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Universal Spiritual Connection, July 8, 2008

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"God Hears Us...Calling our inspired Visionary!"

Being a born philosopher, Carley came to learn how illusion is created which helped her understand other people's reality so she could help them.

It was this quest of wanting to help that led her to become a Metaphysical minister, spiritual teacher, channeler, emotional healer, energy healer and a medical intuitive.

She holds a Doctorate of Metaphysical Philosophy, a Doctorate of Divinity and is the great great grand-daughter of the world-renowned German scientist Carl Gauss, whose work gave us magnets today. 

Universal Spiritual Connection

Universal Spiritual Connection with Rev May Leilani Schmidt, banner
Rev May Leilani Schmidt

This show is Fun and opens up a whole new world of exciting topics and "Welcomes" your Questions and Comments. The show explores a variety of subjects from the Spiritual Eastern, Western and Native American Indian beliefs to the basic concepts of Love and Success. Join us today as we explore such subjects as: quantum Physics, Scientific discoveries, Health, Metaphysical concepts, Eastern and Western Wisdoms and Universal Laws with the intent to give all Listeners subjects with substance for contemplation and exploration.

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