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Unlimited Life, January 12, 2022

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Brandy Faith Weld

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Brandy Faith Weld

Topic: Brandy Faith Weld - Heal Your Heart - Free Your Mind

Description: Brandy Faith Weld is a Bestselling Author and an Agent of the Heart for Healing and Change. She has been involved in neuro-science and personal development work for over 25 years. She has led individuals and organizations in Peak Performance Development and has designed and taught transformational courses around the world. In 2000, she launched and managed all new hire and sale skill training for Cisco System's World Wide Sales Force Training and Development Organization.

Her real awareness and true transformation came after she hit rock bottom and had a Near Death Experience. She returned back from the other side with a mission and a blue print to stop the human suffering that gets passed down from generation to generation and to liberate man from the patterns that have limited and confined them. That is the intention of this book and all of her programs.

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Guest, Brandy Faith Weld

Guest Name
Brandy Faith Weld
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Change Alchemist and NDE'r and Peak Performance Development Coach
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Some people call her a heart surgeon without a scalpel because she cuts out the dis-ease from their heart and gets it back to being a healthy and powerful driver of their lives, and some call her the Change Alchemist. But whatever they call her, they all speak in high gratitude of how Brandy Faith Weld has helped them breakthrough blocks that once kept them stuck. Brandy is the author of the international #1 bestselling book, Heal Your Heart ~ Free Your Mind, and the creator of Jump To A Better Life Experience.

She has been involved in spiritual/personal development work for over 26 years, leading individuals and organizations in Peak Performance Development around the world. Brandy has studied in several arenas from psychology, neuro-science, quantum physics to various creeds of spiritual teaching, but her real awareness and true transformation came after she had a Near Death Experience back in 2008. She returned back from the other side with a mission and a blue print to stop the human suffering that gets passed down from generation to generation and to liberate man from the blocks and patterns that once hindered them.

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

hi it's Nicole Brandon and Welcome to our glass dried I hope everybody had a very special and wonderous Valentine's it's really amazing time of year yesterday was Valentine's Day here and we had a very special guest we had a woman named Lisa Rose come on and then truly talk about the opening of the heart and relationships and how true love really starts with you that you were to come to nominator and all of these relationships and truly that self-love when you can fill your own cup of mine you keep sell your own heart because it's idling very hard that you're giving to somebody and so I encourage you all to finally of the Roses broadcast on unlimited life is really very special and what is spectacular way to celebrate Valentine's Day also yesterday here in the states we opened
Shades of Grey and there's so much controversy surrounding this movie it's amazing to see this film and so how we talk about love how we talk about our relationship has changed drastically and so it's always such an interesting conversation this past year for me just all of the charity work that I've done and just recently working with the Archangel Academy benighted working with you order the same John to see the way that people's lives and hearts to be touched and truth and profoundly deep wave changing ways all train ways and the conversations that we have the other night I went to a 50 Shades party and the doctor psychologist marriage family counselor they had pole dancing Studios toy companies and people got to ask really real
and honest questions and it's so nice to be able to have Florence where people can ask questions about their sexuality can ask questions about their meet these conversations with a partner how you introduce semen into your relationship and if you even know what you want and how do you want it and how to really explore that happily-ever-after to you we had planned for you is very special guest somebody that is I know is life-altering in killing the heart and free your mind and I know that we've had some technical question I'm not sure that she's being able to jump on the line but I want to tell you about her work because it is Brandy Faith Wells and Brandy
just as amazing extraordinary life changing life-altering ft edging work on really had a lunch into that freedom that you know you desire and you deserve she had a near-death experience and she came back from that just determined and diligent to really make a change in people's lives her book heal your heart free online actually launches tomorrow and you'll be able to find it on Amazon and I'll tell you a little bit about her but she truly is a beautiful person stunning Spectacular One of the wisest people I've ever come across
she's a best-selling author even for the healing of the heart and changed and she has been involved in neuroscience and personal development work for over 25 years she's like individuals and organizations can pee performance there's a few that are familiar with key performance development and she's taught transformational courses around the world but really one she hit rock bottom when she had that near-death experience she return back from the other side with his true mission to change the world so if you're looking for something to really treat yourself to for Valentine's a way to open your heart and allow love in at a different level of Consciousness then I urge you to go out and do find her book and call us and let us know because certainly will have her back on the show and I have an open Forum where she'll be able to discuss all of these things that she's sharing all these secrets and tools and keys to the conversations at the
I think I may have her with me
Randy are you here and find your material but it's so beautiful to have you here in person Happy Valentine's Happy Valentine's Day to you Valentine's weekend here in our you know home area Southern California it's like a hot summer day when you get on about you work about your background about the fact that you came back with his mission in your heart and so I guess the first question I want to ask you to always love talking I guess is the did you know factor I mean I know that you had a near-death experience when you came back but even beyond that when you were little girl like six or seven or eight were you
naturally and care most likely you taking care of other kids there were you helping people at work with something that you found later that you were drawn to to being able to change people's lives and help them
yeah honestly I do believe that my soul came in with that with that nature and you know it just depends on what people believe are not discuss you know this is our first time our first go-around on the Earth are we've had other go-arounds on the earth and you know I think my belief is that. I've had more than one go around on the earth here and that you know my soul was that we had that same nature in other lifetimes and and I mean truly what I really experienced when I first when I was younger was that this great pain of how much pain is here in the world and I was quite be in past and it hurt me you know I was like I'm still the world's pain and it was just too painful to be here that I kept finding myself wanting to be on the other side where that same didn't exist you know and where people wear those were like 10
we you know we in love and not the separation of competition and you know from this that sphere of survival so we're we're always kind of been trying to protect herself and you know our offering from a lot of spirit and in pain. Just kind of get spread around around the world and so just a really young age I always longed for what I experienced on the other side that I told level I guess I still remember when I asked you to cross over General but I wanted to experience it here on the earth and and for so much of my younger years I didn't feel like it was possible on this Earth and happily I do when I came on the other side I was told that it was possible
my program is about but so I came I came back and I'm excited about what's going to be starting and starting to unfold for the world right now it's so beautiful I absolutely love looking at your bio and there's probably things I didn't even know about you but I mean you worked in the Salesforce training you Arjun development in Oregon who is Hugo from such a high level of working in that field to bridging over to the human heart and consciousness
well you know how it all started for my own Tammy's beginning was because I did grow up in your typical Western Home you know if it's functional was just always thinking for some functionality a very young age my mother's personal development books that she had because she was trying to relieve herself from all of the team that she was raised in right so I just read all of her books or really young age and I just became so passionate about this video this healing is growing and learning that's relief of this painful world that I was experiencing and
when I you know it was just in a big part of me from a very young age and this when I leave for me and I was really creating and participating in the creation of this life.
I live in a ostrich down or like just show them that I didn't hit you that's how I now G for life was for me at the time I felt like a stranger coming at me all the time in my whole life was about and I said oh I'm feeling sad and feeling sorry for myself and for me and you know
my head. I was craving this life. And then also everything about and I'll key your Behavioral Science and Neuroscience and environment that's the environment that I got taken into outside of college what my real passion kept being is this learning and as I start discovered this I started realizing I just really started wishing that the whole world to see if I knew that younger age you know I would just have a completely different life at that moment
compassion about sharing with as many people as possible to my family should read right because I program when I leave as I realized I want to help other people be free of pain that they might be experiencing like you know I've just because you know I know it's only stop the pain. Getting around and so I lost my nice cushy corporate job it's just a really great money and I still had that feeling of fear of not wanting to do something corporate America
all the money and all the benefits and all the other protection of that and so I wanted to see how I could have awareness with people but by staying while still staying within a corporate America and I I had this vision and I proposed to charge s vice president assistant you say about man where I got to meet all of the stuff that I had been learning into our training and development programs for you hire worldwide and I was just loving my life at that time and then I'll have to stay
yo his time so where I transition from that and see what I'm doing and I would assist Tony Robbins but to live event and I was helping him with his life and that when 9/11 happened
and that event change the trajectory of my life forever and it was you know what happened to her is because of what happened so course 9/11 was such a very traumatic event for know a lot of the world it's mostly American but what was powerful about this event was that you know we have it at 3 a.m. our time so everybody was in bed when it happened and we had a 8 a.m. start and so people didn't know it had just gone on for the most part cancel Tony it delivered the you no news of what just happened and there happened to be a man from Palestine there and he thought I know how it feels
and then there was a man from Israel God up in the room and so here we had the Middle East you no problem on the on the American right in the middle of the biggest event that happened on American Mainland soil and we had about 4,500 mostly American at the servant and a big portion of them from from New York so you know like the emotions are really high really high and so Tony bought those keep young men onto the stage and he works with them and in the end you are hugging each other saying I love you man and the criminal organization called passionate action 4 p.m. to bring what they just learn to serve
active communities and almost everybody in the whole room joined it like volunteered for it and in the end we are all arm-in-arm singing We are the world we are the children
yeah yeah and so it was at that moment I realized that that's why I really wanted to do I want to stop things like that from happening people operating from hate and separation and hurt and not realizing that it's our core with the same and together we can get through anything but in and and fear and then separation and competition will destroy yourselves so you know that got me the courage to step out my face and leave my nice little corporate job where I was very limit of what I could do to help heal people's Consciousness in a corporate environment right so I stepped out on faith and created a program so you know my first thought of shift in Consciousness with the younger generation and sharing with them and what I have what I have learned I wish I had known you know younger but I soon realized I couldn't teach kids positive her and belief systems and put them back and just a
so why would I do that created camps up in Lake Tahoe for families and they were called straight to his family while having fun and that was the beginning of my journey into guiding people into killing the relationships and freedom from the missile patterns that have been helping them really the one of the other heartsill intention that they really want to live
oh my gosh gravis on the how I got you this platform and why thank you thank you
I hope that you have a book is coming out tomorrow I think right you're the one singing
tomorrow yet tomorrow that's amazing And for those of you better listening around the world
it's February 16th and be randys
fabulous and it's called heal your heart and free your mind I have to tell you the first time I read that it was like marinating in a tub it's such a title so good how many people are Longing For Love or been hurt and love are those that have loved it when in Rich love or even in business not like you're talking about between countries and Consciousness and so how can one kill your heart and I would love your take on one how you came up with a title which I think is really entitled into the consciousness of healing your heart which I think speaks to every person everywhere around the world
yeah well really it's based on my workshops that I I have been doing for quite a few years now called kill your relationship transform your life and really that is the pathway to Healing your heart and transform your life is really feeling all of our relationship really what what is creating our live and driving our life is the programming that we have received this appointment conception and you know most of most of people looks a little doesn't know this number of what we are aware of what we've been programmed with is the stuff that we can remember in our childhood but really you know 50% of our personalities created by the time we are born
and you know there's like that means over 50% is just stuff that we just that program was that were not even aware of that we have like no memory whatsoever and so it doesn't matter let's say if you grew up with your parents are not over 50% of them is programmed in you and this is just because of how the development of a human being is so nature and its Divine intelligence you know just downloads massive information from the parents not only if you're from the parents like Joe genetics and their programming their subconscious from you know the culture and the society that they were raised and so that child
Now operate in the environment which they're about to be born into so in this Divine intelligence you know to help and being now have the software to be able to operate in this new environment that they're about to be born into you know in this body it's also the speed of the very problem that is cause problems and limitations in our life and and so you know really
that is what needs to be I'm just so you know programming that we received even by the time were born but then also you know the first let's say three to four. Three to four years are our brains and our beta brain hasn't even been fully developed it hasn't even been around that age so you know however however the earliest member you have that's the sign of when you're out of rain started you know developing
and and it doesn't get fully develop until we're about 7 years old and so basically during this time. The other brain is in Delta and fatal which is a hypnagogic trance dated the same state. Hypnotherapist used to program their clients into new behaviors right you know this is a recording playback mechanism was designed to record information for later playback of when the information is needed so you know it first you didn't know how to walk and then you learned and now it's a program that you just to automatically that you don't think of the same thing you know happened with driving at first you play did I go and now you drive and you don't remember how you got there
when it's needed and so we could have all these years of recording information that we're not even aware of for later playback and if and if we don't go through any processes to go in there and look at what's inside of there but I say what's underneath the water line you know what we started the world is like the tip of the iceberg but there's like the most biggest part of the iceberg is under the water right
go ahead and eat the water and word you know now looking with underneath with underneath the water at the rest of the iceberg and now that we're actually driving our lives and you know we try to braid Baxter pure pure Essence to their cure to their pure heart which is a receipt so that they can now create and experience life from that place instead
since so beautiful I love you and you know all these doctors has studied me and whatever and I just got up and I started walking I was just at that information of how to do that until it's amazing that when you talk about that we come in with all of this information you don't even realize and I love that you're saying that information is there going to be
yeah we already have these tools yeah I asked you about that so it was it that your parents had done that the people are or do you feel like your soul came in with that information
but I love that Patty and you were talking about that that freedom of the spirit of the Soul or bringing people together and show how did you put those two things together
well so basically you let your your do all of that programming happen from relationships right so you know from from starting with your relationship with your parents and then there are so as we heal our relationship we're all just programming in this wounding happened now that's how we're now returning you back to your pure essence of that pure love and now your mind is no longer at the more we removed all of that programming out so I called I called cud like it you know you know how like a cow is chews his food account just like kind of swallows it into the first the stomach really quickly and then brings it back up that cut so that it can process it later that Dad is I'm I'm here now healing all that cut that just got shut down for later processing that we never really got the process just because of how the mind is designed so basically you know
start to kill all of the scud we are now and it gets the process we can now it's a speedy return back to this pure as since your love that we really are and now the heart which is the biggest electromagnetic part of our being so you know it's brain is only puts out another measured in both the brain in the heart of how much a Tesla's because that was just the measure of EMF and the Brain only puts out a kid or a little less than 10 MMS you will Alex and the Heart cutouts 50,000 a Tesla's. Is broadcasting out the world what's really going on inside of us all that stuff that's hiding underneath the water line without her awareness you know so for instance will broadcasting out
right now right over radio but we're conscious of what we're back at the house and there's receivers around the world that are now receiving Nest information that are like-minded and and resonate with that and you know that that's the same thing is happening with us V broadcasting out like a radio station and all of these other hearts are picking it up there they're transceivers are picking it up but we are aware of what were unconsciously broadcasting out and the world is just responding to us taste of what were broadcasting out and
and yeah that's that's just the difference of you know what we're doing right now is really what we are doing all the time as human beings of your broadcasting out to like a radio station of what's really living inside of us are hard and in the world is just responding to it and where the Heart of Texas to buy test out is all the stuff that stored in our subconscious mind and so the more we can clear out that crud out of your subconscious mind and there's nothing none of these old stories he told Luis that we picked up in this lifetime to our parents and their ancestors in their ancestors before you know our in the womb that you know. Just so you know that the mind is still came through that's coming up with all these stories that then drive
why is that create our Perceptions in life that create our projections in life and also create what we are attracted to us you know what what was vibrating out that didn't like vibration is drawn to so so yeah and we can heal that wound be from all of our relationship down mine doesn't have that the filter with and so now it doesn't have all these stories so I used to have all kinds of awful stories that I woke up with the morning in the morning with such pain that I woke up the price I didn't want to be here you know and and now those are all gone and I just wake up happy and excited about life in those those I can vaguely remember those stories and feeling that way so funny cuz that was my next question for you and I
you know when they find out what stories are carrying or within their head or their hearts are they surprised by it in the second question was do you reach a point where you don't even remember that that I just during your life that you actually hit the delete erase but yes I have so many people you know friends and friends and family friends like that stuff is gone it's just know it's just not there anymore and so I don't know life is just so much more peaceful and my mind is so much more quiet just happy enjoy and so when I say you know the other the other side of this is that a joy so magical life that's what you start to experience because that's what your crew and that's what you're
I'll buy casting out and so yeah it's memories are gone it's like it's like knowledge and awareness you might have got from the journey is there but you had all the charges I called is gone all those feelings emotions of stories that used to come up in your mind and yeah the second question is that yeah you know there's a lot of stuff in there that the mine and it's designed to protect protect the child and protect the being a text to self the my Nico it has just like wanted you to not remember to shoving it down and you're distracting you and your wants you to pretend it's not there it doesn't it's it's designed to avoid pain and so it is just always Spike and shoving it down and so people have a lot of stuff that's in there that you know they don't even remember until we bring this out and and and that's great
you may not want to think they don't want you to remember it but when we do that it's very short-lived and then it's out of your being forever and now it's no longer driving your life versus shutting it down and still driving controlling your life without your awareness
just beautiful I'm waiting for somebody to work with you to be able to release these tasks stories are to be able to have that Clarity to wake up in the morning like you're talking about like a song bird it's a beautiful day and ready to Take On The World in my workshop so you know we have this book is a great introductory to I really going through the process that we've been take people through in our 8th day intensive workshops and so you know it's beautiful to not really start that journey through this book and we do we do as much as we can from the book to take people through that process but there's a lot that we can't do through book but I have Incorporated a lot of technology to try to simulate a bit of the same similar experience
really you do for us to do that's cheap work may need to come to the state day and senses that we have to know to really move the stuff out I love that and how did they find out about that the workshop in the Intensive just on your website
yes I'm heal your heart for your mind. Cam is where all that information is but I really encourage people to start a journey in the book and end with the book what we're offering to is a group coaching group coaching call which is a low monthly fee and we have to want to ask our group coaching calls for that weekend you know answer any of their questions fans and help them with the process that they're going through in this up like the first great first step for this and and is those kind of together and then get into at 8 day intensive
just spectacular work and I love the fact that you have that support as people are going through and I take a jump on the, you offered such incredible information and I know that you're subtitled break free from struggles in your relationship in all areas of your life but you just want to say that you know you walk when I walk around your house with your arms up in the air and go break free from Larry me like a personal knowledge your life because of all the programming that we've received no option but our mind is is filtering through so when it's like perceiving the world and it's projecting out into the world and
it's sad and so it's that that's like the vibration in which week if we keep your broadcasting out there into the world and because we're broadcasting to the world we keep attracting a similar thing in our life over and over again so we all have these pattern in her life that and it could be a different areas your life that just keeps showing up with a different name and a different face and no matter what you do you just can't seem to get around you just kind of equated to being like a fly that can see where it wants to go clearly you know and it keeps trying to get there but it keeps writing is invisible barrier over and over and it flies here and it gets hit the barrier it hits the barrier and no matter what if I can't get to its goal and and it just seems like there's something in his way all the time and I
have you all of us have this kind of thing in our life and it's certain area of our life you're like my best friend says we all have our cross to bear that's how she words it whatever that thing is like hers is in hell and you're some people to be finances so I'm going to be in relationship yes I'm just you know they always feel abandoned or all that type of stuff the whatever it is it's coming from this programming is that no matter what change your approach we haven't really healed that that programming that wounding and once we do once you move out you stop attracting that you start experiencing that and so that's how we can be free from you no struggle in your race isn't all areas of your life because once we heal that that that struggles. Showing up you stop experiencing life through that old
grab the old charge so you stopped receiving the world the way you used to use
I just love this is just the best information and at what point when you talk about the mosquito which is such a Perfect Analogy people find you and your work in your heal your heart for your mind book is it is it at that point where somebody struggling or their animes that are hitting a wall or is the book also good for somebody who has a happy wonderful life but once even more or more ecstasy or more passion or world as it received its programming that's if you know some are in their lives like they can have so many great things going on in my life but there's just one area that they just haven't been able to you know
and until this work is this work is for everybody you know I am being in this work and in this industry and have been amongst a lot of people who are teaching in the transformational transformational industry even all of you who are James Network we all have a tattoo pattern that we still are trying to break free from and so yeah this is for everybody really truly
it's so wonderful and I know in your bio they said that you had a near-death experience and that you actually came back from the other side with emissions do you mind talking about that for a second because I think it's so inspirational especially for people that thing that live in darkness and think there's nowhere to go and and I can't get out of where I'm at right now the fact that you actually came back from the other side it's just true a light in the darkness message I was being taken through all of this that I'm a lot of what I'm teaching prior to that
crossing over yet I didn't have I didn't have the awareness because I do still but still living in I'm still living with some limiting programming and really like I was still missing my mother deeply and over the world that exists here it existed over there and with the person I love most over there and so so even though I would prefer being divinely guided and given this I still wasn't actually be sharing it with the world and in a in a in a big way I was doing a very limited way and really it was kind of like
the Divine had to take me over there and kind of show me all of that and and and Mickey really understand all of this that I was being taken through and guidance through and and shown is and so you know
is that was that that was the I don't know truly the defining moment that made me really now do what I'm doing now and I get out of my some of my old program story so you're one of those was
old Divine as you know but I'm a certain age and I should be married with kids by his age so that when I find my right life partner and I have my you know family because I'm getting older and I won't be able to do is like stories like that that was keeping me from doing what I was told to do and I had to get freed of some of those pills stories that were I'm limiting me and that's kind of what happened to me on the other side but yeah you know
I mean there's definitely definitely nothing to to fear there's nothing but you just love and beauty on the other side and the
and you know I guess the I guess the story I would just like to share is that my father when my mother and I had this agreement we used to watch a medium called John Edwards when he was headed still crossing over and we'd love to show that we taped it all the time and my mother and I had agreement whoever died first we meet at John Edwards said yes and so I see where John Edward was going to speak as soon as and the closest to me and that was exactly on my mother's birthday August 14th until I like that's the day that's the one I have to go to and so I went to that and my father came with me
tell me what my mother didn't come through with my father believed when you died you died that's it
and so because of my mother watched a show all the time my mother knew how to get his attention from the other parts of people that were there who are looking to get a reading from him and he and people do you know he's like it started doing his description goes okay I'm coming I'm coming right over here in just a minute and he's finished and really most of the reading was from my father and my mother said things that my father could not justify that was that the sky was just you know saying that could that anybody could have rights or just guessing so he said you said to my father
but you telling me to tease you about a man A Little Bo Peep outfit and my dad's are busting down and crying like instantly right there and I was looking to do. I have no clue what you're talking about and afterwards my father tells me what happened he says that my mother used to walk along the river and he was crying you know and he was he was just stuff when he and then also arm around him you know and kind of pattern on the back of my dad looked up and it's a man A Little Bo Peep
directions for my father and hitting on my father the same time now my father didn't ever tell anybody about this right this was like kind of embarrassing kind of thing and you just didn't tell anybody I'm and so that's my mother knew she had to tell him a story that you couldn't justify that how you know John could definitely got to believe her that my mom was around you know saw this and that my mom was around so from that point on my restaurant and he took her to a Cirque du Soleil that night and kind of having a relationship with my mom but he knew he could talk to her that she could hear him I was very healing for my father in the next thing I knew you'd like
you know can I put my mother again but that seems like teaching for my father of really realizing that my mother was still around even though he can't see where he can't hear her and so and that's why I think the gift of mediumship is and why does he always gets red because they need to know it the most of the day you're normally last you know that hurts and that guilt in that unforgiveness and that's what that's what hinders that vibration what that's what we're creating our life from then if we don't heal that is so crucial to heal this wound name you know if they are alive or not for us for ourselves
thank you for sharing that story it was really beautiful I'm sitting here so it's a great Testament for all of the people there listening to the show of what's possible and how love really does you know go on forever I just searched for sharing minutes and then you know there was feeling my cat going underneath yo I'm driving South on my legs and my horse was like breathing on know like I was also interacting with all of my deceased animals when I was seeing my mother too and so you know our animals are over there as well and that was beautiful as well to have that love that
they're they're still there too and you know that we are never alone even if we feel like we are never alone ever but they're around yes you called your book a revolutionary 9 step system to permanently shape-shift your likes and at first I love the fact that it's a shape-shifting just the idea that visual image of shift shaping or you know is so fabulous because the last house you like a kaleidoscope to have the same energy and light and heart and spirit inside its inside of you and then we just a little bit of movement it's entirely different picture
yeah so can you tell us a little bit about it but I just love the idea that they can shape-shift your life
yeah well. That is like the program basically nine steps and really we are when we when we free you from the programming liberate you from the programming that has been you know driving or life in a lot of it unconsciously then your life does you know a shape-shift you know if shape-shifted now now instead of all of this year were you not good enough and that limiting programming then you are Limitless of what you can now create in your life and if you can you shape your life shapeshifter into something that you more want to live then the one
starting to you if I love you work Brandi graduations on the launch of your book heal your heart free your mind if we can find on Brandy's book ideas all of this and then I guess we wrap up this show I always love to ask you both a definition and so
for you what does healing mean to you
healing me
really I believe all healing is healing all of this so wound up being and yeah but not the one programming it says it's cool just disease is from the Manifest manifest from the energetic and wounding so you know all all disease starts than 52 in our energetic being and so as we keep this jet skis in our energetic being then all of the disease you know then that just Ben Folds away so I'm feeling just as feeling all of this so that we have picked up picked up you know
conception and the things remember the things that we don't
it is as beautiful as I always loved as I asked after John Ireland in the pasture to the Stars what is a vowel vowel is not a compliment you know I think you're sexy I like you
I always love to hear people's description as you know we always put them on the website and so I love your description of healing and for all of you are out there listening to the show today if you'd like to get a copy of Today Show if you've been trying to take notes Brandy's book and how to find feel your heart and free your mind all this incredible information that she shared about the wounding and the subconscious and all his ways that you can have it clean stay and start your day is Friday does with a smile and sun shining in your heart
if you do everything you can simply send a text to 55678 really easy send a text to 55678 and the messages from Nicole you can download a copy of a shell into any mobile device and listen to it over and over and over again and get this incredible information that she shared with us today and Brandy and I wish you all of that so thank you for taking your time today to deal with us and to share this material I love what you doing and I'm so glad you came back from the other side to be with us and to be honest Mission and to share this incredible work that really is helping people start a new and start cleaning and I love you can not just erase any of these stories that aren't serving you but you can open his face to create a new stories of joy and happiness and peace
I'm blessed and that happily ever after we all dream about and desire and deserve
yes thank you thank you Nicole so much for inviting me to be a part of your show it's been such an honor to be here with you and it's been truly a blessing to actually get to know you as well thank you I feel the exact same way we still look forward to having you here again and feel for Brandy face swelled and for myself Nicole Brandon we are wishing you a beautiful stick hack it a week and a half Lee ever after and they all your wishes and dreams

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