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Shema Yisrael, June 18, 2019

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Shema Yisrael
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The Covenant

Shema Yisrael with Dr. Y’shua Yisrael

Dr. Y’shua Yisrael
This broadcast will reflect on the Covenant (Brit in Hebrew). The Covenant is the pledge that G-d made with our forefather Abraham. Rarely, is there any discussion of the brit however, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov the author of the Likutey Moharan, provides a remarkably lucid insight into the Covenant that I would like to share and discuss. The Covenant pertains to the male reproductive organ and acts of semen ejaculation in any context other than legitimate marriage, blemishes the covenant. Spilling seed serves to reverse sanctity. The main purpose of life is only to serve God and to walk in his ways for the sake of God’s name alone, in order to merit to know him. “And now you listen well to my voice and observe my covenant you shall be to me the most beloved treasure of all people, for mine is the entire world, you shall be to me a kingdom of priest and a nation that is holy” (Exodus 19:5-6) . God appeared to Abraham and said,” I am El Shadai; walk before me and be perfect. And I will make my Covenant with you. I will establish my Covenant between me and you and your offspring. I will be your God and you will inherit this land. This is my covenant all your male children shall be circumcised” (Genesis 17:1-4). 
The sexual revolution of the 1960’s was instrumental in dismantling traditional moral values that advocated self-restraint, denial and mortification of the body’s impulses. During that tumultuous period, the definition and sanctity of marriage were challenged and ultimately redefined to accommodate a secular need. The new morality advances the notion of, “do your thing”. Fifty years later, our nation remains shrouded in a sexual identity crisis. In fact, some would argue that society is even more frustrated owing to the loss of its spiritual core. Without knowledge of the spirit- Self, sexuality is a baseless, fleeting biological sensation that cannot offer fulfillment or blessedness. The contemporary preoccupation with sexuality, sensuality, and sexual orientation has reduced the value of life to only 50% of its total capacity. How? By obviating the spiritual laws upon which the physical reality is established. Fifty percent of anything causes frustrations, lack of fulfillment, and stress. 
The seed of man is one of the substances in the physical world that is most reflective of the Creator, since it leads to life. There is tremendous energy within each sperm and when it is wasted in vain through selfish gratification and not used for the divine purpose of creating life, or for purposes of permitted marital relationship, the tremendous spark of the life-force is expended and the system of impurity amplifies the forces of darkness and chaos in our world. Hashem reveal to Rebbe Nachman that the remedy for spilling seed is the recitation of ten Psalms. The Tikkun Haklali consist of ten Psalms:16,32,41,42,59,77,90,105,137,150. These ten Psalms are an extremely great remedy and rectification for spilling seed
Dr. Y’shua Yisrael
On this day evil will be slain, preachers will stop preaching about the prophet and hustling in the prophet’s name. The redemption will convert the world, save boys and girls; offer diamonds instead of  pearls, nothing will remain the same, the world will be changed without fear once the redemption is here.”
 When the redemption comes some will fear, and refuse to confess what is obvious, what is blessed. Yes, this is the year, no- more crying or looking down, muster the temerity, stop being a clown, dry your tears announce to the youth that God is not a man, and that's the truth, nor the plan, mud is not sand neither is God a man.  Let me announce the new ball that will bounce you to a higher call than basketball. Excuse me,God is not three, but One, tell me no lie, we'll have big fun, speak no more to me as if I am dumb, life is eternal, redemption has come.  
Owing to consternation, diminished elation, disavowed integration, impedance and untruth, obsequious no more, stupid, or uncouth, maturation is essential to self- determination. Dare not reveal what time has concealed. But, now that the light has come, it will reveal who is Gods son. No one expected me to be in harmony considering from whence I’ve come on the run, up from the crucible of life with my wife eating rice waiting for Jesus Christ.  
 Let the redemption come, I am no longer weak, I insist on being heard, and dare to speak, stand on my feet, wait no more, get up off the floor begging like a child in a candy store. Benumbed by fear, neglected ill-treated whipped but not defeated. Redemption is here at last, feast or fast, the die has been cast, renewed at last without a doubt, healing waters spiritual clout.  Announce it fast to the graduating class, the days of evil did not last. Unlike ever before evil will be no more, So, with alacrity and audacity let's celebrate this new awareness that has come without fear, because the final redemption at last is here!

Shema Yisrael

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SHEMA YISRAEL is a broadcast conceived to awaken, call, and gather the lost Sheep of the House of Israel to their rightful place around the throne of God. The word Shema in the Hebrew language means to “hear”. The word Shema is taken from the Torah the book of Deuteronomy, chapter six, verse four (6:4.). The Almighty God informs Moses that He is the One and only absolute, unique, indivisible sovereignty to whom Israel must subordinate every aspect of their personalities. He commands his chosen Nation to hear this most important commandment, “Hear O Israel Ha Shem is our God, Ha Shem is the One and only”. During the North Atlantic slave trade, a significant number of Hebrew Israelites were included in the millions of slaves that were taken from Africa. This Broadcast is conceived to awaken, call, and resurrect the lost sheep of the Children of Israel, lost in the North American exile.

Dr. Y’shua Yisrael is a retired Doctor of audiology. He has made several trips to the Holy Land and has traveled extensively through both the northern and southern regions of Israel. His most recent trip was to the holy Kabbalist City of Tzfat in northern Galilee during the Hanukkah season 2018. It was in the Holy City of Tzfat that he was inspired to initiate this plan of action to spiritually in-gather the sons and daughters of Israel. This is the propitious historical moment; the redemptive period is at hands! It is always darkest before the dawn, and today is no exception. This is a call to righteousness and the end of the long cycle of death and dying which are the fruits of evil. SHEMA means to hear, yes hear the Beautiful plans designed for your walk on the beautiful pathway to Zion. You, Oh House of Israel are called to live in synchrony with that intelligence that administers the creation; it is your birthright! It is your destiny to live at the pinnacle of God consciousness established in that One-ness which is existence itself. Shema Yisrael is the call to redemption for you O House of Israel, the coming of the Mashiach is at hand!

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