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Transition Radio Show, February 5, 2018

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From Stardom to Service
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with Lynell Hamilton and Brock Watson

Today we discuss amazing people who have made the transition from stardom to service by making an impactful difference in the world.


With the Super Bowl just around the corner it seems pretty fitting that our guests, Lynell Hamilton, 2010 Super Bowl Champion with the New Orleans Saints, and Brock Watson, the commissioner of NFL Leagues United, are joining us to share how they’re applying their knowledge, experience, and love of football towards making a big difference in the lives of others, especially the younger generation.


We Discuss:

  • What it means to be a star or someone who impacts others
  • The 7 habits that make people positive impacters
  • Different ways to reprogram our subconscious thinking
  • 3 questions you can ask yourself to tap into a higher realm of consciousness
  • Helping professional athletes transition into their second career
  • Why the end of a career as a professional athlete often requires a plan b
  • The value of skillsets learned in the NFL and how they affect an athlete’s transition
  • The goals of the NFL Alumni Association and NFL Players Association
  • The Wellness program created by the NFL Alumni and its 5 dimensions of wellness
  • What the NFL Leagues United is doing to teach children how to play football safely
  • How non-contact leagues allow kids to play football while reducing the risk of injury
  • How the NFL leagues are addressing CTE and concussions on the field
  • The powerful benefits of team sports and why it is important to be of service

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Transition Radio Show

Transition Radio...because everyone is either moving away from something or going toward something. Life is full of changes and with every change comes loss, even if it is a positive change like moving to a better home or getting married. Whenever change comes something must be upheaved or left behind and that creates loss and the normal, natural response to loss and grief.

Our show seeks to give you the information and the tools to make the changes you're going through smoother, easier and more life-enhancing. We look forward to you joining us on Transition Tuesday each week where we promise hot topics, engaging guests and always laughter and fun.

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