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Sound Healing, July 9, 2011

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We'll be intuitively tuning into the energy and frequencies of most the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Aliens (only the positive ones). Many believe that each one of these beings are centered around a specific frequency or pitch and by finding that frequency we can access their archetypal energy or invoke their presence. No science here, but we've gotten really high in the past doing this little exercise. Often when channelling these beings of light the voice does things you might never have imagined. Even if you don't believe in such beins come join us for an interesting array of energies and sounds to accompany them.

Sound Healing

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Study the effects of sound on the body, psyche & spirit LIVE with the Founder and Director of Globe Sound Healing Institute. Using the Voice for Sound Healing, Inner Sound Awareness & Transformation of matter and consciousness, and to connect to Spirit.

The radio shows on this site will explore the full range of techniques and technologies used in the field of Sound Healing. Although the field is commonly called Sound Healing, it is also about maintaining health, raising consciousness and connecting to spirit. The show is a sound combination of discussion and experience including the following topics: Toning, Chanting and Overtone Singing - Root Frequency Entrainment - Sound to Improve Learning -Disabilities - Using Sound to Connect to Spirit - Tuning Fork Treatments - Voice Analysis Technologies - Chakra Balancing - Sound to Induce Desired States of Being - Tibetan/Crystal Bowl Massage - Electronic Nerve Stimulation - Water Sound Infusion Systems - Sound Visualization systems - Infratonics Holographic Sound - Scalar wave EESystem Drumming and Rhythm - HydroAcoustic Therapy - Neurophone Bio-Tuning - Sound Surgery - Cymatics Frequency based therapeutic devices - VibroAcoustic Sound Chairs and Tables

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