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Spouting Off, November 5, 2022

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Spouting Off
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Guest, Diane Weber Bederman


Spouting Off with Karen Kataline

Karen has a lot to say about the upcoming mid-terms and the Atlantic's article calling for "Pandemic Amnesty for those who bullied, intimidated, and harmed citizens all over the western world.  They haven't asked for forgiveness, they haven't shown remorse about the lives that were destroyed and ended, they haven't pledged to do better, but victims of the tyranny should just "forgive and forget."   Really?


Diane Weber Bederman is a Canadian author, speaker, and journalist. She is passionate about religion, ethics, politics, and mental health. Her love of religion has led her to serve as a multi-faith endorsed hospital chaplain. She also holds degrees in science and the humanities. 

Bederman began her career as a writer and photographer for the Canadian movie magazine Tribute! She is the author of Back to the Ethic: Reclaiming Western Values, The Serpent and the Red Thread: The Definitive Biography of Evil, both on Mantua Press, and The #IslamophobiaIndustry: The Insidious Infiltration of Islam into the West. She also wrote and narrated The Many Voices of Mental Illness, a six-part podcast based on her personal experience. Her latest book, Bullies of Woke and their Assault on Mental Health, released on September 6, 2022, is now available on Amazon and on

Spouting Off

Spouting Off with Karen Kataline
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If you can’t stand a little rabble-rousing or even some passionate disagreement, you may want to listen with caution. But if you just love mixing it up about the hottest issues of the day, tune in. You might have your mind changed or even change someone else’s!

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