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Hungry for the Truth, May 17, 2016

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Universal Soul Love Interview with Special Guest Dr Bingue
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With Detective David Love and Dr Lana Love

Det David Love and Dr Lana Love interview Special guest Rev. Dr Edwige.

Edwige is a Lightbody Mentor and metaphysical practitioner. She is the author of "You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening".

Dr Edwige will be discussing empowerment through forgiveness and the ascension of humanity.


In service to humanity Dr. Edwige has become as those who have self-actualized and has received her light body.  She ushers in change as surrogate of divine femininity. Demonstrating what is achievable by us all. Walking between worlds here in the physical while connected multidimensionally in the spiritual to the higher realms of existence.

As a metaphysical practitioner who has prepared her entire life for this time in history. She is able to assist souls who are ready to awaken and ascend. She has been endowed with the Essence of the Cosmic Mother to walk the planet being a testament that the Divine feminine has returned and to lift up consciousness returning balance and harmony once again.  

Experience the amazing healing and transformational gifts that Dr. Edwige holds and is here to share with humanity as the Cosmic Mother speaks an ancient language of Light through her to instantly raise your vibration clear calibrate and align you to your divine blueprint.

Understand that we as spiritual beings in the process of “remembering” must know that our desired reality already exist right in front of us.  It is already there waiting.

Dr. Edwige is the bridge here to help us tap into these realms and to make it happen.   She is here to assist and guide us through the process of ascension: Where our 3rd dimensional consciousness can be shifted to align with our body of light in the higher realms.

Guest, Dr Edwige

Guest Name
Dr Edwige
Guest Occupation
Metaphysical Practitioner, Light code activator, author, spiritual adviser
Guest Biography

Dr. Edwige -  is a Metaphysical Practitioner, Light code activator, author, and spiritual advisor.  In service to humanity, she has become the living embodiment of the Cosmic Mother or to the indigenous peoples the Peacock Goddess. She now walks between both worlds: In the physical, while connected multi-dimensionally with higher realms of existence and holding the holographic energetic template form for all Starseed races as we dawn a new beginning in time.  She ushers in change as a surrogate of divine femininity. By demonstrating what is achievable by us all, she walks the Highest Path, constantly traveling to all the dimensions, passing through every Gate of Ascension, in possession of the Codes & keys to your total activation.  She has come to assist and guide us through the many processes of Ascension and to usher in the Feminine Healing necessary for the Great Shift.

Experience the amazing transformational gifts that Dr. Edwige holds and is here to share with humanity.

She is a powerful receptor of pure Light essence bestowed by The Divine Source Creator. Dr. Edwige uses Ancient Star Language in her work that is done on a cellular level, raising your frequency, transmitting sound directly for your soul, reaching deep into your core to clear old memories and programs, activating your higher consciousness, bringing attunement to you as a multi-dimensional being that you are.  These light codes will help to unlock your divine blueprint awakening your DNA and activation of your Crystaline Light body.

She declares that we are all that holds us back from inner-peace and succeeding and will show how to experience expansion into your multiverse reality and your next powerful step in evolution!

Her award-winning book “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening” will change the way you see the “Awakening” while answering the age-old question of “Are we alone?”

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