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Unlimited Life, February 9, 2022

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Kerri LeBlang

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Kerri LeBlang

Topic: Kerri Anne LeBlang, Singer - Wedding Show

Description: Kerri Anne is a singer/songwriter and raw, roostsy and soulful messenger – has performed since she was 6 years old, singing, dancing, and acting and has been writing and recording music over the last 8 years, inspired by her participation at Agape International Center diving deep into its teachings and making meditation a part of her life. She has channeled such songs as “Anything Is Possible” “Let It Out’ and “Becoming Me”.

She has been nominated through the Los Angeles Music Awards for song of the year “Anything Is Possible” and has performed for the troops in Guantanamo Bay Cuba and has also recorded inspirational dance music and her song “Welcome To Your Life” is being mixed by DJ Terris of Athens Greece, she has recorded at Inter scope Records and has performed at The Agape International Spiritual Center.

Kerri Anne channels high vibrational songs to help raise consciousness on the planet from weddings to corporate songs. She also customizes songs for clients.

To learn more about Kerri Anne please visit her website:

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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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well hello and welcome once again to wake up women wedding before I do I do and after I do this is one of your cousins to dance right there along with Nicole Brandon my co-host it's great to be back on air with you guys again tonight and welcome over with us hey Nicole
High School grade to hear your voice I know it's so fun to it's like one inspired you know it's just it's amazing how things can happen in such a short time and it was magic and can be created out of nothing and what's coming on the guys but it's a great weekend too and she's doing how much because this weekend is actually gas cuz I don't know if you know it's just a let somebody tells me it's great and I can't wait to see it when it comes in or comes out where I can see it at home but so tell me about Oscar weekend and what your pics are Nicole actually it's a very difficult week
how many Great Performances to the racetrack and he told me that I could get on any horse I wanted to and so I did on everybody because I didn't want anybody to feel bad leaving them both ways to do right and even though I feel at the performance
yeah I care isn't and films and certainly another I guess they're just like a director's to blow your world away until I guess tonight is actually part of something called project in Los Angeles, Nevada
I got to have the Munsters car you have to help you clean carpet Santa Fe and they have performances even include Guns and Roses they have a whole bunch of people that are there for a scholarship and I know that tonight's going to be a killer waiting for her I guess it's not how it does that voting process take place in your online how you go through making a judgment called about the Oscars and who you wind up kicking to be
your choice what was that process like for you is good to hear
you're supposed to as a voter see everything that you can you even when you look in the newspaper you feel a little line. Can you remember that number again and you're invited to bring you and a guest to go to the movie theater in the United States can you copy of the movie but I always look for it is something that just totally touches me in a way I've never been touched before I always know whom with Part of Me on those uncovered or some something in the lighting in the direction Something in the exhilaration something that gives you hope for the future
high performance in my own being I have never been and commute at the extraordinary performance if I could get I'm watching a movie and it's so seamless that I actually think mine are 12. So our other co-host has just joined us can just come on the line and so he can welcome to the show me how are you we were talking about the Oscars and we were also talking about that tonight that we could party tomorrow night at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles
she's doing a benefit for kids tomorrow night a green card with the gift of songs plural. Calm and you can see more about that in the notes on the homepage actually yeah, homepage is Project green so what a great thing the vehicle before the Academy Awards you have like two parties where you are
I want them on TV from times
that's not a big endorsement
I have a friend of mine who is an actress and a very talented actress like her dream was always to have a crib for a little while to have the family and she did a little boy Oscar and her little girl and dad I mean not really taking the shift into another direction of reality when you can be. Creative so that is something that people tell me why you would tell me what that means for you
it says you can get a change in the name from the Academy Awards has he been following it but they're changing the name from the Academy Awards Oscar symbol itself and I think that I know for certain in my own world in my own life any recognition that you can ever get any public eye or any Global will be recognized for your gifts and talents little tiny brush Strokes in length has little tiny emotion two things that I found where one would consider having Avail in front of them being penetrated as a person and being penetrated and I think that one that's recognized amongst your kids there's nothing more beautiful
check the fact that your loyalty and your instrument is recognized for the gift that you were given on this planet like thanks that's the thing you also nominate people I don't nominate okay and as far as nominating for the film's there Academy members that have either one Academy Awards are different ways that you can get into the Academy's you can be ghosted in a lifetime achievement
I absolutely get to nominate choose the writers which is
okay. Carrie and I know she's not but Karen got some background about that that's a great cop out I'm so excited that we have a website coming up and Link ear biscuits website and so for those of you that the exercises I mean we had I think the most fun shooting Bridal boot camp that I've ever had in my whole entire life I needed everything from tearing shopping bags to chasing two year olds to Toys R Us
wow it's not the general say it's not a standard title will happen it's very much like the color and so the information that you're going to be receiving and over the 90 days over the year or however long that you're with us into your marriage and hear you're getting married musically for you took your marrying someone with children
if you had the biggest word for you but you think you're going to learn start over if it's a matter of Fitness if you want to fit into your bridal dress if you need to lose 50 lb and how to do that or if you just need to learn how to be stressed and relax because you're letting Jitters we had someone amazing doctor least now I believe you have her as a guess it's going to be teaching how to get rid of your wedding Jitters we have someone's going to teach you how to drop in and be present in a little bit and Nino and seeing your beautiful face on that one and just just tell that whole thing was set up was just sick Hackler thank you until we even have goal setting on there which is great because we have one of the top goaltenders and what he does is he asked you did you pick your van to you Sunday
I so really keeps you on point and keeps you on track and then how you go about doing that what happens if your parents got divorced when you were five and they're both showing up at the wedding what happens if you have a party for you to all the questions that you have inside of you you can have an answer there everything that you're looking for you're going to be able to find that to truly it is global bridal gowns and Bridal Community I can't wait to be out there every day and what it looks like
I'm the writer I'm not the technical person but I do know that today I saw a really beautiful version of it the happiest person on the planet but I know that if people are sick people I just wanted to be perfect and wherever they are and so that are offering you advice and information to format Excel our audience will be able to really enjoyed from around the world
well well that's fantastic so I brought Karen back and I think there's a sound is better now so that's great so can I want you to talk about your your work with the Mars Venus work while we're waiting for our guests and do you know what is it that you wanted to be brought to the show because I know you have some ideas about this then you know you've been married a few times and you know how to do you know what you've lost a few husbands tragically and so what is it that you want to bring to this show
can you hear me yeah and then became the Mars Venus and then you know why they haven't had at work and now that I've been able to
there's some crackling the lineup for the weather back there
kellyanne has just arrived
Nicole's co-host I'm so grateful I was just sitting here praying and Fabulous
are you done a great job Kelly and Carrie an interview with you because you have done some really amazing things and you know Nicole was telling us about your to your event tomorrow night so let me go and read your bio and introduce you and then we can actually start going from there and talk about the amazing things you do is talk because it's a great another great topic for weddings took Carrie Ann long is a singer-songwriter and raw root C and Soulful messenger she has performed since she was six years old singing dancing and acting it has been writing and recording music over the last eight years inspired by her participation and Agape International Center diving deep into his teachings and making Medical
it's a part of her life she has to put song than anything is possible let it out and becoming me she's been nominated through the Los Angeles Music Award for song of the year anything is possible and has performed for the troops in Guantanamo Bay Cuba and it's also recorded inspirational dance music and her song Welcome to your life is being mixed by DJ Paris of Athens Greece International spiritual center and you can click on the live streaming October 27th which was my birthday by the way and just talking about her website telling High vibrational song help raise Consciousness on the planets from wedding to corporate songs and you can follow her at Carrie and long that's b l a n she has parted and
coupons for Jesse's place to help raise funds for the community center in Africa to support the survivors of genocide. And working on her debut full-length album release for 2011 because to you have out now. She has original High vibrational inspirational songs available on CDs for sale so don't miss this transportation to Transformations she's been told him music and the drive on the 405 to welcome to the show.
I had the opportunity to hear you sing and it's so fun so they're not as familiar you know what the artists and you know who are working to our recording people would and oh my God you can really sing in gosh what you're doing with your music I love that you're just hearing it in such a beautiful way
yeah I emailed me is I've been creating songs ever since I was old enough to talk I hate songs about my toothbrush and songs about my locker at school and he don't even turn the challenge and very difficult times as a child is being bullied to stay healthy because
are you the one of the things that's amazing about that is that he'll that gives you the ability to have that whole transformational elements like you've actually done it Carrie Ann in your you know you're bringing that to the world in a way that it can be used and received by the people and also vibrationally helping cyst on the planet
solutely tremendous gift so talk about strange from corporate to weddings so what what got you or Nicole can see how did you get from you know one end to the other and then we're going to spend some time on the Weddings But how did you get from all these different places you've been from toothbrush to bullying to corporate you know excetera and I've continued to that's my go-to you know Healing Place to be able to go and you know expanded and balls and learn how much it's not about me and how it's about everyone else
it was really just for the joy of it I call people up on their birthday and I just express myself or how I feel about them and the words that come through you know it's not happy birthday I've been doing that for so long and actually just one day about 3 years ago I think it was 3 years ago and all the sudden it was like
an aha moment you know I mean that they'll just raining in my my mind like loud yeah I guess it could be you know we can't do that you know and collaborate with Don has my other gifts just being a collaborator gone from like you said one end of the spectrum to the other and you know I've literally create songs for people that are here living and songs that are channeled through me is what people who passed on as well
well the way you do that I mean cuz I don't tell you know I'm a psychic and you know how does that color come through you because you know Tim Lee has its own gift in its own right so how does that move through you
well thank you realize when I realize I'm a channel is because the very first song that I really truly wrote that I woke up myself it came through to me in the shower in the shower and get in the shower you just you know you really open you're just you feel really relaxed and comfortable and that is what I call my birthing chamber and then I also found that when I'm out rollerblading or out running on the beach to clean an instrument in my life and I'm recording like on my schedule recorder on my phone as things are coming through so that I'm making sure that I have a copy of the ideas
yeah because I couldn't remember something for you know 10 minutes later so I wondered how you you actually brought that in his track of things as they come that I can go back and rework them right now I just feel so humbled and I feel so blessed that I truly and the channel for A&E for anything and I just find you know it's just a most joyful experience to be able to tell someone story to music
have you done a thing like that for Nicole
not yet so do people tell you about themselves that their people are getting married do they say you know this is my man Frank and this is how we met and fell in love and you just meet them at automatically know this is their energy and they are and this would be the time for them to be the Mother-in-law or family members or friends but if the story but like you said Nicole
whenever they want or you know if to me and then I allow my natural ability to let that sort of alchemize together you know and that's what really is an amazing experience because he's like is just dropped when they hear what I come up with and again I just say that's me being open and letting it come through
is there any is there any possibility carry into cuz I like walking through a couple or a scenario that you've done and maybe give us a few bars something you've done for a couple Venture it was going to be a business I said let me do it for my clothes to your friends and you know this time around
appreciate it was just so easy to love someone he's just so easy to love
so easy to live with
wow amazing that you can just do that and then you can get us 5 years ago but I need very quickly I've actually had to have a strong and ready to to give within a week
that seems like very short notice you know early enough to start to work on the song you know a few months in advance and then I'm kind of working on it because you know it's really interesting and you ladies both noticed sometimes it doesn't come right away because energetically whatever is going on with Dan I'm not really connecting with until it's the right time and then all the sudden it just flowed through the rest of the song will just come in the first come together and it'll be complete you know before the actual wedding day of court and we also offer the lyrics to be in the program because I found it after I perform an original song and everyone in the audience couldn't connect as well and they
really truly be part of the experience so I learned just really truly incredible
well it when you do that too I mean just when you done with that little bit of that song it was just almost like your voice was creating ripples of energy into space sound like how amazing would that be to do at a wedding for people I mean just really love all your website I think that's really yes and you know there's a couple of ways in which way do I turn around
person who were celebrating computer everybody gets to experience what they help create
email to everyone that she was going through the chemo and the surgery and he renamed himself to think positive 2010 and I wrote a song called thinking positive for them
another you know what occurred to me when you've done that kellyanne you don't obviously it would be I mean that they're your Creations but the American from what we heard just a little bit of your tongue I can't imagine that there would be a single song that you wrote that I wouldn't like but these things are they really are there property they're not yours anymore to do other things with
they have the license to own their own version of the song I would never rely on with your lyrics and I'm kind of actually going in the direction where I'm going to have a customized song catalogue where people can actually go online and select Melody and then tell their story and kind of in that format where it's very easy to to go through the whole process online I'm in the process of creating a business model and then and then I have to ask you just as we're talking about it here's a performance isn't it touching the visual I would like to perform amazing I mean talk about talk about an appreciative audience couldn't be more appreciative of every word
knowing the lyrics to my songs and singing them I mean that was one of the most extraordinary
what songs did you put sing for them. One was called anything is possible in the other was called
I'm sorry that you go when you when you go to court I'm okay and you can go to real that you're there and you know that they needed to do with their lives and really welcome.
did you by chance create a song for them
do you know because I really wasn't doing it yet at that point
or you have a way with words cuz I'm on your website gift of thongs and you have some wonderful things that you say with words Boomerang of blessings harmonizing our connection. I'm just really you know a lovely use of love language
thank you so much I have a deep appreciation for words and language vibration of the word then it's different things come to me you know I Channel different ideas at different times and children I'm a vocal empowerment coach
I have to ask you that something on your website you have mother and daughter when I was looking down in Hermosa Beach and one of the sisters and I would have thought that was in the greatest
I would have loved to have done that with my mom as well I mean I do
Azelastine with your parents in the car and you know whatever in there I mean to be able to do that next week
did you ever feel like people are really too old to learn that or that they can do that you do fairly easily and an actually wind up with something that sound alright well you know it's interesting cuz I have to work with people that can already thing I don't think that at all. Approach to be connected you know in their hearts and really grounded within themselves and the sound comes from the vibrations and I teach about opening your chakras as well so it's a very different approach to sing and that's why I'm so cool and power McPherson's vocal coaching
yeah opening
that's really why you also help with us to eat for your talking about as far as keeping them calm and focused and helping them
absolutely and you know I think that's what it what gives each of us the opportunity to be the right fit for somebody in the right fit for a bride is that we do make them feel that I make them feel comfortable and relaxed as possible I would be more than happy to offer my techniques of meditation and relaxation and anything I could to to really help them through that process and he really thought of it that way but when you close it that way then that's what comes with working with me is you know really keeping you relaxed and feeling great and being able to be confident and Trust in what the final product is going to be
have you ever had requests from Brides to go and sing for themselves they like their Val D'or for them to creatively use their voices or you know even with this could stand more tall and more powerful in their voices work. Just about me singing I work with others to create one of my female friends would we collaborated together on her heart to all of that you know anyway where I can be a guide and a Cochin
truly amazing. What about cost because one of the things that you know I feel on your website you got kind of have a sliding scale but you know what you've done with the kids things are very affordable which I think is what about the song the one you actually customize song for people what's that reigned run in terms of people's budget
do you know it really depends on the song and it depends on the level of production and what I realize is my time and energy is worth a lot I put so much into everything that I do, you know it cost me so much and I've gotten very little at time I do a lot of things that I just donate my time and donate my music because if I believe in something and it's really one of my my heart passenger cause that I believe in the car I mean we're starting at $1,500 and up from there
but that doesn't really affordable for what you offer I mean that's something that lasts a lifetime and it's actually kind of a legacy for brides and grooms and that special day I couldn't agree with you more and that's what I share with people is a legacy and that's why I especially having a song like that I presented with a CD with their pictures on the front of the CD I also provide them with the lyrics that are printed out and a very special type of paper and I just give the full package that it just makes it the most special gift and I believe it's invaluable
I think it's I mean to have your own personal phone because we didn't specifically and exclusively for you and your love and your beloved in Your Love Story and energy of who you are together with the things that it kind of falls in the price of category and he was going to call you know as we're interviewing Carrie and it feels in some ways like Tamara Santana who we interviewed last week who gave people that stain out of quality and photographed like she said she would give people left iPhone grab that they wanted and it feels the same way carry on like that same gift from your heart two people to do what they want with
absolutely yeah I mean it brings me such joy to to create their story and to be able to put it into that format and he do music as we know she has such a kisses have a vibration and it just can move mountains and tell people how they can reach you your phone number your email your website if somebody would like a person my phone with the very best way to reach it is just as at my telephone number is 310
want to come we were posted as well at Gifts of thongs and if you want to just go to the website that's a gift of song. Calm and Carry and phone number is 310-927-3000
it's perfect we actually have to work with both one organization called fortunate Angel and then project for the last 2 years after sweet that they have each year prior to the Oscars on Sunday after this event is going on at the Petersen Museum tomorrow night from 6 to 9 and Saturday afternoon from 12 to 6 and I will be performing their so for anyone who wants to come out and hear me live doing some of my original music and some cover songs that I can spin to I'll be performing at the
wonderful organization that would love people to come out and support and I will have that CDs for sale as well and I don't want about in the upcoming weeks. Because I know that. And I and Nicole and several of the wake of women are all going to be gathering in Los Angeles on the 28th and going through those like second or third of March are you doing anything in Spring any gigs during that period of time that we might all be able to join you at location Hollywood but I have not heard yet and I may have something coming up at the Beverly Hills Hotel that I don't have any dates yet I have to keep you happy to post and promote them in certain we have our own upcoming events
760 Wilson Boulevard
city of Los Angeles California so beautifully I actually spending New Year's Eve special about upcoming Visions you have for yourself. Where is it you see yourself going in the future with what you're doing or things that you're really excited about it you have upcoming what's what's next for you in this amazing journey
thank you so much for asking I know it's early in the a.m. pack and me being healthy as a child with having the singing in the dancing in the asking and so much opportunity to really give back and help other children can I offer my workshop on my teeth that I bring to work so I'll let your voice be heard and what we do is we gather with the children are there individual answers and take the answers about your dreams and their fears and what makes them unique
the children about my experiences and then really just being there for them and I think the younger that we can speak with the children in the better I mean we're seeing a lot happened this week at least that. I really feel that can be very very committed to being a spokesperson for anti-bullying to be able to bring this song Workshop into schools at in to after-school program to other women one of them does drum to learn she's amazing she teaches children through the drumming time teaching a nap and teaching them reading incredible Damita who does social graces and manners and we've all the three of us women have done some things together so we're working on getting some funding grants and and just really getting this program
in the world I also just look forward to traveling with my music I was at the Sundance Film Festival I'm looking forward to going to the Toronto Film Festival ultimately want to be able to pursue my acting and my music all together you know my intention is to be able to write more music for soundtracks and to be able to as well
what a great future you have in store for you and I'm wondering if you witnessed bullying have you done a bowling song Together called designs laughing and we're working on a studio so I can get up on my website but I really am I'm going to be working on has been really encouraging that as well
yeah I think because that is you know like a low-grade Mantra if you know and then with your voice and what you do with found it would be a great start of vibrational thing to just have floating out in Space the people could be humming along and sing along and eat on their days and one of the things lately that I've realized is that when I'm traveling if you're a lightworker all the sudden I'm traveling a lot and I'm listen to whatever TD I'm listening to literally I become a deacon for different frequencies as I'm driving and yes you're doing what you're doing. I could imagine that you could go and with your voice so you can really amazing thing to just people's hearts and that energy into the new place and also to get children power and yep me to give him you know their own sense of self-worth in their own sense
as well as the other
I'm sorry does it feel like I'm going to call it really does.
and you don't want to talk to me it's so beautiful lips and Devon St John and they do something called talents days I think you know everything timing and we've met a couple times I was tired of the to elevate Studios and Elevate films family I was working with them last year and get Yvonne and Rich and everything because I was going to reach out to them and let them know how passionate I am about creating videos and songs and staying out there and you're doing the amazing work that they're doing I mean terrible work in the school thing I'm very aware that I would love to party
a lot of work with kids around giving her a call and tell me about work that they did what they would they would take all the kids and the step and there was never a dry place and what do we do if it would say how many of you have fill in the blank and then you would want one side of the room and an hour and everybody would get to see how they had wound up being bullies picked on self-esteem less than Prejudice you name it figured out there
and dump it again and you and your song I can just imagine that would be an amazing fit
absolutely I couldn't agree with you more and I and this is just a very recent thing that I went in
well I look forward to where this takes you and I'm so grateful that you would come and be on the wake up women wedding show and one of the things to call it's just heavy things are so spontaneous and magnificent each one of these are absolutely and I encourage know all of our listeners to find you I mean truly go to www you know. Get two songs. Commerce call terri-ann at 310-927-3050.
oh I'm so grateful and we all know you know things happened right at the perfect time, so we still have you for a couple more minutes. Talk about what it's like with the groom we talked about the bride so what is it like with a G and how do they fill up for all that
well I have to say that this you G I work with they been great I mean they share their heart so openly with me and really played a major role in the contribution to the song really collaborated with me and such a beautiful way
so it's not that they want sex of the other is more receptive to this everybody really is that when they're working with you there's everybody shows up for you and let you know you may be something that the Mother-in-law wants to get the couple you know for their wedding so then the couple could not be knowing about it but they wouldn't doubt in that works out really just depends on which the gift can be prevented
another another curiosity I have you done like a wedding album yet of songs
know what I've done is a compilation CD with about four or five of the songs that I've done that have been predominantly love song Some wedding songs but other kinds of songs as well as a birthday song What you mentioned to you earlier is really a unique song about this person and it's in particular songs to wake up women weddings I think that would be spectacular every week to have that beautiful vibration floating out into space and just your light so if you're willing to do that we would love to play that and promoted every week people always talk about it remember the song I fell in love
homicide at their wedding in the heart forever and thanks for thanks for joining Nicole and I at least get you you know be gifted by what I have to offer to them
how great will listen thanks again for joining us and so next week Nicole is we got a couple of those are the Saturday show for wake up women which I'm doing with another one 400 wake up women authors we're going to be having Kate Michaels on Saturday morning from 9 to 10
well that's very cool you know way more people than I do so this is great I I get to tag along on this one and then the scary cabin and that should be a fantastic feeling very silly talking about you know the other thing I do love about the show Nicole is that she's any talking about image from the heart and how to have brides and people dressed from that place of image that lives inside of them as well from who they be and there's no one better in the world to do that then Terry gave him his beautiful inside and out and knows how to make people feel that way look that way and then share that lady that was the world so
so I think that we have a couple of great shows coming up and then the other thing is that we wake up women are going to be all gathering in Los Angeles next week and we're going to be part of an event with Debbie Allen and Barbara Nivens on marketing
something marketing and marketing and media marketing and branding media but I think it's the title and they're doing some wonderful thing again. Answer that play some heart into presenting ourselves on the camera and do we be in our business site correct in the website is the event is Friday March 1st at the Beverly Garland Hotel yep and her website is deby d e b b i e i o n a l l e n and. She's going to be partnering with Barbara Niven to do and I think you can also find a flyer for that at Barbara Nivens
website which is Barbara Niven and i v e n s calm and unleashed the star so again I seen you in Los Angeles and I invite all of our listeners
sounds good. 6 have a great safe trip coming home and everybody have a blessed week and will be back again next week thank you so much.

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