Spiritual Channels and The Dead, August 18, 2012

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Spiritual Channels and The Dead
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with Kelly Hampton

KELLY HAMPTON  When she was about 21, she found she could communicate with her mother, who had passed some seven years before. She kept learning and practicing over the years, and in her 30s, her gifts took another leap, and she turned pro. Over the years, she’s channeled Jesus, Mary, a number of angels, the Buddha and more – and still does – but her primary Spiritual partner and mentor is Archangel Michael.

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Lets Find Out

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce
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Elizabeth Joyce

Let’s Find Out is not only a spirituality talk radio show, but it describes a golden new dimension coming into being.

You will be fascinated with the wisdom and knowledge from the renowned, world wide psychic and spiritual healer, Elizabeth Joyce.

Learn about the NEW Spiritual Chakras and how to access the golden fifth dimension energy.

This show’s intention is to bring you the best information, personal growth, wellness and spiritual awareness by offering the best tools:  astrology with Mark Dodich, the angels answers and astrology from CHIRON, meditation techniques, inspiring and healing music, and the helpful psychic accuracy of Frank St. James, the Psychic’s detective.

Let’s Find Out will also bring authors, new books, and the latest information of what’s going on in the Universe.

There will often be a time set aside for call in questions as well. This is quality internet radio at its best, offering a wide variety of topics and information. Remember, we ALWAYS find out.

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