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Unlimited Life, December 15, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph

Topic: Healthy Relationships

Description: Sir, Professor, Eliezer Ben-Joseph N.D, D.Sc., M.D. (MA), (Medicina Alternativa) Professor; Open International University Of Complimentary Medicine Board Certified Naturopath is known as a Master Herbalist, Iridologist, And Certified RAYID Master (Psychological Assessment Of The Iris Of The Eye) and a reknowned Instructor In Polarity Therapy And Therapeutic Deep Structural Bodywork.

Eliezer has Taught Diet, Nutrition, Therapeutic Bodywork, And Personal Development For Over 25 Years.         

Sir Eliezer Owned And Operated One Of The Largest Comprehensive Naturopathic Outpatient Facilities In The United States and has designed and implemented Holistic Protocols For The Treatment Of AIDS, Cancer, And Other Degenerative Diseases.

Eliezer is also the Host of the Top Rated "Natural Solutions Radio Show" a call in talk show helping people all over the world.

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Unlimited Life

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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hi it's Nicole Brandon and Welcome to our glass Pride we have such a special and extraordinary show for you today today we're talking with one of my favorite one of the wisest most medical doctors on a planet today we were talking with Doctor lazier than Joseph and I cannot imagine a better time to be talked about health and wellness holness and truly as we talked about the happily-ever-after how do we leave and live that kind of life that we always dream of desire and deserve and certainly our house if we all had one wish we would wish for the health and happiness for ourselves and for those that we lost I'm so excited today to welcome back to relieve their band Joseph welcome to the show
sing welcome also to the listening audience and just thank you for having me on Nicole I love doing interview when you interview me it's so much fun I Look At You by Ayo and you are amazing you are a natural path you are herbologist iridologist certified in almost every modality of Health healing and wellness known to man and I love the fact that you've devoted and dedicated your life to the wellness of mankind
oh well I have loved it you know my life is really like most people only seeing the movies it really is like that I've traveled around the world I have three doctor to doctor medicine a doctor and science dr. naturopathic medicine I study Chiropractic and osteopathic and Israel are Vedic medicine and a temple in the Himalaya Mountains in India Chinese medicine in Sri Lanka physical therapy in Amsterdam and I lived in a teepee two years studying with the Indian my life is truly amazing and I've done some things that just their outrageous I was a professional deep sea diver for the oil companies underwater welder I did underwater archaeology in the Mediterranean I helped to uncover US city offices Aria and a Phoenician ship in the Red Sea and I did a secret Dive In 1970 we did an excavation I think there's a new it's on the
Exodus it's coming out we do off where the Red Sea is where there were underwater thousands of Chariots in and the horse bones and human bones and shape of the chariot wheels and we know that's where Moses crossed with the Israelites I think there's some show coming on TV cuz we were never allowed to talk about it now they did a documentary so I've had a life like in the movies I love that this is a relationship show so I really want to know is there a secret to a lasting happy marriage
absolutely I think there are very specific things and I've known over my life that there's really about 6 very specific positive things that every marriage has to focus on and I would say the first thing is we want to focus on the positive aspects of a marriage not the negative so many people concentrate on what's improper in their relationship instead of proper so that would be the first and I can't even go through these and then we can talk about them I have number to Lily and yes absolutely go through them yes number to and this is big I think this is one of the most important is that you have to divide the responsibilities of the relationship in a way that satisfies both Partners in the relationship number 3 we have to
knowledge that when one of our make either the male or the female changes that that changes the relationship number for is we need to know when to compromise who has the bottom line say on what particular issue number five is we must accept conflict as a necessary element in marriage it's how you argue that it is important it's like fair fighting you know what did the children see when a husband and a wife were in an argument how is the end of that argument is it more people are going to bed angry at each other in the same bed or do you always make up in the tax with the children and number sixth I think you have to build on what is so unique to your own relationship what are the unique aspects of each person bring to that so those six
things my wife and I have dealt with our entire lives and right after we got married and again 35 years this year one of the things because of all my training in Psychology I was one of the first Gestalt therapist after Fritz perls died I trained with some Jefferson Campbell and he was a director of the cycle of Fritz perls and I was the one of the first facilitators after he died so one of the things that I did having known such a lot about personal growth and and relationship I made my wife and I commit to one specific thing that when my communications to her was inappropriate I demanded that she tell because how do I know I'm being inappropriate unless she tells me and at the same time
offer on what is proper cuz I always think of proper in like little pointy shoes and your hands crossed and white gloves
who was that you know all the Oldham Maureen O'Hara and that's kind of where you see the gloves and all of that yes no I think it's Behavior behavior and I made I committed to my wife that when she was inappropriate to me I would speak up and that when I'm inappropriate to her she would speak up we have a thing such as an example we just use the word stop stop breathe that when that's the signal you know it's like the communication is getting out of hand stop breathe and then but both of us have made that commitment because we love each other that whatever that issue is we stopped and we breathe for that 10 seconds and then continue and I think those six aspects of really made and that double commitment that we both made has made all the difference in the world and so many people don't they don't know how to fight fair they
they end up being angry that go to sleep we've made a commitment that you never go to sleep angry at each other ever can you imagine lying in a bed next to somebody when you're both angry and you rollover know most people when you're in love you're doing the spoon position do you know what I mean by the spoon position
and that came from what was it that movie with some old gospel my wife would know immediately because she knows every one of those movies he played in Seattle or get Michelle Pfeiffer was the woman in this in it and the other one was all gosh I forget his name big big okay and everybody in a relationship knows what that is I could never imagine going to sleep angry at my wife because then the whole night you're not sleeping well you're not going to have a restful wonderful peaceful sleep it's going to be disturbed and then you
wake up in the morning and it takes that little while again to get back to this okay we love each other and that's never happened with us because we made that commitment
so how do you when you said except conflict as one of the things I mean I know that's a hard one for me because I grew up in the house I've never heard my parents argue about anything I've never heard them raise their voices to another ever and when I asked him about it he disagreed on things she said no problem everything that we were working through as a couple and they have such an enormous love and respect for one another which they showed us every step of the way and so I know that every time there's a conflict anything in life always so ashamed to people and so how do you say okay we're going except conflict in this is how we're going to resolve it
a conflict you can think of many ways when one of 12 people are angry at each other that's conflict how you'd act in that conflict that we made very specific things can never go below the belt line you know what I mean in fair fighting you're not allowed to hit below the belt and in boxing and all of those will there's the motional things that you never you choose never to hit below the belt so the conflict is normal because everybody has disagreements there's a streams from minor conflict to Major conflicts and so I use that term it might be angry at each other, hitting below the belt in Conflict when you acknowledge conflict exists you also acknowledge never to go below the belt so is an example of some of the things that might be a belt line
sure a woman's about line would be never hit me never be physical to me that once you do that you've crossed the line and I'm out of here and so many women don't recognize that I know let's say from a man's point of view it might be or from the woman's point of view because it can happen of someone saying Okay this argument is over I'm out of here I'm not talking about it anymore and I remember the first time I did that to my wife when I just said because that happened in my family that my father didn't want to talk about something she didn't talk about it and when my wife and I were first married in that first argument came up and she said to me while I'm not finished with it and I didn't when I married you I did not elect you to determine when conversations are over and I had to stop for a minute that went well she's correct
how does one deal with Conflict for women abuse physical abuse and emotional abuse I know that I'm a very intense person when my voice gets too loud my wife will immediately say tone it down now I can either react like or I say thank you honey I'm sorry I'm getting a little too intense and so I we control that conflict we control how it's the behavior of the conflicts you cannot necessarily change what you feel you can only change how you feel it so I love for people when they go to these workshops and say oh I got rid of my anger I had a anger workshop and I know I don't have anger anymore and then I look at those I go hey you want to see me piss you off in about 3 minutes
okay so I have a question like that so I mean you were on the most renowned doctors in the entire planet and I'm so grateful that you're here talkin to have today and so what happens with health issues if somebody is overweight or like you hear people that have heart attacks symptoms go see a meeting for you go see the eye doctor how do you convince encourage support your spouse to maintain Health in to get checked
well that's when you do things together so when health is a joint see a lot of men don't realize that our let me even back up when I learned in lived in a temple in the Himalaya Mountains and they keep relationships very differently sexuality is taught differently it's taught in under the name of what's called Tantra I don't know if you've ever heard that name or not but it becomes a meditation not just a physical act that physical act is women know all my husband's all frustrated come here honey let me relieve your stress that's for him not for her and real lovemaking is looking at each other and and and recognizing that aspect of and so when I was in India. We learned basically how to have a relationship how to communicate and how to recognize
women will only tell when they're in love their husbands to do good things when the husband might be sitting around watching the ball game and and she says oh honey let's go for a walk or or let's go do something together and he just don't bother me I'm watching the ball game and where's my beer okay
and so I or she'll say oh honey don't eat that please it's really not good don't tell me what to eat then or you know they get this Eagle Park and they don't recognize that women will usually do anything to save a relationship they will live in squalor they will wear hand-me-down clothes if when they know that their husband loves them and is coming home to her they will put up with all kinds of things about such a deal with money men don't necessarily do that they need to learn you know men are in their heads women are in their hearts and men have to think these things and and women know when it's right they know they feel it and how much for a man to really develop that wonderful relationship he needs to believe that she's working for him I know as a doctor and I'm
all kinds of accolades is a doctor my I would never be who I am or not for my wife to allow me not to have to think about the day-to-day sings of running my our family my or even our business she handles everything I don't deal with money and I know she's always right on so I don't have to question hurts I'm a male that recognizes she's on my team so I'm not going to think she's doing something underhanded were a lot of men I'm taking care of the money I like that Oriental idea she takes care of that and allows my mind to be creative for my patients and clients so I'm there to support her you know so many times as an example something happens and there's an emotional trauma or something or what you know our kids
do something in the next like oh my gosh there's a trauma well I can't fix everything what I can do is give her my shoulder and let her feel my strength that I love her you know so many times when the woman is crying it's what's wrong how can I help what's it what's the matter nothing is the matter I'm just a limiting and crying I was remembering my mother you know my wife does that periodically she died to her mother died two years ago and her mother-in-law lived my mother-in-law lived with us for twenty-five years she was a wonderful woman and they were just great friends so when like certain shows come on TV while she watches Us Oak she's been watching that soap since it came out what is it Days of Our Lives to see the beginning it it's taped every day but she used to watch it with her mom while I don't watch that you know and so sometimes though I really miss my mother and she's crying and I go I miss her too honey come crying my show
not keep a stiff upper lip and get it together and a lot of men forget that they don't understands that sometimes all I want to feel is your strength just your compassion while there's some pain going on it's like pain is inevitable suffering is a choice
I love that I'm one of the things that you are caring about your wife and you were saying how she takes care of the house or the business one of you were
how to make a marriage last
keys I'm scared to divide responsibility
here's a great story of this is so funny in my wife I'm so proud that my wife is so strong a woman so when my fault when we were kids growing up and dinner was served and of course it was served to my dad's and we didn't eat dinner until Dad came home and then when dinner was done he got up and left he didn't do dishes he didn't do anything like that and so when I got married I remember I was about a week or so after we were married and I had my office above the garage in the back we had a beautiful home and a garage and then there was like an apartment above the garage so I had my office there for a while it was very easy so I can't you do I easily go to dinner I'm out of the office and I'm right at home so we had some meeting that we were going to go to so I finished dinner and I got up from the table
I left and I went to the TV and I turn on the TV and I was going to wait until she clean the kitchen and got ready and so two minutes later she comes to the living room takes the box and changes the channels well I was like we got to go to this meeting and she looks at me what did I do all day and I should look don't be ridiculous you were with me in the office and she said I thought so she said I don't remember signing a marriage contract Where I Was Your Man and not so she says to me in my wife is a beautiful woman's used to be a model and she says Eliezer I have so much energy I can either spend time keeping myself looking good being there with us when we want to be together or I can cook clean and keep the house which would you prefer while I hired some of the next
and we've had a full-time person every day from then on because I knew she didn't want to do this house cleaning I didn't want to do it I made sure we had someone to do it we've had someone ever since so she told it's that same way when we had that first argument she says I don't remember signing a contract that you get to determine when we speak and when we do how many women are strong enough to say that to their husbands
looks like I'm on a tree or something very similar with me in and you know about mopping floors for my mother is saying that you know no man ever married a woman because of how the floors were never forgot I had my parents just at a 51st wedding anniversary and they have been so much
67th wedding anniversary and we like I said we've been married. We're having our 35th so that's another thing we start in all my counseling and I do a lot of marriage and counseling and family counseling and most of the time the problems women have or the men there with they won't listen and that's one of the big issues they demand I'm the man I'm in charge while I don't remember where there's a contract and something the other thing in marriage is I don't know too many people that got a marriage manual did you ever get a manual you know how to have a proper marriage I never got one she didn't we never got a manual on how to raise children that means so a lot of times relationships are hitting Miss well it's what you do with the behavior that's not necessarily the emotion you're feeling it's how you act
on that emotion and of course you know like how many women are having let's say menstrual problems we're getting into kind of Health okay well I'm menstrual problem you know PMS will men have PMS we have it every day it's called Premio syndrome come home and then they'll say I don't care just a lot and hurry up the woman that's been with us for twenty-five years she does all our shopping she does all our meals she knows exactly how we eat her whole life has changed because we're at Del Sol so is she and we helped her family and I recognize that that person is the most important employee I have in my entire house I have a clinic in the store and
we have some employees and we pay the money I paid her as much as any employee I give her two weeks vacation every year I pay her health insurance I pay your Social Security I mean she is the most important for our relationship and I recognize that and so I mean how many men you know if she's doing it that's where the description of you must divide the responsibilities in a way that satisfies both of you you know because so many women the men expect them to be the maid make my food and clean the house and how come my shirts not iron that you know that kind of thing well then you're not looking at a spouse you're looking at a maid and so again going back to that Minstrel Park to recognize sometimes the menstrual cycle is very painful or a woman has heavy bleeding and she's having anemia
cuz of the well as a physician's I'm able to know that and so of course I was able to address all those issues because what most women don't understand is most of the time when you have heavy bleeding as a woman for heavy bleeding with clotting or you have endometriosis which is a very painful condition or you have a cyst or a fibroid whether it's on the ovary in the uterus or even in the breast every one of those conditions comes from a low thyroid and affecting low adrenals the most doctors don't treat it that way but that's a primary understanding and natural medicine naturopathy your low in iodine your thyroids not working it's not communicating to the adrenal glands very well so you're getting an adrenal exhaustion and it's the same thing as chronic fatigue syndrome 35 you know before 1973 is an example every
in the world me what chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia what's fibromyalgia its muscle aches and pains and bone pain and severe fatigue will those are the classic symptoms of low thyroid and also low adrenal that's the teeth doctors don't treat that anymore and then I think it's a political because when the thyroid is healthy and you have enough iodine in your body you can get three things you can get any known viral infection that means hepatitis and human papillomavirus and herpes and and Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus you can get a you can't get any virus you also can't get any bacterial infection MRSA or E.coli and you can't get yeast and fungus so therefore you don't get cancer now what would doctors do without viruses bacteria and cancer I think it's political
I don't know when you're saying all of this I'm going to jump in for just a second so how do you prevent that how do you do you have a product or their vitamins or nutrients or how does somebody itchy Optimal Health syroid most syroid is not treated in this country anymore and it's a very classic example of medicine has changed it becomes more based on money as opposed to truth and health so the first thing we would do is check thyroid one of the easiest ways to check your thyroid is take your body temperature you take your temperature first thing in the morning when you wake up before you stand up before do you have the thermometer right there ready now it's all digital and things now when you first wake up in the morning your temperature needs to be 97.8 or higher and most people
coming in even during the day their 97.2 97.4 snow during the day when you measure your temperature it needs to be 98.4 or higher and that's one of the easiest ways to tell that you're low in iodine do you can get liquid iodine almost anywhere it's called lugol's solution and it's 150 years old and it's a liquid you can get a 2% or 5% solution but you'd rip some on your skin and it you know I dying leaves that kind of yellow red kind of stain on your skin and you measure how long does it take for that color to disappear from your skin it really needs to take about 24 to 36 hours most people that color will disappear within 3 or 4 hours and you know they're highly deficient in iodine and it's one of the
I think one of the most prevalent a mineral deficiencies in the world today and it's so easy to understand when you understand a little chemistry and let me ask the solution is that you're getting an or a pill there's a pill you can get is called in Mineral and it's about 12.5 mg that's too much to start with so I guess I'll start with much lower dose and you'll start maybe like SS to 5% or even a 2% you start with one drop per day and you would add maybe one drop every fourth day until you get to about five drops I have gone up as high as 50 to 75 mg not micrograms per day of
by 9 to correct conditions now in the RDA the recommended daily requirement about 220 micrograms but the average American is getting only 25 micrograms where the average Japanese woman is getting 25 mg mg micrograms 10 times that and it's 250 mg 10 times it again it's 2.5 mg left it 10 times it again to get that 25 mg so nobody's taking that I'm not much when you do that you can eat seaweed but never that much you couldn't get them because it's only micrograms in a in a dose of seaweeds I think you have to take it either in a pill or drops and that
makes the difference any woman that starts on iodine as an example or even Synthroid or cytomel Synthroid is T4 inside of me was T3 I think they need to be given together or there's what's called Armour Thyroid with most doctors won't trust prescribed enough you need to do it until the temperature goes up so you at my dad let's say you start on an armor or Synthroid you add a little bit every two weeks to until you get to the proper dosage where you feel well swell the heavy periods are going to disappear very quickly no more clotting you're not going to have any more pain and because you're not having heavy. You're not going to have that fatigue because of anemia so think of that the thyroid is involved in just your entire metabolism and a lot of people don't realize it also controlled what we would call hibernation now humans don't hibernate anymore
but the brain still remembers hibernation and when the thyroid goes down the brain thinks you're supposed to hibernate so what does it do it sends a signal to your cells that every time they reproduced to make less mitochondria know that's the little energy Factory inside the cell are supposed to go to hibernate so you don't want high metabolism you want slow metabolism and another thing that happens is the fact when your hibernating and it's cold you don't want to dry out so all the fat in your body is mobilizing it comes up underneath your skin to your get this thick skin kind of thing away too easily as you do on the side of your arm take your thumb and first finger pinch a bunch of the skin on the side of your arm Italy's are pinch together and you can pull the skin up or it's a real sick
smart fat Under the Skin it's a chemical called mucus I love that word you're full of mucus in the closet commercial that they kind of monsters what once you start taking iodine and you fill up all the cells of your body not just the thyroid but all the cells of your body you lose all these other conditions I mean it's so easy to understand when you look at a little chemistry and without making a chemistry class how many people do you think he'd a grain everyday a cake pie cookie cracker chip muffin tortilla bread pasta noodle how many people eat that
and almost every day
yeah he said some of the preservative in those grain products is bromated vegetable oil when you go to the periodic table of elements and we all remember that from high school and you look at column 7 be that's the halogen group of metals and you'll see bromine just above iodine and where that mineral occurs on the column the higher up the car on the stronger It is Well bromine displaces iodine from the body how many people do you say would maybe drink a glass of tap water or shower in tap water
most people in the population absolutely
some people shower everyday
chlorine is even stronger than bromine and it displaces iodine so now you have two minerals displacing the iodine no here's a third one how many people would you say use fluoride toothpaste everybody fluoride is even stronger than chlorine and it displaces the rest of the iodine so the brain thinks those minerals are all the same they're all collagen mineral so when the receptor sites on the thyroid t43p to T1 it's sinks its iodine but it is not at either bromine chlorine or flooring so the thyroid is not working yet when the doctor does the blood test the thyroid hormones will appear normal.
yet the temperature will be very low of the bodies go by the temperature not numbers on a chart and actually the doctor now has to be careful because it's odds of a medical board will sanction the doctor if they treat thyroid and TSH is normal or low or the other T3 or T4 free T3 free T4 is normal and not so you got to be careful they treat by numbers now not by how you feel when you can't have the hot flashes and RX iodine also the solution there and it also control
I'm viruses bacteria in any kind of sickness that have you ever had any type of surgery by any means that you would know how you do what is a taint on your skin before the surgery iodine off the sheets and its embedded with the iodine and you just tape it right onto the skin and then they do the surgery that way through that material and so anytime is a disinfectant well I dying is in your thyroid key for which is a it's a storage hormones your blood goes through your body every eight and a half to nine minutes depends how heavy are the heavy you are the longer it'll take what happens when the blood goes through and comes in contact with the
it's disinfected now when the rest of the body needs more iodine a signal is sent from the pituitary to send that thyroid T4 into the bloodstream some of it goes to the liver some goes to the kidneys son goes to the pancreas and some goes to the lungs and it drops off one of the iodine in those organs so that now all the blood going through those organs gets disinfected now you have this T3 floating in your blood get lost one of the eye doesn't it bumps up against the cells of your body and one of the iodine sticks to the surface of the cell and then it becomes T2 and go skiing inside the cell now anything in your blood that bumps up against yourselves that's not good the cells disinfected because the ID
lines on the surface of the cell inside the cell one of the iodine's goes into the mitochondria disinfects that mitochondria so now it's T1 and the last I dine goes into the nucleus of the cell and it disinfects the nucleus so that DNA and everything when the cells reproduce and without the I-9 none of this disinfection occurs and that's why disease can occur when it flashes and all of that and then
he has a greater called blue cohosh and black cohosh and those are really very good again depends upon the company how much the chemicals in there that you're really buying because it could be a cheap on black cohosh and so I only use certain companies because I want the sign you know the company to send me the scientific reports on how much of the black cohosh is going to work so women is there any is there any company would recommend for people that are in there how would they find this product can we absolutely loved it since 1972 has never failed an independent laboratory study they've never failed and potent seats or they've never failed in them
contamination so I use that company and that they have a black cohosh very concentrated and it's called flash he's how easy is that to remember flashing so it's thyroid and thyroid and adrenals no think of think of depression is an example of symptoms might have to do with some depression trouble sleeping waking up often having crashes throughout the day where you really want to go to sleep you're having maybe night sweats anxiety you're having a signal forgetfulness you have no motivation no dry you don't even feel anything you're having foggy thinking irritability I mean do those sounds similar to the symptoms of thyroid of depression
don't they yes absolutely those are all symptoms of adrenal fatigue well is a depression of adrenal fatigue because there's problems with sleep patterns with your dream or fatigue I'm saying you'll have insomnia you'll have afternoon energy crashes you're going to wake up when the adrenals and the thyroid you going to wake up at 3 in the morning all of a sudden your mind is instantly wide awake and you're having trouble going back to sleep emotionally you're going to have those anxiety or panic attacks or short-term memory motivation emotions all those things I mentioned you're going to have maybe hair loss you're going to have muscle cramping and muscle weakness has those are all symptoms of adrenal you might have low bone density you might be even losing muscles you might have a very common common conditions
you know how some women get a really sick cracked heel and it cracks on the bottom of their heal and it off again crack and bleed. Those are symptoms of adrenal fatigue low thyroid and also vitamin A so when you take those within a short. Of time those cracked sick callused heels will disappear and that's a relationship because that's a secondary benefits
I love when you talk to prevent flu or the cold or the copper bronchitis or any of these things that we listen to or hear or advertisements on television for every cold medicine on a planet chicken soup is it love or is there something else we could do to stay healthy and well what would 6 years old and they have never been sick one day in their life not a cold not a flu no sickness can you name a nine-year-old or a six-year-old in the country that has never been sick one day
my daughter is 43 years old and I think she's been sick maybe four times in her entire life I can't remember being sick so it's all health I put my daughter on a pre-pregnancy program for 30 days before she got pregnant so that I knew the core of her body was healthy so that the eggs were healthy and I also put my son-in-law in a program so the moment she got pregnant she was on a very strong program with a lot of iodine and so the core of my grandchildren the very core of their being is extremely healthy and when the body grows and grows like a spiral out we're getting bigger and bigger so they're core had the iodine so every cell in their body is healthy and that's why they've never been sick
1 days and yet the school they know that and they never question you know how come your grandchildren how come you know your kids don't get sick but I did a lot of things for my granddaughter for my grandchildren when they were born they could count the five they knew all the colors and they knew the shapes of square a triangle and circle because I talked to him in utero and people go out and what I did I got speakers and microphones and I would share months pregnant we would talk to the baby and we played music classical music Brahms Beethoven Melody very soft music the whole time she was pregnant 8 10-hours a day very softly but when I taught her math we had a class every day Zack same time
and I would do I would go okay baby here's your math lesson and I would go once and I would tap on my belt on my daughter's belly I would say 2:00 and tap twice I would say three and tap three times for two weeks we did that every day 3 2 1 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 after 3 weeks I would say three she kicked three so I would say 11
so then I went to 5 until they knew how to count to five how did I teach him colors I bought every color flashlight and I bought on the plastic film so I could put it over our flashlights and I would shine we go into a room turn all the lights out so it's very dark and I would Shine the flashlight into her belly and I would say yellow and I would move the yellow around her belly so the baby would have to move her eyes then I would do green purple orange over and over again for weeks then I knew she knew the colors then I would do yellow square and I would Trace Square on her belly with the yellow onion would do red triangle green circle she knew the colors now she equated it to those shakes and when they were born there my little genius babies they never been sick and boy did they love Grandpa
it's just amazing and so to say that they've never been sick how do you keep them healthy how do you turn into a fast food restaurant near 9 and 6 never been into one they would never eat there vegetarians are except they do eat fish they like us salmon but it's wild salmon only and they only eat healthy food I once in a while they'd come home and they said grandpa I have diarrhea and my stomach hurts I ate the cake and ice cream at the party it's okay but they recognized it. Diarrhea and their stomach came from the cake and ice cream not because something's wrong and that's critical I would want every person listening when you get sick or don't feel well I want you to think what did you eat not what's wrong
and so they're on their vitamins every day they take iodine my wife I mean my daughter took iodine everyday during their nursing the moment they stopped nursing and had any kind of a liquid I would put one drop of the iodine in there so they've had I done since birth they've had vitamin since birth you just can't get the nutrients anymore out of the food I'm so sorry to say but you just can't you know I know we're coming close I want to mention one thing for women out there that is critical and that is pleased at the might make a lot of doctors upset but please every study that's ever been on mammograms shows that mammograms can increase your risk of cancer dramatically I have studies in front of me so I want you to get a thermal Grill
not a mammogram because of thermal G is the Rolls-Royce of testing for breast cancer it will diagnose and show breast cancer 7250 team years before a mammogram and the reason is is a mammogram only takes a picture of anatomy you either see the tumor or you don't thermal G takes a picture of physiology it looks at the process of what's happening and it'll see special blood vessels growing underneath the skin and the cameras very special little photograph Under the Skin the camera will use and it'll look at those blood vessels we then have the woman put her hands in ice cold water for 30 seconds to a minute and then we re photograph that's exact same breasts and what'll happen
is the temperature will go down if it's a non cancer if the temperature does not go down on a specific area we have to have that a test to see if those special blood vessels that are growing cuz only special blood vessels feed a Cancer and so you can tell if the temperature changes and I think I question why I'm traditional Physicians are not using it because you can diagnose and see 15 years before the cancer over forms that those blood vessels are full well let's change your diet now let's not wait for the tumor to form and that's critical I hope we could take that only want you to be able to share how people can find you how they can reach you on your information is just incredible you just change and save and Rich lies around the world and I know p
Elijah's biting at the bit to be able to find you
will they can always go to my house I have a radio show here in El Paso Texas El Paso Texas of all places I was born and raised in La I had my office in the Marina Del Rey for years and then on Santa Monica near 4th Street and so everybody goes how'd you end up in El Paso and I have to answer that I don't know it's been years Clear Channel and but you can get it on the web so you can go to my website natural solutions radio all one word Solutions with an S I just opened last week my start doing this Social Media stuff I haven't been doing it so I did my first Facebook page for natural solutions radio so people can go ask questions if there are
online during the radio show will ask questions or they can on the on my website to telephone number is there so they can call live during the radio show and well and they can ask any question they want I have my allergy my professor Eliezer Ben Joseph that's my professional Facebook that we just did and then my Eliezer Ben Jose plane that's my regular personal Facebook so there's a couple ways but that's wonderful we so appreciate you today and as we closed since this is a shilling to happily-ever-after do you have one key or secret or Truelove technique of how to live happily ever after how to have that dream come true I do and I read this every morning and it goes like this have I done any good in the world today have I helped anyone in need
I'd like cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad if not I have failed indeed as anyone's burden been lighter today because I was willing to share have the chicken the weary been helped on their way when they needed my help was I there then wake up and do something more than dream of your great Mansions Above doing good is a pleasure a joy beyond measure a true Duty and blessing of love
I start my day with that then I end my day with that so beautiful and I love the secrets and the keys that you shared to a lasting and healthy and happy relationship and all of the information that you gave us for wellness for health had estate literally disease-free illness free and really credible information on the star of a gram instead of a mammogram the iodine they all of every single bit of information that you gave us the temperatures to be iodine to starting your day even before you get out of bed taking your temperature and then again during the day how to keep your kids healthy and happy and joyous and carefree how to be able to teach me even before baby is born
everyone needs to cultivate laughter laughter produces immune stimulation that really enhances the immune system were crying and sadness can suppress the immune system laughter is contagious and you know the brain can actually detect a phony laughter
so after oh my gosh laughter is critical and burns calories so that would be my last one for being with us today to get a copy of Today Show really simple you can just send a text to 55678 to text 2 5 5 6 7 8 the message is simply Nicole you can download today show or any of our archives shows for free I'm sure that you want to write down all of this information that you were able to receive today I'm just eating a turtle laser Ben Joseph and for myself Nicole Brandon for dr. Eliezer Ben Joseph I know that we both wish you the happily ever after
and that may all your wishes and once and you're forever dreams come true we look forward to seeing you next week and again back to Cali Hazard been Joseph thank you for such a credible information and The Runaway Bride what about the runaway groom for the we have a show for you wishing you the happiest of her after we look forward to seeing you again

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