Spiritually Naked, November 12, 2016

Steve and Stephanie speak with Lisa Meisels
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Spiritually Naked
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with Steven and Stephanie Banks

Spiritually Naked Steve and Stephanie speak with Lisa Meisels, who is a holistic life coach, author and speaker. Lisa tells us how she helps women reconnect with who they truly are so they can live in alignment. Lisa tells us how she helps women decrease stress, feel comfortable in their body, have fun, feel supported and be able to be confidently visible as their authentic self. She helps women stand in their power and reclaim their life. We explore the idea of epigenetics and the ability we have to change our bodies from a genetic level in order to stay clear of, or overcome physical health issues and L.E.A.P therapy.

Stephanie channels Solomon and they speak to us about how we are here together as a collective to move through the trials and tribulations that life has to offer. They give us insight into how to look at all perspectives by stepping back, to see clearly without judgment and misinterpretation. When Lisa asks why do we make life so difficult? Solomon sheds light on this in such a way that alters our perspective and reminds us to not judge our experiences. Joy and bliss are a bi product of accepting who we are and Solomon talks to us about how to achieve that. Solomon also sheds light on how we can achieve spontaneous, miraculous healing instantaneously and move into alignment with our authentic self. Solomon presents these ideas in such a way that we can apply these principals and tools into our daily lives.

Guest, Lisa Meisels

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Lisa Meisels
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Holistic Adviser
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Holistic Adviser to Women for Optimal Health, Prosperity, and Passion! Helping women get digestive relief so they feel energetic, confident about their health and look forward the future. President and CEO of Femanna: Femanna is a wellness company providing you with inspiration, education & tools that nourish your body, heart and soul. We use a combination of cutting-edge, complimentary and traditional approaches to work with you as a whole person creating long-lasting transformation.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisameisels

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Spiritually Naked

Spiritually Naked with Steven and Stephanie Banks
Steven and Stephanie Banks

Spiritually Naked is a gateway to profound insight that exists within the physical and non-physical realm, offering a rare opportunity to connect with Solomon. Solomon is a collective consciousness that Stephanie channels live on the show. Steve and Stephanie bring to you an interesting guest where they explore life from another perspective. Stephanie then channels Solomon for Steve and their guest to bring new truths to light for your exploration.

Steve, Stef and Solomon are a refreshing concoction of optimism and realism where opportunity for inner transformation and lifestyle change is kept simple. Spiritually Naked is a meeting ground for the collective conjunction of varying beliefs, bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical world. It is a place to shed personal layers of limiting beliefs and expose the authentic you!

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