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Unlimited Life, December 29, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Toni Bua

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Toni Bua

Topic: Forever and a Day - The Fairytale Romance of Toni & Gene Bua

Description: Wife, soul mate, lyricist, partner & best friend - storyteller, guide, voice and scribe of one of the most Romantic Love Stories of all time - Her own.

This passionate love story is a magical journey beyond the imagination.

Her story is compelling, compassionate & creative. It’s a journey of ups & downs, pitfalls & promises, dreams, shear madness & nightmares. Her Love Story on & off the screen has touched millions around the world.

Fans were so intense they had to be escorted by the police for their personal appearances. Sometimes fans would even track them down in restaurants & just sit right down and join them. Fans felt as if they really knew them.

From Parkinson’s thru Cancer - From Broken Marriages to Promises of Eternity, their love story will touch every heart, move every spirit & inspire every soul to love deeper, better & more profoundly than ever before Toni and Gene’s story will awaken the gifts & the magic of love.

The results are wondrous!!

True Love. True Commitment. True Care and a True Passion for Living!

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Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

hi it's Nicole Brandon and welcome to hourglass bride I am so excited and so elated For Today Show we have such a special honored guest with us today we're talking with Tony. And when I created the show it was my dream and my vision to give you the very best keys and tools and techniques to be able to unfold the happily-ever-after and really have that kind of Lifelong Love that we all dream and we all desire and we all hoped for and we all know if possible and today's guest is going to share with us one of the most extraordinary love stories of all time and the most remarkable part it's her own Journey
Tony's Love Story from the very beginning has been such a beautiful orchestration of emotion of Love of high notes of low notes everything that you would want Heaven on Earth and likes to be and so much more and of course life is filled with obstacles life is filled with barriers with hurdles that was Klein is how we go through those and the commitment of the heart really is what we're looking for when we say I do what are we doing and so today's guess Tony is just extraordinary some know her as a friend as a wife some to her at The Lyricist as a lighter and the remarkable talented and creative being someone who gives a philanthropist
her charity work her work for Humanity is just extraordinary she's an actress and writer best known for soap opera of course your life would be the love of life she also worked on Somerset she's worked on another world and we're going to talk about her credible career but mostly today we're going to talk about her incredible journey through this career and a journey of the heart the spirit and the soul and how her own talents Lawson and her own life group in the process of falling in love so welcome today whatever I'm so privileged to talk to one of my personal Heroes and then to Tony goes welcome to the show
good afternoon and happy Sunday day mix how are you I'm wonderful how are you wonderful and talk to you and your friends out there an online and in radioland I'm so pleased you're here and I would get so much to talk about today I am going to get into my things to ask is when you were a child going back I mean when you were 5 and 6 and 7 and people dream of that I know for myself I wanted to be Miss America or people want to be astronauts did you know that this would be your journey one of one as an actress and a writer and a creative career and did you know that your journey would be of the heart and of love
I knew that it would be of the heart and of love I wasn't the least bit interested in getting married or having a relationship all I wanted to do is be an actress and a writer
show me the love part with Jean came as a great big surprise
when I was little I used to being all the school place like many actors have been and also in school like right fairy tales and stories about angels and fairies in the grass and apparently they caught on because the teachers would always have me go to the older grades and read the stories to all the grades in the school so I was making up stories when I was very very little and acting when I was very very little in that's mainly what I was interested in and did you have that romantic fairytale relationship around you make your own family life or was it something that you longed for the outside or did you see a movie and say gosh that's what love looks like or that's what fairy tales or fantasies look like
well that's a good question Nexus you always ask I did see a movie that affected my life greatly when I was very little until it hundreds of times and at the same time I understand Jeanne had been watching it from another part of the world which is called One Touch of Venus from 1946 with Ava Gardner and Robert Walker Jr I believe it's a guy and it was about Venus Aphrodite coming to Earth for 24 hours to find true love and that affected me a lot I love that I wasn't aware that I was looking for a partner but I guess that movie affected me greatly and from then on I was kind of I guess waiting for Gene without knowing it
it's interesting you said that you're waiting for Gene without knowing it because I think about State and I seem to remember somewhere that you were casting a part in a movie that would put you directly in contact with the love of your life but your father didn't let you go is that true and the movie was called The Prince and the Pauper and everybody can see it. I guess it's on YouTube now or something like that and Gene was Miles hand in the hero and I was to play latice princess and princess and I believe I got the part and my father refused to let me go he said I was too young to go to Ireland where was being filmed so I didn't get to meet you in at that time we are we waited till love of Life 2 years later
that's remarkable. It's super those that are new and listening to his program you fell in love with your husband and your partner in your soulmate on a soap opera
oh well then I came on six months before June and they hit had hired to two actors for me one an older one to to buy from Gene who actually was older than me but he looked very very young and yeah he came on his bill Prentice the boy who I was to fall in love with and to wish you know it's amazing he was just amazing he's beautiful and for those of you that have seen him when he was young like when we were young he was like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen however when he came onto the set me being friendly Tony wanted to make everyone feel at home and I've been there for 6 months and I was in kissing everybody around and I said hygiene I'm Tony Ball my name at the time and welcome to love of life and he went
I'm preparing
it's great of you who are getting into my emotions I'm getting into my character I'm getting into place where you stay away from me until I'm ready to act which I don't do that method at all and I thought what I don't even know if I used that word at the time but I thought he was horrible I thought he would have stuck up conceited act my God and I'm going to have to play with the sky
that was our first that was my first reaction to Gene sterical know you were very young and very playing you don't understand Opera and that was a love of life
since I was a Polish descent I didn't have an accent but actually Jocelyn Brando is my mom Marlin sister and we were supposed to send and I was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks in other words we didn't have a lot of money and then I became test krakauer Randolph Prince's Randolph Prentice Randolph Prentice I was many many times as well so stars are and I married jeans three times on the show and once in real life so we can head for weddings we were very very very married
scary clown that's so funny and then how did it work to have real feelings and to actually have the world watching as he fell
it was magical we practically fell in love almost that same day
as soon as we got on camera together when the camera came on something very mysterious and magical happened it was electric we looked into each other's eyes and then after you were saying the lines of this script on love of life but there was a whole dialogue going on within our souls somehow and it caught on with and it caught on with America and it was a magical thing for many many many years it crossed the line of Mystery
when mystery almost makes sense
I remember hearing that when you would go out that the police would have to go with you because even when you went to restaurants or people just come sit with you a lot of New Yorkers are a little more sophisticated than that however they would come and sit at our table and restaurants but yes when we went out of town and people knew we were coming we'd be swamped so that we had to have like police escorts a lot of the time not all the time but a lot of the time and one time I think it was in Providence Rhode Island they busted the stage down even with the guards actually busted payoff
I mean people just looked at that and said This is Love between the movie that I wasn't allowed to be in and the tub time I met him on love of life he got married to an old friend and there was a baby on the way it's on Justin so it will yes it was very much like a soap opera very complex and
very Jagged Edge to yes
I mean over come back to finally find the love of your life to have the entire world watch you fall in love and to have the world is your playground and have his emotional state as your playground and then to have this real-life soap opera must have been quite an emotional experience for someone so young and so in love
it was and I as I said long ago I didn't want to get married I didn't even want a relationship and part of that was still in me at the time even though I was madly in love with jeans
so I didn't know what was going to happen and I think part of my real reality was in love of life I I crossed you know the Land of Make Believe into reality so and I almost didn't even know what was real and what wasn't I think it a particular point
who is crazy
and when I look back over your history and look back just at that time in your life and the public I was so focused on you I think that you were even on the cover of a magazine for being one of the 10 most beautiful woman in the world from the earth isn't that remarkable though that that you would be looked at as one of the most glamorous beautiful which you are I mean even today to me you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in and I don't need a magazine to tell me that you're one of the 10 most beautiful women in the world I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen so truly
that is that is true but just to have that
to stand up to all the time and have to answer to all the time and then be on the soap operas because I know you also worked on another world you give another soap opera but you also started writing together and collaborating that to me is just like the cherry on the sundae of the cake that your creative passion could mess and create the beautiful pieces that really has done such Norm is good for Humanity and has created such that night I do want to add one thing to the previous question last next and that's about jeans first marriage I'm so happy to say that we had to reunions with his first wife just before Jim left the planet and it was wonderful her name is Priscilla and she's lovely and the greatest thing that ever happened is what came out of that marriage which is
send Justin Justin Bieber the famous painter he's an urban artist I think he created the word and it now he's very famous Justin Bieber Norm is I would love to have Justin on unlimited life because the way his mind thanks and the paintings that he creates in his artwork is astounding so there's no question about it yes he's a genius no questions but Justin is a genius as team was
I'm so glad to hear that you had that opportunity to have something I dreamed of and prayed for and wished for and it was just a great moment a great moment
use me right now to think about it
if you had you had some sort of special birthday party celebration
Seguin didn't you ask Justin if I remember correctly yes yes his last birthday he managed to be quite himself and quite well and we went to a Scottish Pub called Hannah Shane with several of his friends and Justin and Justin's beautiful daughter Akira and he had his final birthday surrounded by Justin Acura and friends at this lovely restaurant and it was wonderful it was wonderful to the last the last few weeks were wonderful interesting Lee enough
play my God yes
yes so now tell me because I've been so intrigued by this the working together concert and I think that's actually one of the questions that we played most often on the show is Ken husbands and wives live together can they be in the same business together can they partner and also today in a world where financially it makes sense for people to be home to be entrepreneurs to work out of their homes for work out of offices together or Co raise children or families
can you work together can you create together and still maintain this magical essence of marriage and love
I can't think of a more beautiful way to live a life then to work with your loved one
it's absolutely the favorite thing I've ever done in my life it's is to constantly create with Jean every song we wrote every story we did together was like having a child to us
just incredible and it keeps everything new in a live and and spontaneous and magic and
at the end of the day we just all we want to do is celebrate whatever we created together whether it be teaching someone writing something or recording something or rehearsing Something About You singer directing we just want to celebrate at the end of the day this incredible 24 hours we spend with each other full of love and and newness and
we constantly keep each other on our toes
it was just Destiny it was Destiny and those of you who find someone like that oh my God just thank the universe thanks. Thank God because it says maybe once in a hundred lifetimes
you know if that's what you really want and that's what you really long for I do believe that you can say prayers and ask for that kind of a relationship and then the trick is I think the trick is to ask and pray and know that it might come in a different form than you imagined and then let go let go of the idea that you have of the relationship or what it is you wish for you or your best Destiny let go of the idea and let it come in a different color if it wants to
that way you open the door for every wonderful possibility that's out there
hopefully your best Destiny and best probability
it's such a beautiful advice thank you so much for that and I'm curious because you are acting on the soap and eat meat on the stove and the very first day you start to fall in love yes where did the music come in I let him read my Diaries not that there was anything much in them but apparently I wrote kind of poetry that was pop stuff full of fire and passion that I didn't even know I had and he said oh my you have to be The Lyricist for my music I need a Lyricist I'm a songwriter I'm recording artist will you be my Lyricist I didn't even know how to write a lyric I didn't even know if it was supposed to ride I didn't know anything about that kind of thing
and I think the first song I wrote with him called The Last Unicorn I believe it was about a unicorn and he just loved it and we started writing like that on love of life during breaks were waiting to film I would start writing lyrics that then and I've kept it up ever since I can write anywhere I can write in the recording studio when another song recorded I can still write a lyric with all the chaos going on
it was really astounding because he was just brilliant he was a brilliant composer
a Madman that you would be able to write without even speaking that you could actually read each other's thoughts and creative process and that he might start on something and you could put words to it
I could put words to it end toward the end when he couldn't really Express that much anymore I also picked up was able to pick up the music as well he wanted to put down so did our musical director Daniel Alexander he became so wonderful at that as well Gene could just give him an idea and Daniel could fill it out
it's two affecting could communicate he was magical that way to it wasn't just me it was he could communicate with very few words
sweater pencil I love this this to me is just like a flower opening until he started writing lyrics but you never knew that you had he started writing musicals shows paper what what is pepper street because we have people listening in Moulton South African musical in Los Angeles at its time it ran off and it became a cult hit people start 50 and 100 times it was awarded by the White House and Congress and many many mayors in California
and we could also created with the Shelley whizin we can all my life coaching my best friend as you know her youth suicide prevention week and month in Los Angeles in September Street was about Spirit Wills that was her name a sixteen-year-old girl who thought she was the only one on Peppers drink it wasn't perfect and decided to end her life
and she met her guardian angel in Heaven's waiting room and she goes back to Pepper street with him as invisible peeping Toms for one week to find the human side of the perfect people of pepper street that was the story
and that's why I've sat down with a piece of paper and wrote up a pyramid triangle on the floor and the first one said Spirit wills and the second Point said Angelo Guardian Angel and the third Point said sister Jane Police Spirits mother and that's the part I played in with the renowned star 4 years of a pepper tree and it's now my dear friend and like a daughter to me I love her so much and now she's getting back in the business she's one of the best actresses in the world right up there with Merle
no I agree she's at I mean I've had a magical gift of watching your perform and I just she's really really gifted and talented and I'm always used to places I didn't even know that was possible just watching her perform so I could imagine that this show with your words and you were ideas and themes music and chills brilliant Talent bring it to life could have changed lives around the world
yes I do believe that truenicks I do believe that's true thank you God
Maywood bus children in and that people would come over and over and over and that either once it's already got down on his knees and apologized to his wife or girlfriend because he didn't want to come in and change his life just for a long time and he thanked her and apologize that it took so long that's the kind of reaction we had and it wasn't just children it was all ages they were busting by the way and one time a whole busload of prisoners with their guards came in and they were really tough man they were all in the front row and some of the cash is a little freaked out they were all like folding their arms feel like I'm top you're not going to do anything to me and by the end of the show they were standing applauding and weeping was amazing happens all the time that kind of thing
I love that and then you ventured onto another music on to Second Wind yes and that was basically about jeans teaching
I just took it a step further just made it blew it up into a little larger than life even though it needed to be a teacher that was the name that I gave them teacher who
who couldn't really fulfill his life because of his relationship with the city didn't have with his son so I guess that was a way of trying to heal the relationship with with Justin and him from long ago even though they had been friends since then and how did she know from working on the soap opera to composing music to writing musicals to teach him and I know that he created and acting academy with you and a program and it has literally enriched and touched so many lives and Kelly actors that we now know today and recognized today truly a living the gifts that they have because of what she has instilled in them and what you've instilled in them and see how it how did the journey continued on if you were domino in from the soap opera and two people watching you fall in love and then on your breaks your writing this beautiful music and I beautiful
start sweeping and becoming so popular and then what was next
okay well let's see the love of life
I wrote the lyrics to his music then and he was recording artist when he was young he had a hit called Ali J of all things in the 50s
so he's been recording forever and he was on Broadway in the boys from Syracuse and other shows and you know Janet has always been a great singer as great a singer is he is an actor and now a teacher of course we started teaching during another world Somerset when we were on that show together we went from Love Of Life to that show and JoBeth Williams and Jameson Parker and Ted Danson would come over to our apartment at the insomnia hotel which is now a landmark and we get together and do Shakespeare and Pinter and things we didn't get to do on the south just for fun and that's how Gene started teaching he just started directing us and we just took was great at it he was just a great teacher
that's how we began for free in the living room and then we came to count when we came to California we decided to do it professionally and we got the theater we got Subs Adventure theater and Jindo acting for Life theater and started teaching classes
Jean with the master teacher of course and I was mostly the writer-director type of person at that time
and now you are the master teacher sharing all this knowledge it's just it's such a joyous journey and I know that you've had some hardship and I absolutely want to get into bed as well because it's a love that really you know I was able to see you through all of that and when you're talkin about second wind for those that are listening to the show who have been estranged from their children or their loved ones is there a device that you would give to trusting that that love will come around or that it's possible to rekindle their relationship or with that hope fully absolutely but it takes action
who takes action on your part whoever is listening whoever desires does it takes action and the reason you can't you can't hang onto the result of it either because there may be anger great terrible sadness involved on the other side of it and you have to let that other person process that and and live through that and feel that you might be rejected at first but you have to keep trying you have to keep opening the door open the door and let him go it's almost I think it's the secret to everything Nick
open your heart
taking action
asking for something specific and knowing it might come in a different color than you're imagining and letting it go and trying and trying and trying again
never give up never give up on something so important
open your heart open your arms and just go for it let go
but such terrific advice because when I look at you Justin now it's so hard to imagine there was ever a minute or second that they weren't close he was very bitter and angry and it's probably helped him create some of that fantastic art but his nature is is all heart and he's kind and he couldn't hold on to that once we open the door and went skiing took action and open his heart and his arms let his ego go and just open the door open the tarp Justin couldn't refuse for long
he's a good good song he has early night and his daughter means it's the most beautiful thing in the world it's like very much as you talk about opening your heart you also had your own kind of subsets of children in the form of dog
I thought you were going to talk about students to animal rescue and even now do you know I would love to just touch enough for a minute even though I know we're talkin about Teen and your love story but I know that the dogs were actually Part of Your Love Story and I also think as we look at exceptions in every field and composition music everyday
it was a joy every morning we take one of our huskies and run 7 miles Outdoors was great we started around the rear side park in New York and then Central Park and then you're in California and Hollywood North Hollywood need to say to me to get me to run so how did you do something that he had a passion for this together or do you got a dog and said no I didn't do anything when I met Gene I didn't do anything I did nothing I did not think no exercise nothing I don't know why I looked okay but I did but I didn't do anything but when I was 19 20 he had me running around the track on Riverside Drive and I can barely get through one you know triple
on the track and shortly after it was a mild and to Mi 3 Mi for Mi 5 Mile 6 Mile and most of the time 7 miles we just flew together and then sometimes I'd wear a rubber suit to
and sometimes I'd wrap myself in in Saran Wrap first and then put on the rubber suit and then run 7 miles
you never told me that I love that if I have to use that for something that's what you said to me I can't do that anymore story and there was a little baby huskies in the window and we went in and I thought it was the most beautiful cutest thing I've ever seen in my life now why we didn't take that husky home don't ask me I went home and research all about huskies I just reading and everything asking questions all about huskies I wanted to know everything about them and then we at that time we ran into rescuing I mean we didn't that was a long time ago so I didn't even know
how about that at the time I had it I was in contact with the breeder in Upstate New York and we went and we got our first husky name Nani we need your Nani means daughter of the stars in Hawaiian actually and she was with us here and we brought her to California and she was the one that ran seven miles in New York all the time and she was the one in all the magazines with us not a Husky and then we started and Sabrina another Husky and our beautiful Anushka who is before Miley and now Miley & Miley
maybe maybe some of your listeners saw on Facebook the Husky that was found last Thanksgiving on a junk pile in south-central and she was almost dead they said she had a week or two to man's preferred all fallen out her place for like ham hocks I don't know what she was living on she could barely move and Hope For Paws and eldad the famous eldad from Hope For Paws Rescue her
embroider to fuzzy pets in adopt adoption agency then the whole thing went viral and she's got 16 million fans from the rescue from El dad's rescue it just caught the people parts and attention on Facebook and everybody fell in love with Miley they name eldad name to Miley because Miley Cyrus Cyrus's song was playing on her rescue and he decided to name her Miley so we can get that name stuck
and I saw on Facebook when two friends Roberta and Ruth sent the page to me and said this should be your nest next husky since you since Anushka went to have in a few months ago and you alone now but should be your next husky
and I wrote directly to Miley I was the only one that wrote to Miley the dog instead of the foundation and I said look you and I have been through an awful lot and I think we have a second chance at life and I'd love to be your mommy and even if I not even if you don't choose me you've already open my heart so I will thank you for all the days of my life
and finally they were narrowed it down to three families and they brought Miley to meet me and she wouldn't leave my side it was as if we were family it was as if we knew each other and she's right here right now with me and her fur is all grown in and she's Snow White with ice blue eyes and she's just kind of sweetest girl you think maybe she would be mean from being in the junkyard in alone and abandon all those months but she's not she's just wonderful she's wonderful to everybody she likes chosen people and and other dogs and I understand even capsule though I'm a little
so that's my Miley story and that's it, no more about Miley can go to my Facebook page she has a Facebook page and she has her own website for me if I would do that because it her pants could follow her because they care about her so I said sure So she put posts something almost every day on my way to the dog or Miley Facebook my leave the dog Facebook and you can see her and join her fan fan club if you want to and get a message from her of love and and strength and courage and humor everyday from Miley
that's just beautiful absolutely and Miley is extraordinary and you can tell in a moment when you look at Miley set the love and the compassion and understanding and the chair and I mean it it's just it's like looking into a mirror of the Soul
absolutely beautiful beautiful beautiful so I recommend for everybody listening keeping you know up with her because that's exactly what she does she seems to look in your soul she's definitely an old so no question and so now you have these dogs and you have your students which are also children and your singing and you're running and you're happy in life is grand and Blissful and euphoric and romantic and you were the example of loan around the world and then I got hurt somehow it happened that's right right at the opening of second wind
in 2000 and what was it 2001
actually 2000 Jean came down with Parkinson's disease out of nowhere
and life really took a turn and we had to walk the walk and talk the talk and learn to do what we attempt to teach
which is letting go of the result and what you think it's all about and what you think life is and going with what happens every day every moment
learning to make it magic and learning to make it work and learning to embrace and learning to let go
can't it can't just teach the lesson anymore you got to live it up so what happens when the world false
and because I know for those that are listening we've all had someone in our lives even if it's not somebody in her own personal life with somebody that we know he has had a tragedy in their life or who has had somebody go through some illness and insult when life all of a sudden happens or that throws you a wrench or all of a sudden there's a pause button when you're running quickly
where do you go what do you what do you what do you do and and what did you do
613 years I cared for Jean and he missed your courage himself or The Lion King has everyone called him went in to teach compose record producer
so the very end so he could no longer do that and that was up until the very end
so I became his anchor I guess and his caregiver
and his in a partner in a whole new kind of way because I had to take care of his body at the same time and
I want I want job I won't sugarcoat it it was hard it was very hard to see your Lion King in your hero need so much assistance as especially as time went on
and create a whole new role as a person for myself and for himself a whole new part I guess you'd say
it really builds character it some
it's hard
but it's really so growing and it's it makes your ego a whole different animal
the ego subsides and the spirit grows strong and strong and stronger and stronger and stronger
if you don't allow yourself to fall in the pit
feel pit of despair of course you're going to have these feelings
I felt stressed and desperate a lot of the time
I felt like I was in a war zone a lot of the time I can imagine how she felt inside himself with his beautiful gorgeous body that was changing day by day by day and his Lion King on Broadway voice speaking teaching
so eloquently and masterfully it's slowly started to disappear
and tell him
while at the same time I watch two spirit
and his teaching grow wiser and hugely and stronger day by day moment-by-moment
because he wasn't speaking from the ego any longer at all he was
speaking from that
magical place it's connected to the god in him and the god in you he almost didn't have to use words anymore if you listen with your soul if you opened yourself he could communicate like he did with music without almost any word you you saw that next to me oh absolutely I did question of light and energy and creativity
only crew it became brighter and brighter and brighter and the same way that we talked about that you could read his mind or that he would give it to him something you'd be able lyrics to it he was able to do that with Humanity he will see each to share his spirit and soul and you know what I think about everything that you want to I know that you could eat another show when I dream in and I know that he had a brain operation I know just even thinking about that a man whose mind is so sharp and so clear and so creative and somebody tampered with that but instead what it did when is the open the doorway and the gate wait for genius to just pour out you know what I never thought of operations to you just said that I bet that's true I bet that's what I have to absolutely be true it did open another Gateway your brilliant I never thought of that
I only thought of this how horrible it was those brain operation now I see I see that it did it helped helping him yes you're correct thank you for that now of course change my entire perception of a. Of time I'm very grateful
but your name is just and I'm sure for all those that had the opportunity to witness the Grandeur of this as you say Lion King this spirit this old is powerful powerful powerful God of a man
who shared cuz very last breath and even now we are still as in class creating allowing anything to happen allowing ourselves to fly to soar and to your teaching and your words and sharing of the story of the passion and the romance and the love you let others know that true love is possible
oh yes oh gosh it sure is it is it's it's not only possible it's meant to be
it's meant to be it just might be a little different than you imagined
once again open your heart and let go
and I was able to create an entire musical when he had Parkinson's Tracey bregman the amazing actress emmy-winning star another dear friend of both of our snacks and in class with us of course she came to us and asked us if we create a musical based on her godson who have been paralyzed from the legs down when he was very young and she asked him when you dream
can you walk can you fly and that's what you gave us and we wrote a whole musical around that called when I dream
Jean created an entire score and with me the lyrics and Tracy and Gina and I wrote the book and it's just so it's the last thing we large thing we created together and it just magical and I can't wait for everybody to hear and see it whenever it happens Tracy's working on it I love that I absolutely love that and that actually makes me think of one of the Charities and I'm involved in which is challenged air and Challenger Pilots all across the nation that donate their time and their planes and they take children up in the air that can't walk
do a wheelchair to run stretches who and they allow them to fly because there are no limitations in space and the spices
and they come out of the plane it's it's like something you've never seen before so maybe we should connect to a challenge are fantastic and the kids they take all that sounds wonderful man yeah but I do suspect the jeans was able to create this all the way at the end and then I was going to his own hardships and I know we don't have a lot of time left in in for those of you that are listening to the story and thinking this is remarkable business beginning of this Mighty Tony to join us unlimited life
to talk about her own remarkable journey and so I will make sure that that is posted for you but I just want to make sure on this show that we share the part of his love story Not only was Gene going through challenges and not only were you supporting jeans as he was going through his challenges and caretaking to you and loving him as he was transitioning and changing and becoming something everyday that was a kaleidoscope a new colors and lights and changes and shapes and different perspectives of the man and who he was you had your own Journey going on and
can you talk about that just a little 2011 as many women do I found a lump on my right breast and that afternoon I found out I had triple negative breast cancer very aggressive kind and started a whole year of chemotherapy and radiation
while I was taking care of jeans
I can't imagine that I remembered that she was telling the students that it's just another twist I don't know where mother earth right you know whatever it was you that was saying that it's all a journey and it's a twist twist you never expect something good something bad but if you look at it as a journey a journey of growth and what if possibly might sold chose to do this for some opening I need to have for some some step in life that I I need to take I don't know what it might be anybody can fill in the blanks you can guess it anything but it's all a mystery and you never say where I never say why me or why did the top why not you know there's a lot of people on the Earth why not me
and I learned how to take all these crazy situations and somehow embrace them and welcome them I know it sounds crazy to welcome Parkinson's welcome cancer or whatever tragedy it seems like you're going through but what's the alternative to just drop in a pit and cover your head up and pretend it's not happening or just Chris everything know why not take the other Road why not just do like we do in class say it's never what I think it is anything can happen just open your arm do what you have to do take action and let go
beautiful things will happen magical things will happen that you never even expected if you take that road
the other one you're so strong and you're so remarkable and your journey with Gene and within yourself is just the most beautiful story of all time and for those that are listening and I know that we just have a couple minutes here any words of wisdom or advice you would say to somebody who has fallen in love with falling in love with afraid to fall in love
open your heart and open your gut feelings
just to check out that this person is good healthy for you healthy in the best way for you if you can do that if you have the will and the wherewithal and the spirit to do that just to make sure that you don't have to
plunge race or crawl down some road that you don't need to go on
I know that's not doesn't sound like over the rainbow kind of talk like I usually do but if you if your gut feeling tells you something not quite right it's not if your heart
tells you
you can't take another path that you have to go on this path with this person for however long if it's a full circle it's a full circle if it's for a. Of time it's for a. Of time if your heart tells you there is no other choice but this person for right now then I guess you'd have to say I'm going to go on this journey we never text me and if you're lucky if you have a little bit of luck that Journey could be the greatest journey and your best Destiny and the one that you were meant to go on in the first place and I pray and I I asked and I send lights your listeners that it is and then everybody out there that's listening has a wonderful Angel to help guide them to their true love
just roll with the punches
keep the faith
and love love love be brave
control of such an amazing incredible the sound advice and I know that when she finally did realize that hundreds of people marched through to say goodbye to him
but you actually quoted your lyrics from when I Dream lyrics
it was the one I said this is where you were at at the time that he was ready to cross that bridge was incredible because this came from you from your very mirax which was it time should separate us time and space should come between I'll see you in the rainbow to takes my breath away on the bridge across forever
forever and a day
garden snakes
it's me that's most beautiful love story of all time thank you.
I love him forever and a day that's for sure and I will see him again someday he speaks to me all the time that's what I pray for in class I know he's with me somehow
study somewhere else or two doing really great stuff
absolutely it's so how do people find you and how to people and know that you were booked and I know that you have a website and know that you have school and I know the people are listening to this and there's going to be some inspired to reach out and say thank you that's Loving You of DUI acting for Life spelled out you acting for and you can get ahold of me there and see what's going on and in your in my classroom mix wonderful quotes from Gene and find out where to get our book acting for life you are acting for life if you want to and some of our music from pepper Street and second window when I dreams not up there yet but everything else is all the songs you wrote for movies and
you can get everything on there at different projects and stuff like that and guide you where to get it do you acting for
perfect, thank you for being with us today and I just sit at the top of the show you are my mentor and my hero and truly you know I adore you and I'm so grateful that you are in my world and in my life you were such a magical gift and your love story really let everyone know happily-ever-after is possible and that fairy tale love really can come true
Annex and I'm living it happily ever after is is happening to me now even though it's being on the other side I'm living it I surely am you've got a great name to your show and it's so true happily ever after I wish that for everybody just let it go let it go in a different color in a different direction than your idea is let go open your arms open your heart let go
so thank you so much Tony so for Tony both you and myself Nicole Brandon we wish you a merry and chanted week and may all your happily-ever-after dreams come true

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