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Universal Spiritual Connection, 15/05/2007

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GUEST #1 - Bishop Elijah Bernard Jordan
Elijah is the founder and Senior Pastor of Zoe Ministries since 1983. Bishop Jordan is a modern-day prophet whose ministry is  absolutely astounding! Like Nostradamus, Bishop Pike, and Edgar Cayce, He is known to predict exact names, dates, and times of events both individually and globally! has been featured on NBCs Today Show, FOX 5, Good Day New York, CNN, and many, many others. He was also featured in The Daily News, New York Times, New York Post and Newsday with some of his congregates as well as in an interview in Billboard Magazine on his views concerning social issues.
GUEST #2 - Dr. Frank E. Stranges a former CIA Agent of 35 years

Dr. Frank E. Stranges Dr. Frank E. Stranges is the Founder and President of the National Investigations Committee on UFOs. Dr. Stranges is an Assistant Deputy Director of the California State Marshal's Association and a member of the American Federation of Police.  Numerous affiliations with law enforcement, scientific, religious and public service organizations attest to his dedication to community service. Dr. Frank E. Stranges lectures on the subjects of UFOs, space and science phenomena throughout the world. He is a leading authority on UFOs and space phenomena.

Universal Spiritual Connection

This show is Fun and opens up a whole new world of exciting topics and "Welcomes" your Questions and Comments. The show explores a variety of subjects from the Spiritual Eastern, Western and Native American Indian beliefs to the basic concepts of Love and Success. Join us today as we explore such subjects as: quantum Physics, Scientific discoveries, Health, Metaphysical concepts, Eastern and Western Wisdoms and Universal Laws with the intent to give all Listeners subjects with substance for contemplation and exploration.