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Universal Spiritual Connection, 29/05/2007

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Kerrie O'Connor joins host Leilani sharing her insights with the listeners.
Clairvoyant Master, Kerrie O'Connor has maintained a powerfully educational and lifelong interaction directly with spirit. Kerrie's  dedication to this partnership continues to expand and refine her astounding  ability to energetically read a person's life stories to an extraordinary degree. The basis of her work is found in the LightStreamTM material, of which Intuitive LightStream ReadingTM is the cornerstone. Her  capacity to literally observe the inner ongoing processes we all go through  makes her uniquely qualified to offer the personal, practical guidance that will  truly empower any seeking individual or group.
Kerrie has been a featured psychic/medium via various forms including  cable TV, NBC-TV, newspaper articles, and popular radio programs. Kerrie has her  own weekly, call-in radio show LightStream LiveTM Coast to Coast on 96.9 FM WBLQ and can also be heard on News For The Soul and Seeing Beyond on KEST 1450 AM (San Francisco).

CRAIG CAMPOBASSO was born in Sun Valley, California on October 5, 1959. Just out of high school, while attending acting school, he found himself working behind-the-scenes under writer/director David Lynchs’ and producer Raffaella De Laurentiis’ tutelage on Dune. Craig learned from the master storytellers, working on the entire production for 4 years. He also worked on Conan: The Destroyer at the same time as Dune, both films for Universal Pictures and shot at Estudios Churabusco in Mexico City. Raffaella gave Craig his start in the business, and later as a casting director, after he apprenticed as a Casting Associate on Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories. With close to 50 films under his casting belt (IMDB Link:  Craig Campobasso ) including Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Redline, Craig was also nominated for an Emmy for casting David E. Kelly’s Picket Fences. He has also been an acting coach for 24 years. 

Between casting projects over the past 20 years, Craig wrote his graphic book Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial: The StarSeed Journals based on his personal experiences with spiritually advanced extraterrestrials. He worked with two artists for 2 years to create 80 color pieces of artwork of the extraterrestrials, inside and outside their spaceships, and landscapes of their home worlds.
Craig has also written the screenplay to the highly popular book Stranger at the Pentagon by Dr. Frank E. Stranges. It’s a real life The Day the Earth Stood Still.
In October 2004, Craig became a “Knight of Honour” by the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Justice in London, an organization that dates back to the Knights of Round Table, for his great service to peace and the human cause in his endeavors to create harmony, fraternity, cultural understanding, tolerance and for promoting the great human virtues that are the hallmarks of civilization.

Universal Spiritual Connection

This show is Fun and opens up a whole new world of exciting topics and "Welcomes" your Questions and Comments. The show explores a variety of subjects from the Spiritual Eastern, Western and Native American Indian beliefs to the basic concepts of Love and Success. Join us today as we explore such subjects as: quantum Physics, Scientific discoveries, Health, Metaphysical concepts, Eastern and Western Wisdoms and Universal Laws with the intent to give all Listeners subjects with substance for contemplation and exploration.