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The Tony Sands Show, September 20, 2015

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The Tony Sands Show
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with Tony Sands and cohost Kelsey Dudley and guests Jason Milgrom and Bibbs Texas Insider

The Tony Sands Show with Tony Sands and cohost Kelsey Dudley with guests, Jason Milgrom and Bibbs Texas Insider

➢    Brief overview of weekend games (NFL, College & High School)

➢    New England deflate gate (Sound bit: Troy Aikman)
➢    Dallas vs Phil
➢    Texas fire AD
➢    Is Charlie strong on the hot seat at Texas?
➢    Jason Milgrom
➢    What was it like being named Head Coach at Chaminda
➢    What is your take on the 2 players hitting the Referee?
➢    Last question: What is a successful season to you and do you feel there is more pressure to succeed because you are from St. Thomas school’

➢    Hall of Fame T.O. get in or wait

➢    Jenning call out Eli Manning NFL topics

➢    On Set with Brittany

➢    Talk about Produce
➢    How long Company been around
➢    How can people reach you for inf
➢    NFL picks

➢    dallas update
➢    Texas Charlie Strong
➢    Dallas Cowboys
➢    Dez Bryant
➢    Thank Zoo Gym for their sponsorship
➢    Sandsational Designs
➢    Closing remarks

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