we have home study courses when she can do that
they would realize that this is a more natural way to study and learn kids with attention deficit disorder we don't have a limitation on attention we just have an inability in a traditional classroom setting setting to engage the full attentional ability of the child is sitting in front of us and so how do we really access the full nurul potential of the human brain no autism it seems to be related to the brain not pruning back these massive amounts of neurons that are in the spray from the midbrain to the 4.4 brand you know there's just we're born with way more neurology than we end up actually using and what it does is a princess back
a disused but there seems to be the secretagogue that keep these neural Pathways in plays and kids with autism and so that he knows their ability to blend with normal social behavior is this doesn't seem to be there but talk about off the charts brilliant and in many cases you know that looks called the Savant these our capacities that you know we're looking to figure out how we can reliably turn this back on and in adults that haven't been accessing it
so I think that's really what we're tracking down let's use these kids to help us understand our neural potential
that's so genius it really is the fact that when you when you were speaking about just looking at your feet and thinking about the circle and then this huge entire space that moment of course you can picture that space and it means you're saying that what this is all we use in our brain if we think about on a daily basis how much more we can share and see if the world end of each other and what a different planet it would be if we can expand their Consciousness in such a way I need the let's take me to f off of that okay just put the word as we use this potentially unlimited lights I mean it's the the name of your show is perfect
because this is an unlimited capacity and were carrying it around with us on a daily basis and nobody showed us how to interact with it
it's almost pathetic it's so sad that our culture marginalizes capacities of intuition and Brilliant inside and psychic ability and healing powers I mean
you know it as well as anyone Nicole we are magnificent and we can use it
absolutely and then going along those lines so you're talking about Carly minerals and how the brain processes information and can you share a little bit about what a paraliminal is and how that works as well
yes the paraliminal technology can I'm going to share another story because they think this will help make a little more sense of it too I was asked by the Minnesota Dental Association to create a course to help patients in Dental settings
to have no pain fear tension anxiety and to be able to recover faster from things like interventions in oral surgery and things inside develop the a course and along the way of developing this I met a doctor Fred Noah Gordon that Doctor Gordon has been retired as an oral surgeon for a number of years
and was teaching accelerated learning and actually just live down the street from me here in Minnesota is really interesting so we got to be good friends and he consulted with me on this project as well as that on a couple of others as well one of the studies he did at UCLA was to look at using hypnosis as a protocol to facilitate healing in oral surgery in other words the average amount of time it takes for someone to recover from oral surgery is five days if we gave hypnosis sessions to them before they went in and after they came out of surgery could you reduce the amount of time it took to heal and in fact his studies show that it could positive suggestion alone positive suggestion that you don't have to use
trans and all this spooky stuff the people have come to associate with hypnosis imagine communicating with this 11 miles of your brain right and say hey 11 Mi Hill what can you do to help recover from this and could I be painless and could I get the results I want and I had worked with with dentist and I had spectacular results and you could tell a person that they did have no discomfort and they could have a tooth extraction could say bleed up to the level of the gum and stop and it does
we were talking about control of completely autonomic non-conscious functions complete complete access it's a it's a standing okay so that all went into the background well Noah Gordon told me this amazing story that during the study that he did one of the patients didn't heal like all the five days went by and he had healed a week went by two weeks went by and he was afraid that she was going to Slough off the tissue grafts that they had done during oral surgery so he sent to her would it be okay if I did some regression using hypnosis take you back to the surgery to try to find out what might have happened if she agrees
so we had to go into hypnosis and he brought her back to the surgery and this is interesting to call she recalled everything that happened during the entire procedure even though she was in general in fact he recalled not only every procedure in its exact sequence she recalled every word spoken in the operatory every single word spoken by anybody in there and she she was just giving this full rundown and everything that happened in at some point she tells the story that the anesthesiologist was telling everybody else in the room about his German Shepherd the strangest thing was you know what you know when you ask a dog to walk alongside of you what you call Don
what's the word training what he went when you have the dog walk along side of you you say heel
right right yes the dog is supposed to heal or walk right next to you right okay so here's what the surgeon are the anesthesiologist said you said strangest thing you know my when my German Shepherd got back from surgery she wouldn't heal
dr. Gordon stopped her in the story and said now when you heard the word he'll h e e l did you think that Matt heal and she said yes
did you think that when he said she wouldn't heal that he was referring to you she said yes did you accept that suggestion and is that why you haven't healed from this procedure she said yes
could you remove that suggestion now she said yes
he brought her out 3 days later
she was healed
so he was so blown away by this that he had to get everybody else in the study all of the other surgeons and and operators you know that all the the staff said did these procedures to experience that so he invited her to come in and he did the same regression you did the same thing same story it all came through in the anesthesiologist afterwards paused and said okay I have a question for you. Gordon
when she was telling us all of this information who was speaking I did the anesthesia honor she was completely unconscious
and just like I had my Epiphany in that youth group is doing hypnosis on the stage that's when dr. Gordon had his Epiphany he said that's the accelerated learner that's this part of us
they could take information outside of our conscious awareness it could discriminate it from other information differentially respond to it and completely fast on it
even at a biological level and never even knew that it was happening
he said that's the accelerated learner
okay so here we are Nicole we're talking about what exists in every single one of us This Magnificent capacity this accelerated learner that somewhere along the line was put into a trance to believe of incapability that you may have and you uncritically accepted it because you might have been a little kid you might have been in surgery you could have could be bombarded by it on the television and you could have this you could been dropping into this but we stayed and never question
that your magnificent your fantastic your spectacular you have genius in you than you've accepted something far less than the truth of that so
what paraliminals are
paraliminal recordings para means Beyond and liminal means threshold so it's beyond the threshold of your conscious when they're not subliminal you can actually hear everything that I say on these recordings and what I'm doing is I'm talking with your non conscious mind about the change that you've asked to create in your life and I'm guiding you to a place of full resource within you to make contact with that resource that's there
and then to put that resource into practice in your everyday life so I'm not I'm not putting into a trance and telling you how I live but I'm doing a son saying you're magnificent go in and find why that's true and let's take that resource and put it into this area of your life so that you can use it till you see my belief is that we already have that magnificence within us anything that you desire to create
the reason that you have the desire is because it's already within your capacity to realize it
so I guide you to the full power and potential that's already within you to fully realize it and so people so wonderful and you know I travel to other countries and people been listening to my recordings for sometimes 10 15 20 years and
they say to me you know you I've never met them and they say you know you've completely changed my life and listen to you all the time he has some people say use it you saved my life other people say that you know you made my career and it's such a thing you know you talk about warming the hard I mean what a psychological reward to realize that they have attributed these magnificent changes in their lives to my work and I have to say that it's not me it is them it's just that I've held this stake in the ground and said listen there is genius within you and so you might know Nicole I know if you know this actually I've come to realize that the purpose of my work now in the later part of my life is to help
show the world that the purpose of education is the liberation of human genius
and when we all Embrace that then we'll come to see who we really are
and Now's the Time I mean Humanity needs it now more than ever and when we Liberate the genius within us there's no problem that can't be solved there's no limitation that can't be overcome wear unlimited beings and let's live our unlimited lives
can I take a right on the website call I love that the purpose of education is the liberation of human genius I mean that is just rude please attributed to Paul or she'll eat HD absolutely that's what I I really want that Banner to fly high over the Human family because it's time
that's just brilliant. We have some questions people are asking if they can popping on since he was talking about so they want to know about the photo reading about you know how it works either the same can you do you know cuz I'm literally the guy we got so many questions on how the process works and then also somebody said that they used to have pretty close to a photographic memory before they had a head injury and now they really don't have the attention span to do much reading and so can you talk a little bit about those first color photo we are at work and can I get a home study or how did he learn how to do this and what is the process and all of that because I left and right asking me about this okay good that's very exciting will you can certainly get a lot of information if you go to photo it will redirect you to learning strategies Corporation and they publish my work info to reading and I wrote it in a book you can learn it from a book we have it in a home study
which guides you through the process if you like you know having my assistants and guiding you through it that's a great way to go and also we teach it in live seminar so you can see on that website that will have dates and places where it's being taught in literally we have people all over the world that teaches
so wherever you are you might be able to to find a course close to your area and I also teach it once a year in Minneapolis and when you take it from me we also have a bonus Day called the called the power day and that's where you actually photoreading activate five books in a single day it's it's really very exciting so there's lots of ways to learn it it's been out in the world since 1985 as I said the books been translated into a lot of languages and over a million copies have been sold so you wouldn't be the first person to learn this and my kids learned it at very young age in fact
you know we'd have photoreading instructors at our homes when they come into town for for photo reading instructor training I'd invite them Libby and I would have them to have dinner with us at our house and my kids growing up got to see this almost parade of international people coming through you do from all over the world just it was so exciting in each one of my kids at age four completely independent of their awareness that their brothers might have done this we have 3 boys
and they are seven years five years and parts of two years and five years apart so now they're they're grown men happily active in the world but imagine the four-year-old they each one of my kids came up to me at age 4 and said hey Dad want to see me photo read
absolutely and they take like a paperback book that you could flip by just Fanning the pages until they look at me to make sure I'm looking right and then they look at the butt and they flip the pages in front of their eyes and then they looked up with a big grin on her face they say
wow that's amazing it's a great in the clutch the book to their chests and toddle off you can imagine the four-year-old doing this is so sweet and in my kids at AJ 10 and 12 took the courses respectively in 9 9 10 and 12 and they've used it all their life and they were all excellent students in school and it just made life so easy I remember one of them said
can you help me with my calculus I don't really understand it and I was thinking I don't know how many years it's been since I took calculus of college but I said well have you photo editor recently he said I haven't yet thanks will 20 minutes later he came out and said some did you go to read a book it looked at me really funny yeah I told Renee I knew exactly what to do after I put her in it
and I think it's already on the three other projects you know thanks. Oh man that I dodged that bullet having to figure out his calculus book for asking so that we tension do you retain the information after you read it and understand that if all you did was Flip Flip Flip Flip
you know what you're doing is you're letting your non-conscious might be exposed to it so you did it you haven't ever really consciously represented it it's just that you're not unconscious mind has received it as part of this 11 Mile database so it's through the activation that we bring it to her conscious level focus on it and here's the thing as what you're if you look at a page of text
can you cross out all the words that don't carry the meaning on that page
what you'll discover is that only for to 11% of the words remain as hard too hard to believe this this is done work that was done by dr. Russell Stouffer and it's been repeated this isn't actually a method that used to determine readability level grade level for books but if you just randomly take out today if you just if you purposely take out the words that aren't Salient that don't actually carry the meaning only four to 11% of the words or less so when you activate a book when you go back through this and you start playing with the text you're actually very actively engage questioning very purposeful we have What's called the post view stage and then the activation stay until you what you're doing is here now building the book and your conscious awareness and activation it varies you know the first activation around might be 12 minutes or so you know you
I'm doing a college-level paper at a graduate-level I might spend 45 minutes or an hour and a half with a book that would take most people couple of weeks to read but I know the book better in that amount of time and will retain a longer than if you had taken two weeks and read it for 20 30 hours
and that's because
of the ways of the brain actually connects in with material so while I'm activating let's say 11% of the book The Other 89% is connected to it so as I represent this little bit all the rest of it is ready and it's Russian to my awareness if somebody should ask me a question about it and it's really a gorgeous way to go you can become exceedingly knowledgeable in the subject and if you're changing careers for example you better be a photo reader because there's no way to get up to speed in a short. Of time like you could if you found a red and certainly if you're in in school of any kind you're going to be photo reading your texts even before the first class and then guess what happens you go to you go to class and the professor starts talking you know exactly what she's talking about almost immediately because
it's activating just by the fact that she's talking so it's it's really a fabulous thing for students for people who have an interest in a subject area people are changing careers in like I said earlier Nicole if you'd recognize the fact that your mind can photo read what else could you do I'm in spectacular
it's how people ask me how did they find you a today you were talking about chili learning your website or how do they own value or contact you and you do private coaching or groups or workshops and who can you just shared up recycling 2020 shealy scheele
Scheels shealy shealy you'll see me you'll get to see some videos of me the in a free uploads get the idea of who I am where I am. I've got blog site you can tune into the kinds of things that I'm out in the world teaching and it's also if you look at products and resources you'll see that the the product lines all the courses that I've written and published by learning strategies are there so you can order them there you can find out about the program's I do every year I do a program called the ultimate you Retreat which is about recognizing and and all the Technologies necessary done on an ongoing basis connecting with this fast resource that's within us and I also have a year-long coaching process called the Inner Circle that is available
all is well so it is possible to work with me directly it's it's a little tough if you're not if you don't catch me in those times because
if it's about the in the coming to your area to teach of course we have a lot of teachers who would do that it's a little hard to get me to do that
that's crazy well I can tell you you know it's it's worth finding you and working with you I just thought it was such an incredible experience to take the photo reading directly from you I'm sharing Adam chatting with people you know online and they're asking me questions and I'm letting them know that you know I took the course and is about to change my life the way that I read in the parents of any first-hand I can tell people absolutely this is extraordinary and it works and then yes if you remember you asked the question what if you had a brain injury okay so I remember now that I wanted to cover this because I was I was speaking at the revelations conference to the Agape spiritual community and that I was backstage getting ready to go on in front of 1250 people and
I introduced myself to the director that I was pumped helium going on next and cheat look at me I just got super big literally leaps off the floor wrapped her legs and her arms and it was so sweet well listen to this she took the photo reading class from me in Minneapolis at age 11 choose of 26 year old women
in her early twenties she was in a terrible automobile accident traumatic brain injury she was proclaimed she would be unimaginable she would never be able to be employed should never be able to go to school on and on and on and on and then she started photo reading and she said because remember she learned it at age 11 she started photo reading she said Paul I got all of my brain function back and it's because of photo reading I mean that's what she said they talked about blown away I was just in two years it was so gorgeous
so if there are neural capacities that have been lost what we know about neural plasticity is that the brain rebuilds itself it actually grows itself in response to the demands placed on it and so we can reclaim a tremendous amount of brain capacity of the old reading instructor in South Africa he was a professor of Neuroscience geology and he has a series of Strokes the left him unable to read and it was such a tragedy said he'd know this is like his greatest thing in the world is being able to read and to lose that capacity I mean you could only see half of his visual field anyway but any time that he tried to process written materials was gobbledygook he made could make no sense of it
set up three months afterwards he thought I'd see what happens if I could read it instead of trying to read
and he called me from South Africa very excitedly he said Paul everything that I found read I can then read and understand 100% he said if I just tried to read it I can't but if I photo read it first I understand all of it
and that was so exciting to him and several years later a study came out in the Journal called bran
and it published a study that showed we can have conscious visual perception without our primary visual cortex and that's where he had a lesion he had a lesion in a spray from the stroke his primary visual cortex and he called me again and he said Paul they just found the routes that you've been teaching us to use all these years 1993 and I presented the program for the first time in 85 so this was eight years before we even had the knowledge of these capacities but because we had seen that the brain could do this we knew that it had to exist
it really and you talk about dropping into your own genius that really is genius so it's so beautiful there listening where do you suggest they began with the courses the classes the books accelerated learning to be able to turn the final upside down so the back right side up my first response always has to be well what is it that you're attempting to create in your life because this is what mind exists for it exists so that we can create the life that we choose to live
sister some area of your life where you recognizing you know there's more of this
there's more to this life than I'm getting access to what's going on and how can I get access to more of it yes food readings a great place because it's intuitively obvious if you could move through written materials fast so you could do a whole lot of your life a lot better so that's that is a place where you could consider starting another places with a course I develop
called abundance for life
and this gets at two things it gets at the neurocognitive which is the brain and the thinking part of the mind but also gets at the psycho-spiritual that means our psychology you know our our Essence Persona as well as the the Beyond conscious capacities and I say spiritual because it's it's beyond our ability to even measure these capacities at this time in human history and see what this course does this puts you in contact with all of the resources within you and it brings you through very clear protocols and in it I have paraliminal recordings that are part of this program I have ways that you actually tune in to these capacities of mind you drop into these abilities that are right there for you
also I have an ebook
that is on my Sheila learning website called drop into genius and this is a great place to to really get insight into these magnificent pansies cuz I have chapters in there what if you could read a book through the palm of your hand what if you could change your life with a single thought what if you could heal yourself and others with a single touch and this is 30 years of my research and the Technologies they actual techniques that you could use to do all of these things these are abilities that are within ass I actually show you how to be able to do that I bring out into the world the very rich source of research called eidetic Psychotherapy and develop a doctor actor ahsan then made a huge difference in my life and I represent his work there with his permission
and that's how I learned you can change you could actually transform your entire life as a single image in your mind through eidetic send so so abundance for life is a great way to play to start also the drop into genius book is a great way to start I have a couple of other books the photo reading book in the natural Brilliance but I also have a coaching program called discover your Brilliance is a series of recordings that I did on a on a teleconference series
Plus work but the guides you through the application of these Techniques plus a coaching process that the my business partner actually will guide you through so it's personally so it's a great way to really get connected with us as well
I love God these are all such great suggestions and I know people are so eager your work is astounding and it's so interesting I feel like almost on a water slide you don't need all of a sudden you're in a different environment and a different atmosphere and there's a whole other place and then once you get out your very first started I want to do it again
what's interesting is the water slide down feels like it kind of turns you upside down and in backwards a little bit and that's really what happens because the concept of transformation in this is in my doctoral research and you know because you actually had a hand in the participation of the the teaching of the group that I studied so you know the transformation is coming to realize your life from a completely different Vantage points at the whole form of your mental model has shifted to really embrace the fullness of who you are that's human development at its best that's transformation your life really does take a shift for the batter and then the will show it to me the water slides and create one one of those oh my god let's do it again
feel that way every time that I've watched the program has been part of your program has participated and the minute I've left it's like the water slide I just wanted to race back in and do it again
beautiful feeling of when you land there's a funeral place you just love being and it's just a flesh his place and I absolutely and it diverting in love with your work and all that you're doing and that I know that we're going to bring you back on the bridal show
and they're excited about that because we were talking about how a lot of the bride's Mister day
because they're not present and you're going to have to teach people how to drop a pin right and I just wanted to open that door for people that are listening on both shows because I think that That's so exciting because I can't tell you how many times you know you ask people about their wedding and if they don't remember thing I was so busy and I know you know that wasn't even the hair and people in each moment
and you know it makes sense because there's plenty of excellent research that shows that when were under cognitive stress
think about this funnel metaphor right what happens is it squeezes down to this little tiny tube is called tunnel vision we literally are our attention Narrows our perceptions narrow our thinking or decision-making our memory it's all disrupted mean it's like we we literally put blinders on we can only see what's directly in front of our face at that moment as a pilot there is a remarkable thing that happens
that there's a point in which you're no longer looking at each instrument and then out the window and then over the left wing and over the right wing to figure out that you're flying straight and level
there's a point at which in this in this is what the flight instructor call fit there's a point at which your flight blinders come off or all of a sudden and a single glance you see all of your instruments
in one look out the window you see your wings and and your destination and all the traffic Randy simultaneously it's like oh my gosh it's like a hood just came off of your head all the sudden you it's like you're seeing 360° around you is spectacular and when we're under stress
it Narrows down to your speed indicator on you that's all you can see and so there is a very easy way to stay in that flow this broader awareness and yes we call it dropping in it's it's riding the wave of energy that's coming into your life and realizing I can surf on it I don't have to be underneath a getting crashed and tossed around I actually have the ability to rise above it and ride it to where I want to go
that's such a Perfect Analogy that mean the distance visual is plus impossible I love that and I got together on the pier at Washington and Ben and venison near the Venice area
Okay so that Pier that goes out onto the Pacific Ocean in the morning about 6 or so if you walk out on that you'll see right where the waves are crashing this long line of people in black wet suits are dry suits and under surfboards and it was so interesting to me to say you know most people just want their lives to be calm but here's this group that are actually count there every morning wanting to be in the turbulence in the chaos
and once we could learn from them what is it that they would teach us about how we run our lives and it's not about just calming down it's really bad learning to ride because we're in permanent Whitewater now
and what we can discover is that there's a calm Center that will allow us to balance as this turbulent changes rolling through our lives takes plants we don't have to be buffeted by the anymore we can actually
dynamically steer
instead of trying to control and predict the next way if you can't you can't control it you can't even predict it but we can ride it and that's called Dynamic steering and yeah but let's get into that when we get on to our call with the bridal shower okay and I just have a quick question if you're coming to the clothes so you were talking about if it was an eleven-year-old and photo reading or Dare kids and photoreading artist 93 year old man who is Suzy azzam and joy and exhilaration and all of this and his energy even he came all the way from Hawaii to do this and so
accelerated learning in this process of turning the soil around and using this our brains this for any age for everybody this can change each individual life correct exactly and you know any time wherever I am if I look at some of them so you know there's genius and you they always turn to look over their shoulder to wonder who this who I'm speaking to write because they couldn't be them right who know not me and I'm not that I mean I can tell you how badly I didn't school there's no genius here then saying there's
an accelerated learner that is a natural part of Who You Are
and it's this spectacular neural capacity it's this 11 Mi it's this ability to take something in and put it into your life automatically literally with no effort even at a biological level to up-level the quality of your life and that exists in you so when I say there's genius in you because you're doing math equations there's a genius learn or in you that you can tap into a news and yes guaranteed it's there at your birth
so when do we start engaging that genius learner at Birth my kids my second son is sitting on my lap listening to me read to his older brother and he was he was 10 days old. He's laying on my lap but he's feeling my heartbeat he's smelling me he's hearing my lungs movies feeling the vibrations through his entire body these colors are in front of them in the book there's this engagement through such as energy that his genius brain is taking it all in
all of it and so when do we start we start right away now for the photo reading course we say depending on the maturity of the child we say you know somewhere around 9th grade in a 15 16 years old great time to take the course 14 year olds have been great with it 13 12 year olds 11 year olds have been great with it we've had eight year olds in the course
it's we don't run it for children here in the US the Japanese have created a photo reading course for kids and we will be bringing more of that into the us we've we could design the program with them and said they're our facilitators here they can work with kids been now we just have kids take it with adults in the adult class and if they're mature enough to great effect I remember one
medical doctor is taking the class with his I think it was 14 year old girl
and he was struggling with it is his daughter is doing great and having a great time and there she was on break Santo dad you're going to be able to get it don't worry you'll do great encouragement I know those people are so excited just you know after reading you know what everybody's been posting and the questions of people been asking their so engaged today what you're doing and I ate your work is unbelievable and it's so exciting and it's so enriching and I think that you know if you talk about vision for the how to put a picture of a funnel funnel that you know and to be able to see that in my life and I'm thrilled that you're going to be with us next week an hourglass pride and I can't wait to learn this technique account to be able to drop in and you know I offer for everybody that would love to jump onto that show next week that is Sunday hourglass Brides from 2 to 3 Pacific time and it is been such a joy
such a pleasure and such an honor having you with us today so rude thank you my honor really it has been such a pleasure it's my great privilege to be with you and
do keep this good work go and let people know about who they really are living unlimited life
genius and eaten every person I absolutely love that in the purpose of education is liberation of human genius call

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